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New Zealand: Protesters will hold ‘turn McDonalds gay day’ after employee told he was ‘too gay’

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  1. Chester666666 10 May 2013, 1:39pm

    Good luck to them
    Why not fire the homophobe?

  2. A roller disco experience and a kiss in ? Call me old fashion but what is that going to achieve ? There is laws to protect against abuse or discrimination , company’s or bosses can get sued so I don’t think the disco and kisses outside are going to help the cause !

  3. Auckland is NOT the capital of New Zealand !! Poor reporting !

  4. Joseph Patrick McCormick, the writer of this article, I can inform you that Wellington is the capital of New Zealand while Auckland is the most populous city and is the financial centre.

  5. due to Privacy? Privacy of whom? McDonalds? It’s certainly got nothing to do with the privacy of the ingrate that made the comments in the first place.

    Nobody is asking for his name and address, just what have they done to punish him. He should be dismissed immediately, not moved to another store to repeat the same bad behaviour.

  6. Hit ’em where it hurts – boycot the homophobic scumbags.

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