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Dixie Chicks singer Natalie Maines: ‘I’m pro-gay marriage. I’m pro-gay everything’

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Reader comments

  1. Nice to hear, the Dixie Chicks have already angered the Country Music establishment via their GW Bush comments and been banned from Country Music radio for it, so they have nothing to lose.

    Country Music is still extremely Republican and anti-gay though. Let us not be confused because 1 singer spoke up.

    1. As a long time listener of country music, I would like to partially disagree with your second statement. Yes, the core country audience is undoubtedly largely Republican and socially conservative, but it’s worth thinking more broadly. The country establishment itself is much more liberal, with songs alluding either implicitly or explicitly to LGBT tolerance being released by mainstream artists (Miranda Lambert, Kacey Musgraves, in the past Garth Brooks). Numerous country singers have spoken out in favour of gay-rights, from Reba McEntire to Toby Keith, whilst Jennifer Nettles gained traction performing at Atlanta Pride.

      I know it’s off topic, but I feel like it’s worth noting the amount of acceptance that does exist within country music, particularly when people often forget how intolerant (perhaps more implicitly) that many other music genres are, even in 2013.

      1. The Dixie Chicks are only 1 example. k d Lang was also banned from Country Music radio. Yes there are other homophobic genres, Dance Hall being the cliche, but Dance Hall doesn’t visit the White House or Govern the majority of US states, Country Music does.

        One of the reasons for this, is Country Music has become more Republican in the last 10 years. Excluding all but a token Democratic group, a token Foreigner and token non-White,

        Country Music is now radically right wing American. The Tea Party soundtrack. Give me Shania Twain from the 1990s…. but that was a different era in County. Today, things have changed. Also, the right wing sound of Taylor Swift and Co., sounds like crap. Republicans are terrible song writers.

  2. you can stream her new album, Mother, over at NPR. the album is very different from the material Dixie Chicks have released, but is still great. Definitely listen to her cover of Pink Floyd’s Mother.

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