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Church of Ireland leader Michael Jackson, creates LGBT committee with no LGBT members

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  1. So turkeys are going to vote on Christmas as they. I wonder what they will decide!!!

  2. Bill Cameron 10 May 2013, 6:00pm

    So it’s going to be an objective forum then? – what a joke.

  3. Bet you more than half are closet homosexuals.

  4. do we wonder what the outcome will be? i’m not holding my breath! perhaps the whores of the temple are holding theirs.

    1. What was the reply to Dr Richard O’Learys statement?

  5. A church? excluding?? Best joke of the week!

  6. A church, excluding?? Best joke of the week !

  7. Sub’s Corner:-

    He did NOTE, however that “there are some signs of hope…”

  8. Christopher in Canada 11 May 2013, 1:59pm

    Billie Jean is not my lover!

    – Michael Jackson

  9. Fine by me :- be the introspective head up your arse ” aren’t we a cosy wee committee of like minded bigots” you want to be . when the world passes you by and you cant understand why your opinion is ignored what are you going to do ? More of the same? Then shake hands with oblivion

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