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Gay rights groups criticise National Lottery funding given to religious groups linked to online homophobia

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Reader comments

  1. When you peek through the curtains of these organizations, you will almost certainly find a culture of deception and hate. It is the foundation on which their illusions stand. This is the time to tear them down and apart. Let the truth set them free- there is no hateful, angry god.

  2. Christopher Kay 10 May 2013, 12:10pm

    Religious groups already don’t pay any tax in the UK. Why on earth does the Lottery give more money to them? There are literally thousands of organisations in Britain who help less advantaged people who do it out of the goodness of their hearts and don’t have another sinister agenda.
    Why not give more to those groups instead?

  3. This isn’t just true of religious groups. Here in Blackpool I found a great many groups that were receiving govt. and local council money but discriminating. When I pointed it out and asked for action I have never encountered so many deaf ‘uns.

    1. List them online. Let the greater light shine in.

      1. Where can I list them online? I will then put them up as soon as I encounter them.

  4. johnny33308 10 May 2013, 3:35pm

    I must say, 3.1 million pounds plus, is an awful lot of money and for any of this Secular money to be used to promote savage and anti-social behaviors religious or otherwise and to promote hatred and bigotry AT ALL is beyond scandalous and simply beyond comprehension. Such grants perhaps being used to resist Marriage Equality is too much to tolerate by anyone. Stop these grants or complete more background checks upon the recipients!

  5. Hmm, if the discriminatory material appeared after they received the funding, logically the funding may have been used to create the discriminatory material, no?

    These funders need to take their responsibilities more seriously.

    It would probably be found that the head of the funding body was appointed because they believed in doing their job with a “light touch”, while being remunerated heavily. That’s standard UK government practice in order to make as if they are doing something whilst also pleasing those (often party donors) who want no rules enforced.

    So the heads of the funding bodies will probably have to go.

  6. this must stop-when will the bigots learn? this wont be tolerated anymore

  7. Taxpayer money is paid by ALL tax payers including gay ones. It can not surely be moral to use somebody’s money to advance an opposing viewpoint?

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