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Isle of Man: Lesbian couple prevented from renting flat due to homophobic landlord

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Reader comments

  1. CH Brighton 13 May 2013, 1:26pm

    Yes, and the British Government wants to remove even these basic rights across the Britain under European legislation.

    1. Julian Morrison 13 May 2013, 3:09pm

      Any of you who’ve been tempted by UKIP, you need to realize that this is what “leaving the EU” means. It means they can get rid of all those inconvenient human rights.

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 13 May 2013, 1:29pm

    These are the kinds of things Tory MP David Burrowes would love to include as an amendment in the equal marriage bill’s third reading next week. He was gushing about it during the Committee Hearings believing it had a good chance for inclusion.

    You can bet if a god botherer were discriminated against in the same manner, ideally by a gay landlord, the entire bloody Isle would be in uproar.

  3. Just like those vile bigots in Cornwall who claim to have got around the law so they can spew hatred. What a haorrible thing to happen to them, I hope they can find somewhere else that fits their need.

    1. Horrible!! sorry

  4. Isle of Man Minister for Environment Phil Gawne said: “I am shocked to note that our legislation allows such things to happen here and will do what I can to work with colleagues to ensure that such discrimination cannot take place in the future.”

    So we can look forward to Equality and Non-Discrimination legislation being introduced (and passed) in the
    House of Keys in the very near future, can we Minister,Mr. Gawne.?

    1. According to The Honourable Mr. Bell, MHK, we can…

      1. Well good for him that’s all I can say about that. The homophobes on the Isle of Man will be dancing in a rage after that broadcast and I am glad of it too.

        Some of the comments posted on Manx Forums are so vile and disgusting in the outright hate expressed for LGBT people as to make any right thinking Manx person ashamed to be Manx.

        Mr Bell has a fight on his hands and I for one wish him well.

        1. I`ve read the comments on Manx Forums – THERE IS ONE GUY making vile comments (obviously a troll, he`s hardly posted anything else) – very misrepresentative of you Tashtey, when about 95% of comments are positive.

  5. Shame on the Isle of Man. It’s clearly a backward place and we should encourage heterosexuals to steer clear of it. It goes without saying that none of us should ever visit it. Boycott the Isle of Man until they get their house in order.

    Well done Kira and Laura for going public on this appalling treatment you have received, not only from the landlord in question but from the Isle of Man legislature. They have had the power to reverse this situation.

    1. Michael Anthony 13 May 2013, 4:21pm

      One thing we do here in the US us to send letters to the travel/tourism division of a city, district or country that promotes or allows such discrimination. And spread the word through social media to write letters or emails that you will not be traveling there until they rid themselves of hate. Also respond to any magazine that promotes the country, especially when they use words like beautiful or friendly.

      Small steps? Absolutely. But it does get noticed. And in cases like this, its only outside pressure that makes them take notice.

    2. A bigoted comment in it`s own right, your no better than the landlord (who happens to be a Methodist Minister and more than likely comes from England originally).Shame on you for your sweeping generlizations.

  6. New Zealand has sadly had a similar incident over the last week when a B&B in Whangarei, Pligrim Planet Lodge, refused to rent a room with a king sized bed to a lesbian couple. The owners of the lodge, a conservative Christian couple, said that letting the couple share a bed would be condoning sodomy. The New Zealand Human Rights Commission has been asked to look into the case.

    1. do they know what sodomy is?
      I’m not sure they do, maybe we should send them a dictonary?

  7. Sadly, the other self governing isles around the UK have similar issues.

    I wish these ladies well and hope that they find a more suitable property with a more caring landlord sooner rather than later. And I wish them well with their impending nuptials

    1. As does England and everywhere else.

      1. The difference being though is that in the mainland the landlord is not permitted, by law, to discriminate on the ground of sexuality.

  8. On the Isle of Man there are no out gay members of the Parliament. The National Radio station owned by the Government has Christian Fundamentalist programming. The Elim Pentacostal “Church on the Rock” is based in Ramsey where the couple was refused and the landlord is most likely to be Des Dehan who is the Pastor of the “Church”. Homophobia runs like tap water on the Isle of Man.

    1. The Chief Minister himself is a homosexual… Thought he came out years ago…

      1. Sadly not, there is not one single member of the Manx Parliament is out. I keep hoping that one day soon they will stand up and be counted but the religionists on the IOM are a powerful lobby especially when election times come around.

        1. How is he not out?, everyone knows
          .How many UK MP`s are out?


    This is a sample from the above website of the ingrained homophobia on the Isle of Man. “Well the rest of the world should just f**k off then. Manx Law really is none of their business. The landlord will rent their own personal property to whoever they see fit. I don’t blame them for not wanting those two in his house. And as for their petition which has 700 signatures – I wonder how many of those are actually Manx / live on the Island? “

    1. I’m not sure why people are marking Tashtey down – the comment was in quotes and qualified with being an excerpt from the website referenced, rather than the thoughts of the poster.

    2. ONE GUY TROLLING, most comments are positive, read it carefully.

  10. George Broadhead 13 May 2013, 2:51pm

    As a Manxman who was born on the Island in 1933 and lived there until going to university in England in1951, I am appalled to learn that it has not introduced the UK anti-discrimination legislation. It had to be dragged kicking and screaming to implement the UK reform on the gay age of consent years ago, but has made great strides forward since then, including introducing civil partnership legislation. Hopefully this row will spur the House of Keys (the Manx Parliament) to speedly enact the Equality one too.

    1. But IOM does have a gay leader/chief minister
      When has the UK had a gay Prime Minister?

  11. Gary Glittery 13 May 2013, 4:30pm

    Ah, what a gorgeous gay couple.
    Wait…they’re women?!

    1. What a clever comment? Wait, you’re a skip rat, that explains everything.

      1. Gary Glittery 13 May 2013, 6:27pm

        I’m afraid clever as an adjective doesn’t really work in this case, Tashtey. It’s fine – I’ll assume English isn’t your first language. For your reference, though, errudite would be a much more appropriate adjective :P

        1. Actually, it’s erudite, not errudite. And his use of the word ‘clever’ is perfectly fine in that context. Stop being a pedant. And also, pls stop being lesbian-phobic.

          From a gay man who thinks lesbians are awesome.

          1. Gary Glittery 13 May 2013, 11:20pm

            Congratulations – you’ve passed the citizenship test, by identifying the incorrect spelling of erudite :) And no it really is not, any more than one could claim a comment is moist, or pleasantly aromatic.

            And what do you mean that you think lesbians are awesome? Surely, they’re just women who are attracted to other women – I don’t see what makes them any more awesome than straight women.

            I personally am a big fan of lesbianism, although for me it’s preferable if the women don’t both resemble men.

        2. Skip rat is as skip rat does.

          1. Gary Glittery 13 May 2013, 11:21pm

            And that is a clever comment is it? Oh well, we’ve got to respect those who are lesser gifted academically.

  12. David Smythe 13 May 2013, 4:53pm

    Shame PinkNews didnt mention the petition nor the quotes from the other people. has the full link there.

  13. Where can we sign the online petition?

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