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Russia: Tortured and killed gay man was ‘raped with beer bottles’

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Reader comments

  1. It is time for a full boycott and trade embargo inclu. cutting all diplomatic ties between Europe and the Russian regime.

  2. Brett Gibson 12 May 2013, 2:00pm

    That’s Russia for you. Land of the brainless barbarian psychopaths.

    1. Brett, there are many very fine human beings in Russia, and while most of them are heterosexual, many of them are LGBT. Let’s not deride all Russians as “brainless barbarian psychopaths” and let’s remember that we have had similarly atrocious attacks on LGBTs here in the UK, France, USA, New Zealand, Australia, and so on.

      1. Being objective,The difference is the majority of Russians have repeatedly denounced homosexuality as has it’s government . There is the mass representative view in Russia that is aggressively homophobic which is why Russians are associated with being homophobic and”brainless, barbarian psychopaths” , even if there is a civilised minority.

        1. “,The difference is the majority of Russians have repeatedly denounced homosexuality as has it’s government” The same was/is true of “UK, France, USA, New Zealand, Australia, and so on” up until about a decade ago. Whats your point?

          1. That the majority of British, French, American, New Zealand and Australian people have grown up and moved on, while the majority of Rusians remain virulently homophobic.

          2. See response from Rich below I can’t be bothered explaining the obvious to you.

      2. This comment beggars belief! But when it comes to Africa, the most derogatory, racist comments are acceptable! Look out for your own, eh?!

  3. diplomatic and political ties severance will never happen, and probably shouldn’t. When regimes are isolated, they usely become more agressive , militaristic and prone to armed conflict as history has proved and still does. but a complete boycott by civil society and public opinion yes ! definitely, but for it to work it has to be a far-reaching and concerted efforts : no travel to any part of russia, severance of cultural exchanges and ties, boycott of all goods and services. We have to hit them where it can hurt : in their wallets. But I am afraid LGBT communities do not have the balls or the willpower to do so… too busy “worrying” about trivial matters like shopping and clubbing. prove me wrong!

    1. If our fellow LGBTers were as interested in politics as they are bitching against each other we would have more poltical influence. I don’t aim to offend, but its the truth. LGBTers that ignore politics or vote UKIP/BNP do not deserve rights

      1. Liam the God 12 May 2013, 2:27pm

        ANYONE that deliberately ignores politics gets the government they deserve! Sadly the rest of us suffer for their wanton stupidity.

      2. Robert in S. Kensington 13 May 2013, 12:15pm

        Especially certain gays who join UKIP, a party vigorously opposed to equal marriage, kow-towing to religious bigots and self-loathing gays who signed the C4M petition as well as closet cases, some of them married, in Parliament who voted no who need to be outed and exposed.

    2. You missed out fu##ing! No seriously now, some of my friends are not that political and sad but true, will only get involved if they were affected personally.

  4. Neil, the Tory led government will not boycott trade for LGBT people, trade comes first and with the ultra right wing UKIP bigots it can only get worse

    1. Spanner1960 12 May 2013, 6:30pm

      And do seriously think Russia would give a flying toss anyway? We need them more than they need us.

      1. Dont deflect. He is right, although i dont think any government would boycott Russia. UKIP would probably send then a congratulatory message. Remember, Farage hates what you are, but will use you to get power.

  5. This just breaks my heart. That poor man. So much hatred in some peoples hearts, where does it come from?

  6. Liam the God 12 May 2013, 2:24pm

    Putin must be SO proud! Well done, Vlad; you’re turning the clock back to the 14th century, but with Kalashnikov’s and Nukes! How long before you change your title from “President” to “Tzar”?

  7. This is what bigot Putin achieved with his discriminatory laws. Russia is becoming Uganda.

    1. At least Uganda’s not racist. As white people you’d be welcome, I can’t say the same thing about a black person in Russia

      1. Have you been a white person in Uganda and a black person in Russia to know this?

  8. Rip

    Don’t believe the hype. Only come out to people you can trust including your family

    1. Godric Godricson 12 May 2013, 2:51pm

      Rape with a bottle speaks about a psychopathic desire for “Power” carried out by people who feel powerless rather than being about sexuality, trust or coming out to the wrong people.

      1. I don’t think we can so accurately judge the minutest motivations of the assailants in this attack, Godric. Only psychiatrists, police, and a court of law can do that, and only then after weeks of careful analysis. Sadly, however, I don’t think the Russian authorities will give this case the attention it deserves.

        1. Godric Godricson 12 May 2013, 6:13pm

          I agree that this won’t receive the time from the Police that the crime deserves. It must be horrible to be Gay in Russia!

      2. Wtf. He came out to them some people hate us. Don’t be fooled people take your time to come out an do it when your are 100% independent and secure. Most people already know so do not feel pressured especially by a partner. If that partner truly loves you and wants the best , you will not feel pressured. Sometimes gay people can cause the most damage. An ex friend told a guy to come out to his parents and dumped him afterwards as he was no longer a fun guy to be around

        1. Spanner1960 12 May 2013, 6:44pm

          Who said he came out to anybody? Many gay people are easily identifiable.

          1. “Regional Investigator Andrei Gapchenko, said the men started beating the victim when he told them he was gay.” Idiot.

      3. Oh well as long as that was the reason behind their attack that’s ok, they can carry on then.
        What a load of psycho babble bollocks!!
        This is a mans life being taken away we’re reading about here FFS.

        1. Godric Godricson 12 May 2013, 5:18pm

          Try to understand more and tap on your keyboard a little less………

      4. Spanner1960 12 May 2013, 6:41pm

        Some people are simply sick in the head; if they didn’t find a gay guy, they would find somebody else to pick on for whatever reason. They often just find any excuse to vent their violent natures, so they can blame the victim and justify their brutality.

        1. Agreed, it’s all this mollycoddling , softly softly approach ,sympathy given to vile criminal scum not the victims of their crimes. on bbc London other night two hood rats murdered 85 year old woman in mugging, and bbc was spending time on the report almost sympathising with the two rats and saying their lives would now change for the worse.

      5. Who cares what motivated the scum. Why do champagne socialists and goody goodys always spend more time worrying about wanting to do a psycho analysis of a criminal than the tragedy of what happened or care for the victims of crime. They did the crime now do the time hard gulag labour, although in Russia they are probably heros now.

  9. This is mortifying, isn’t it. It’s a particularly horrifying attack. But it’s just yet another homophobic attack, one of the dozens that occur every day all over the world.

    We are an oppressed “people”. From Russia, to New Zealand, from countries where there is no LGBT legislation to countries where is a great deal of it. Everywhere there is a hidden, or partially revealed, or fully visible loathing and hatred of LGBTs.

    It’s a reality and we need to accept it, so that WE CAN FIGHT IT, and FIGHT IT, and FIGHT IT, until we have fought it our of existence!

  10. Despicable hate filled cowards and morons

  11. Shocking:(……[*]

  12. Sometimes I wonder why I read these stories, makes me feel sick and powerless.

    But until Russia has politicians that lead public opinion rather than follow it (as we have had in this country to the point where a centre-right PM is now able to support equal marriage) then this young man’s horrific death will remain in vain

    1. They are “lead[ing] public opinion” – towards anti-gay attitudes.

  13. The blame goes to the Russian Orthodox Church, and Putin, both want power and are working together to destroy the freedoms and rights of others to get more control. LGBT people in Russia are pawns in a struggle for the tyranny of religious views and political ambition over others. Something to focus hate upon, just as foreigners are used by UKIP to divide and concur here. The sight of religious bigotry and political megalomania is always disgusting, and some group or another always pays a heavy price. Putin is little different than other tyrants and dictators, and Nazism is a fitting description for the religious fanatics. Russia now operates as a partial theocracy, Church guiding policy and Putin keeping power by corruption and religious support. Time we closed the Russian embassy. So backwards.

  14. Michael Stevens 12 May 2013, 10:37pm

    Just tragic – and this is just one of the incidents we hear about.Every day around the world these sorts of things are happening. We have made progress, but there is still so much blind hatred, ignorance and bigotry out there.

    The horror of his last few hours on earth – heart-breaking.

  15. This story is extremely sad. But let’s be honest. Acts of barbarity like this happen in the UK, North America, Europe and Australia, in countries that are considered to be progressive with regard to LGBT rights and issues. Perhaps people should not be concentrating on the ethnicity of the perpetrators but the age group of those who time and time again perpetrate these horrendous crimes. They belong to the group known as Gen Y also referred to as the “me” generation, a selfish, self-centred, ego centric generation whose only concern is for themselves. They are also known as the “Peter Pan” generation, the generation that refuses to grow up. Most of this generation are now in their twenties and early thirties but still act like teenagers (of course there is nothing wrong with acting like a teenager when you are a teenager, that is normal. However when adults do so it really is quite pathetic). They are the eternal “rebels without a cause”.

    1. We continually read how progressive they supposedly are (or told incessantly by the Gen Yers themselves), championing the rights of LGBT and pro-equal marriage and yet homophobic language and behaviour is so entrenched within their culture. If anyone doubts this, I would suggest you check out the various websites tracking homophobic language within the social media. It is simply mind boggling and also horrific. Take time to read some of the comments, no doubt they are very similar to the things that were said to the young Russian man as he was raped and murdered. Anyone who uses words such as faggot, poofter, homo, dike, or the expression “It’ so gay” is a homophobe and a bigot and they are no friends to our community. I have read comments on Pink News and some in our community will defend these people saying that do not mean anything by the use of such language. To those people you are an embarrassment and are as moronic as those that use them.

    2. The Gen Yers by and large are non-religious (either atheist or agnostic), extremely anti-catholic and anti-christian (as is the trend nowadays, tho surprisingly not are generally silent went it comes to Islam and Judaism). In reality, they do not care one iota for our rights or equal marriage, they are merely rebelling against the Church, the government of the day or anything else that is considered part of the establishment (as teenagers do). Their support may help achieve marriage equality in various countries and states but in reality they are only paying us lip service and their support is only superficial. They are as homophobic and bigoted as their parents and for all intents and purposes are the most useless generation since the fall of the Roman Empire.

      1. I see we obviously have some sensitive Gen Yers…lol….go for it.

        Only came back to make a point. Two other articles in PN atm dealing with violence against gays and lesbians…one in NY and the other in the UK. Interestingly enough the perpetrators in NY are…guess what…in their twenties…the other in Lancashire… although the article doesn’t state ages, however by the picture of one of the guys in question I dare say of similar age. Three violent attacks in three different countries, all with various laws with regard to LGBT.

        Yep Gen Y definitely progressive…progressively bashing and killing any gay or lesbian they come across…but look on the bright side they probably support marriage equality. Yay. I wonder if it is too late to petition parliament so that we may be posthumously married Of course that would mean we would have to rethink that part of the service that says “til death us do part”…

  16. Gay Activist 13 May 2013, 4:37am

    The land of way too much vodka makes people very homophobic…

  17. And Putin will still claim the there is not an issue about being LGBT in his country!

    What a moron that man is.

    My heart goes out to the family of the victim.

    My only hope is that his death may not be in vain as I am slightly buoyed by the admission from Natalia Kunitskaya that she believes it to be a hate crime.

    1. this murder is not linked directly to Putins or other russian authorities “homophobic” rhetoric

      The murders were not religious fanatics or somerhat else like this.

      But the true is they most likely they were not even psychopaths.

      Everething is much worse

      Simply Russia ruled by “former” communists and KGB bandits who are very welcome
      in the West countries as “succesful rich people” is turning to hell .

      And people of Russia are turning to animals living in total poverty, injustice and brutal spontaneously made rules of survival.

      The authorities of Russia are very glad when you are talking about only “gay” rights.
      And not for rights and dignity of all russians including of cource and “gay” bi et cet.

      The main problem in Russia is not “homophobia” The main problem is the gouverment and its system of Russia hate all russians. They are not “nazi’ . Nazi is in Germania, In Russa antifasist rhetoric
      sows hatred between diffrent groupes of russian people, divides to rule

  18. Russian Federation, Ukraine and some other parts of former Tzar’s Russia are not normal states on either side.

    It is propaganda only.

    They are absolutley failed states more than 100 years ruled by crazy communist and orthodox jewish fanatics

    Most of people live in the total poverty.
    The “state” institutes and “authorities” are not “corrupted”.
    They are gangsters in nature from the foundation of communist regime,

    They are not protect even right of proprietary.

    It is ridiculous to talk about any “rights” in the country where peoples are turning to the aniimals.
    There no any human laws at all. Only brutlal savage “codes”.

    But politicians in the West pretend that everething is OK.

    They support this barbarian regimes only a little criticize for a “lack of democracy”

    They are stupid morons. Russian culture itself is not different from western coountries.

    If they’ll be such fools they’ll turn the west countries to the nightmare of hell much easier then east Europe.

  19. Well,i would say that these “righteous” citizens who tortured and killed an innocent man just did what Russian authorities call for:
    Oleg Betin, Tombov governor:”Tolerance? To hell with it! Faggots should be torn apart and their pieces thrown to the wind!”
    Oleg Betin was investigated for these words but the office of Public Prosecutor didnt find anything wrong with this despite a clear violation of a number of Russian criminal


    Russian Orthodox priests(who have become The Untouchables under the reign of Putin) openly often call for beating and persecution of gays and lesbian citizens.
    Priest Oleg Ribko, commenting assaults on gay clubs in 2012: “I understand why the Russians are angry.The Holy Scripture calls for all homosexuals to be stoned to death.I

    wholeheartedly support those ones who do their best cleansing our Motherland from this trash.If the government sits on its hand then the masses will do what has to be done.”

    And if anyone tries to go against their poli

    1. And if anyone tries to go against their policy of hate and nazism they hide behind “religious feelings offense” law.
      This is just one of the numerous examples of hate speech prevalent among Russian politicians who are eager to protect “traditional values” , “morality” and who are strong

      supporters of The Russian orthodox Church that has taken a place of The Ministry Of truth beside tchekist Putin and his dogs in violation of The Constitution and a number of

      federal laws.

      1. What “laws” are u talking about in Russia or Ukranine?

        There are only “law” – no “law”.

        Is there in the nornal state for example the Ministry of National Security who protects the “businessmen”
        who does not pay any taxes from Tax Police?

        And million other examples working of “state”. Why are u so naive?

        The Russian orthodox Church is the only assembly of gansters too.
        Your “laws” are nothing for them, Is former USSR this “Church” was officialy part of central committee of the Communist Party.

        No “democratic” mechanism can be used in the totaly Bolshevik bandit country.

        Becouse the democrasy is communist country looks like the ability for magority to kill anybody who is
        “bourgeois”, “gay” “western spy” et cet

  20. Robert in S. Kensington 13 May 2013, 12:22pm

    I”m all for a blanket boycott but it’s not going to happen. For starters, many western governments are in financial debt to China, arguably the worst offender of human rights violations alongside Russia, yet we continue to trade with them. Pick up any product you buy and nine times out of ten it will say….”Made in China”. Since when do we hear the leaders of western governments condemning China for its human rights violations? Never! The same will happen with Russia.

    1. You guite right!

      More over// Many of communist gasngsters and looters from Russia who are violationing russian peoples and formeh KGB members are buing the most expensive real estate in London.

      They have billions and they are richer than the Queen a long time ago

      Why they need London? Why not for example villas at the warm sea? What the hell this “businessmen” doing in UK?

      They need Power over the world

  21. Putin should serve time for this horrible murder. He encourages hate in Russia.

  22. Masterjace 13 May 2013, 7:33pm

    According to the Russian news site the victim’s name is Vladislav Tornovogo the names of the murders have not been posted. I was looking for a picture to see what he looked like. I wanted to post it, its hard to ignore a face looking back at you when you’re about to make rude, stupid comments about their death. I hope that he is at peace and that the Russian people are able to pull there heads out of their backsides, learn to tolerate one another. Religion is no excuse to murder anyone. I read, posted on Huff post the story about what happened it was removed. But its religion based. Christians, Jews, Muslims, and others all wanting to fight for control and vilifying anyone seen as evil. All trying to kill the undesirables, Gays, Gypsies, Homeless, Disables, then of course the opposite religion of the religio that the person making up the rules has. Christians then the Jews, Muslims are all evil, If you go to the Muslim church the Jews Christians are the Monsters endless circle jerk.

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