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Middle East

Online campaign targets homophobia in Arab world

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Reader comments

  1. Risky business.

    The Arab/Muslim world has its own ideas about human rights.

    Best of luck Maher al Haj. Admirable move.

  2. jamestoronto 11 May 2013, 3:38am

    “Earlier this year LGBT campaigners in Egypt reported that life had gotten worse for gay people since the Arab Spring.” … as it has in Tunisia, Libya and will soon be in Syria once that country is “liberated.”

    The Arab Spring had/has absolutely nothing to do with Freedom as we in the West understand it but everything to do with Islamic fundamentalists taking control and establishing their own religion-based dictatorships and being given free reign to ride roughshod over all other freedoms.

    Anyone who believed that the Arab Spring would be anything else must surely be disillusioned. But really did you actually expect anything else?

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