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Berkshire: Charity warns of the need to tackle faith-related HIV deaths

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Reader comments

  1. James Savik 13 May 2013, 3:53pm

    This you can have faith in: if you have HIV and don’t take the meds, it will kill you.

  2. Religion is such a harmful belief system. Such insanity should be not be permitted, supported and promulgated by our government.

  3. Julian Morrison 13 May 2013, 4:50pm

    Would it be too ironic to give them a Darwin award?

    1. Yes it would. These are people’s precious lives ended. It’s awful that people believe this stuff but it’s a sign of vulnerability, poor education and insufficient support and it’s something which should be a source of anger, not spiteful sneering.

  4. Robert in S. Kensington 13 May 2013, 4:59pm

    Arrest and prosecute the cult leaders for advocating suicide which is what this really is and shut them down.

    1. Marcwebbo3 13 May 2013, 5:04pm

      I would go as far as to say these nasty pastors are guilty of murder and should be arrested for that

  5. casperthegood 13 May 2013, 5:59pm

    Can any of these so called,self proclaimed, Men(and women) of god produce one person who has been cured? Until they have a survival rate as good as conventional Meds my advice is keep taking the tablets and ignore them

  6. If God will cure you, why did he give you HIV in the first place?

    (I know, I know :-/)

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