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US: Bryan Fischer refuses to answer whether or not he has ever had a ‘gay impulse’

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Reader comments

  1. de Villiers 9 May 2013, 11:59pm

    I think that I might be sick.

    1. You’re lucky… I actually was…twice…lol

  2. How very telling.

    1. EqualtyFinesse 10 May 2013, 10:39am

      Indeed Niko!

      Perhaps certain scottish ex-cardinal who has some time on his hands could visit Fischer and bring him up to speed on some basic psychology…

  3. That’s already a positive answer, honey. I guess he was afraid to start stuttering and babbling if he tried to deny.

  4. Michael Stevens 10 May 2013, 3:54am

    Methinks the lady doth protest too much

  5. His dodging the question speaks the truth very loudly

  6. I’ll say it for you Fisher – yes! Gay, gay, gay, gay… GAY!!!

    You can join the GAY Self-loathers Club. Notable members including Ted Haggard, George Rekers, Pastor eddie Long, Larry Craig, Mark Floey, etc.

    Get the list of (just) the Top 15 below –

  7. The man is SERIOUSLY deluded isn’t he, do you think we could get him sectioned?

    1. I hope so

  8. Another self hating closet queen

  9. Hmm… they must have something on him. Its the same old story.

  10. I have always been suspicious of people who hate us so vehemently. It is generally a sign of their own fear and self loathing.

  11. Jock S. Trap 10 May 2013, 9:42am

    Angry, bitter, vile closet case, eh? Who knew?

    Well I think we all did actually!

  12. I think much like “Is the Pope a Catholic?” it’s very much one of those questions that the answer is so blindingly obvious that the question is more for humour than seriousness is it not?

  13. I enjoy this guessing game.
    What will it be this time?
    Will it be in the airport restroom with a wide stance?
    In the cheap hotel room with the crystal meth?
    In the airport departure lounge with the mysterious luggage porter who doesn’t carry suitcases?
    It’s kind of like gay homophobe Cluedo except in this special edition every second player is a Reverend.

  14. He certainly looks and dresses very gay to me. He looks like a middle aged gay men you’d see in any gay bar in America.

  15. I think his answer’s pretty obvious then.

    I suppose you could, at the very least, commend him for not lying outright?

  16. Liam the God 10 May 2013, 4:20pm

    Him iz a screamin’ BATTI-MAN, innit! Come on, Bryan, admit it! You’ll feel much better about yourself. ;)

  17. Well, that tells it all. No only did he have them, he still does. My money is on his impulses involve young boys.

  18. Oh, lovely — he deflects by dragging Tiger Woods into the discussion. It would have been much easier if he had simply said “yes” to the question. But, no, he had to hide behind someone else’s situation.

  19. This man is sickening, hope he enjoys Hell

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