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Lithuanian Bishops: European convention on domestic violence will promote homosexuality and ‘transsexualism’

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Reader comments

  1. They’re catholic, what do you expect? Women and gay people are not human to them.

    1. Julian Morrison 13 May 2013, 4:48pm

      Catholic bishops.

      The Catholic laity tend to have a very different attitude to their bishops (see all the various Catholic countries having, or about to have gay marriage) and they massively outnumber the bishops – it’s mistaken (and invites racism) to hold the homophobia of the hierarchy against all Catholics.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 13 May 2013, 4:57pm

        But those same laity do not take a stand against the hierarchy do they and they wonder why change doesn’t happen? Empty pews, the ever continuing decline in vocations and no money in the collection during mass every saturday or sunday might hasten things up somewhat.

        1. That There Other David 14 May 2013, 10:34am

          It’s a difficult one that Robert. At street level the Catholic Church is probably one of the most inclusive ones out there. I can see why individual Catholics would want to be involved. It’s just that huge behemoth of a political structure that poisons the thing with its repugnant and downright anti-Christian attitudes and methods.

          You’re right that it is up to the membership to tell that old men’s club that enough is enough though. The Vatican has been dictating so long it equates leadership with autocracy. That has to stop.

      2. Liam the God 13 May 2013, 5:08pm

        They should leave the church if they don’t agree with the leadership, not sit on their hands and arses in the Church of the Blessed Paedophile!

      3. Godric Godricson 13 May 2013, 5:12pm

        Roman Catholic clerics and their friends in Anglo-Catholicism and the Orthodoxy are all playing the same game against LGBT people. Their actions collectively hurt us. In saying nothing…… the complicit laity are colluding with their spiritual masters. Everything in life is political and that includes collective silence. I once hoped that the silent majority in the congregations would rise up and stop paying for the Churches although that hasn’t happened so far. My only hope is that the foolishness of clerics will sink them over time. The problem is that real people are hurt every day by the hateful actions of clerics and the inactivity of congregations.

  2. What planet are these people on?

    1. Same planet, different time zone. 1000 years ago the Lithuanian bishops would not have wanted the position of women to change either. They would have wanted them to carry on being regarded as chattels. The church has softened it’s views on male female equality just another thousand years to catch up with the rest of 21st century societies changes.

      1. So true!

  3. Marcwebbo3 13 May 2013, 5:12pm

    They have a chance to take their backward country into the 21st century but are not going to do it….oh of course they may lose the hold they have on the little followers they have….dangerous numbskulls

  4. “Article 4 was picked out as controversial, as it requires signatories to recognise sexuality and gender orientation as categories that should be protected from discrimination – something Lithuania’s anti-discrimination laws currently do not uphold.”

    No idea where this has been taken from. Lithuanian law already protects sexual orientation from every kind of discrimination.

  5. “The LBC said that, while they lauded the goal of preventing violence against women, they opposed several articles within the convention relating to sexuality and gender roles.”

    Let me rephrase that more accurately:

    “The LBC said that, while they lauded the goal of preventing violence against women, they didn’t care about it enough that they’d stop spreading hate about gays and women in order to prevent it.”

  6. They oppose Article 4, because preventing discrimination against LGBT people is bad?
    They oppose Article 14 because derogatory stereotypes are good?
    They oppose Article 12 because prejudicial attitudes must be protected?
    And evidently eradicating the inferiority of women is “a threat to religious traditions”?

    Why don’t they just storm the Lithuanian houses of Government and crown the Pope?

  7. Lithuania: so glad my great grandparents left.

  8. They would rather legalise domestic violence than homosexuality if they had to choose.

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