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Video: When did you choose to be straight?

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Reader comments

  1. It truly is the ultimate question and one I’ve asked,albeit a slight variation on the theme, of a lot of people over the years, usually after they’ve asked me when knew I was gay.

    1. gooooooooo 10 May 2013, 8:06am

      Me too . I have come back with this, and every time they have had to have a rethink on what they asked. To me it one of the best examples of Ying and Yang. A questions fall both sides of the fence.

  2. I like this video. I know it still won’t change some minds but that’s ok because we can’t win them all and being human, everyone has a right to their belief. I know we are born straight, gay etc. I also know that there are some who actually don’t know, just want to experiment etc. I will be glad when this is no longer a big issue.

  3. This video is brilliant. The sequence of questions perfect.

    Most of all, it’s incredible to watch people’s prejudices turned upside down on a pin.


  4. It is a very good video…maybe they should make an update but this time ask the people “when did you choose to be stupid”. Being American they no doubt would answer that they were born that way.

    1. Do you seriously believe the reactions would be all that different in the UK?

  5. Valerio Italiano 10 May 2013, 6:35am

    I think this video teaches us a valuable lesson: people speak without switching on their brains.

  6. I dislike this video. People make all sorts of choices unconsciously. For me gay rights is all about deserving tolerance and respect REGARDLESS of whether it’s a choice or not.

    1. Sexuality isn’t chosen
      That’s why the question is asked of straights

      1. Missing the point. People should respect us for being gay, whether it’s a choice or not. If we first have to convince them that we’re born this way, we won’t get respect, we’ll get pity. PITY! For something that I’m actually rather PROUD of.

  7. I’ve asked this same question to those guys that asked me when I decided to be gay. They said they had always felt interested in women. I replied that I have always felt interested in guys! This has left them dumbfounded, as if they are questioning their own sexuality!

  8. Enlightenment in action. Great video.

  9. When this video initially appeared, I posted it on my FB page….virtually NOBODY commented or “liked” it….save one…who re-posted it. I figured either he was the only one who saw it pass through the newsfeed page (which I consider unlikely)…or nobody else wanted to indicate support in any way for gay people.

  10. Humanity is all about choices. Our behaviours are 99.99% learned and can be moderated on. The .01% instinctive behaviours we exhibit are beyond our control and do not include sexuality. We conciously choose to indulge in sex and sex acts in a way that is totally different to how we react to say a life threatening occurence. To thus argue that our sexual orientation is not a choice we learn to make is rather naive.

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