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US: Following two-hour debate, Minnesota House passes equal marriage bill

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Reader comments

  1. That There Other David 9 May 2013, 9:49pm

    Fantastic news. Truly exciting for everyone in the Twin Cities and surrounding area :-)

    Crossing fingers for Monday’s Senate vote.

  2. bobbleobble 9 May 2013, 9:53pm

    To go from a referendum on an outright ban to potentially legalising SSM in 7 months is no mean feat! Good luck Minnesota.

  3. Jacob Dugan-Brause 9 May 2013, 9:54pm

    Compared to my years living in Alaska, Minnesota (my natal state) is just plain lovely!

    Good job, everyone and all this when only last November they were getting out the vote to defeat a Minnesota constitution amendment to bar LGBT people marrying, ever.

    Good political work, is all I can say. Now can we do the same here with the ‘Lords’ — and do we really have to call them that just to talk to them?

  4. Strangers_in_Paradise 9 May 2013, 9:58pm

    Man o man this is great news. Most people know that the supreme court might make a ruling for the whole of the U.S. to grant equal marriage. With Rhode Island granting equal marriage last week; this week Delaware granting equal marriage and Minnesota hopefully by next week. I believe that could push the Supreme Court to see how the tide is turning and it could lead them to vote for the hole country.

  5. Robert in S. Kensington 9 May 2013, 10:09pm

    This is why pro-activism on the part of the LGBT community in the UK is vital The Lords need to hear from us. Don’t be complacent, sit back and do nothing. Letters, emails and other forms of communication are essential. If the Lords received an inundation of hate mail from the opposition and probably will, do we really think they won’t do as they’ve been asked?

  6. Sean Johansen 9 May 2013, 10:58pm

    This is awesome news, can’t wait for the Senate and Governor Dayton to do their Jobs. Roy and I will be so happy to wed finally on our 13th anniversary :)

  7. vote 75 to 59. the whole scene was on
    vid on

    senate vote starts 9:30 CST mon, expected to pass. Prob online also on S Trib

    MN is the home of repub michele bachmann who is as loony as one can get without the guys with the straight jackets coming for her.

    Her hubby clams to fix gays. Sure = pathological lia

    We need a program to fx homophobia

  8. And again, we have two men on a state flag who have been staring at each other longingly for over one hundred years who will finally be able to tie the knot and settle down. This time it will be a mixed race same sex marriage. Another flag first!

  9. Congratulations to the land of ten thousand lakes!

  10. Christopher in Canada 10 May 2013, 12:39pm

    Meanwhile, on Minnesota’s northern border, gay couples have been marrying for almost a decade, and strangely enough, the sky has NOT collapsed over Canada.

    The US needs to stop using a “floating Lower 48” geopolitical map at the front of every classroom. That’s why so many America kids point to Australia when searching for themselves on a globe.

  11. Gay Activist 11 May 2013, 8:21am

    Well done Minnesota, now off to the state Senate and a Gov signature!!!!

    There was another bill to allow civil unions – but that was REJECTED and so it should be!

    Now only if Australia is now a complete laughing stock and a complete embarrassment!

    It is time for same-sex couples to have FULL equality within civil marriage in the year 2013!

    I have been a gay activist for 6 years now and here in Australia, it is just like Texas and Utah – no marriage equality at all and the Labor party is more bigoted than the Republican Party and the Liberal Party is more stupid than the Christian Democratic Party here in NSW. It is not easy to live as a gay activist in a small country town in the central west and had a rock thrown through my window about 3 years back – all because I got 179,144 signatures supporting proposed same-sex marriages legislation called the “Marriage Equality Amendment Bill” and that petition was then sent to the Australian Senate and mysteriously disappeared??????

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