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US conservative group: Glee’s ‘World’s Gayest High School’ an ‘insult’ to President McKinley

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Reader comments

  1. Andrew Collins should stop watching Glee and get out more!

  2. I love Glee; however, I have not watched much this season since Project Runway is on at the same time.
    The talent on Glee is amazing. I think their themes are thought provoking and provide an alternative viewpoint that is rarely see on major network television. Bravo for pushing the envelope The fact that it makes Evangelical Christians uncomfortable means it is probably making them think about their outdated and narrow minded social ideas.

  3. Nowadays, no one would know the name William McKinley if it weren’t for Glee.

    1. Well, only people who’ve come across the pub-quiz question, “Name the two assassinated US presidents, other than Lincoln and Kennedy”

  4. friday jones 9 May 2013, 10:48pm

    I don’t really like the show myself, but “Glee” is a show with a very large cast and only about ten percent of those regular characters are gay. So the Media Research Center is crapping their pants at the thought that a TV show might represent gay people in roughly the same proportion that they comprise of the general society.

    That’s homophobia.

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