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One Million Moms attacks Disney for unofficial ‘gay days’ at Walt Disney World

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Reader comments

  1. What a horrible coven of bitches!! I pity their poor children having their minds poisoned by their hate filled parents!

    1. Sue De Nimes 10 May 2013, 3:49pm

      Some people find homosexuality offensive.

      Get over it.

  2. Jock S. Trap 9 May 2013, 2:55pm

    Moan, moan, moan that’s all they do!! Nothing positive just negative…. and they call themselves mums?


    1. morals > filth 9 May 2013, 4:24pm

      Working to stop their children being exposed to deviance and perverts that parade their filth is a positive thing I would say.

      1. Kinda like the Catholic church? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You KKKarping KKKrister Khunts are a laugh and a half.

      2. So, “Morals”, you have a problem with people showing affection to the one they love in public?
        Oh…wait! It’s the fact that it’s 2 people of the SAME SEX, showing affection in public! Well, guess what? They aren’t having sex in public, which in MY book is true deviance! They are holding hands and maybe exchanging a kiss…oh, the HORROR! A lot of them are also having a chance to visit someplace like Disney with THEIR kids and being able to share FAMILY affection in public like a NORMAL family…something people like you, I’m sure, also considers a “perversion”! Get off your precious high horse and deal with reality. We are a NORMAL aspect of this planet’s diversity, and we deserve a chance to be out in the world without having to worry if people like you are going to start throwing rocks because we don’t act like you do! When people like you stop insisting that it’s a “problem” then it will stop being one…because it isn’t!

      3. johnny33308 9 May 2013, 9:46pm

        Then do not take your children to Disney on the Gay weekend….there are 362 other days where gay people are virtually invisible…you aren’t going to be able to take away our “Gay Days” at Disney no matter how much you piss and moan about it. LGBT people have always been here, and we always will be…better get used to it and simply STFU. Our sex lives are NONE of your business, mind your own! We WILL secure our full and EQUAL Civil Rights no matter what comes, and you and those like you will take your places in history along side Segregationist, Apartheidists, slave-owners, the KKK, the Nazi party and other sterling examples of how NOT to live your lives. Be gone bigot! I cast you out (of all of our lives)! And take your evil religion to Hell with you! I see clearly that you can’t get laid yourself and so all sex is perversion to the likes of those (you) who never have any! Man-up, fool!

      4. The world knows its the catholic church preists that are the only perverts around am guessing you follow the catholic church if you do get out of that pedo organization

  3. These women really do need something better to do don’t they? They really are tiresome!

    Of course Disney are going to allow are very large group of people, who will probably have more disposable income than the average family, in to their park. Disney is a business after all.

    But of course I would not expect this group to understand basic economics!

  4. Yaaay .. More free publicity…aw shucks thanks Mom.

  5. One million mums, please!!! More like one hundred twisted poisoned harpies.

  6. I can’t wait to go to Disney’s gay day (unofficial of course) when my son is old enough to appreciate it! I’ll rely on One Million Moms to let me know the date (although I suspect there isn’t 1 million of them, or that they’re all women, or Mum’s for that matter).

    1. According to the website, they number about 49,000. But as Ellen Degeneres said in response to their “protest” of her being a JCP rep…”They must round up to the nearest million!”

  7. Midnighter 9 May 2013, 3:39pm

    “Some have questioned whether the anti-gay group is aware that the openly gay George Kalogridis, recently became the President of Walt Disney World.”

    Then “some” give them far too much credit – bigots have no interest in facts or reality, otherwise they wouldn’t be bigots.

  8. To this date these hags and bitches have never proven one million members or even one million supporters –

    It would easier to prove the existence of 12 million mothers of Gay Men and Lesbians who love their children.

    Maybe these cows filled with hate should have their parenting skills assessed by child services?

  9. Those people are sick. That’s all I have to say. I pity them tho. They must really have no heart or soul and only hate in their hearts. I feel sorry for any children they might have.

  10. Truth be told, 1 Million Moms is actually 1,631 Moms, with considerably less than 100% metal health in any one mother.

  11. GingerlyColors 9 May 2013, 5:35pm

    One Million Moms? Sounds like a right Mickey Mouse organisation to me! They should be banished to that planetoid named after Mickey Mouse’s dog!

  12. Make that 1,026 homophobic Moms to be more accurate.

  13. what is wrong with these women, just because it is two moms or two dads doesn’t mean its not a family, Disney is a family place and that means all families, families that come in many different forms. they need to check them selves god promotes love not hate and discrimination!!!!

  14. It’s all good publicity for Gay Day at Disney !

    It’s well worth attending, especially if you haven’t been to WDW or Florida before; the main event is always the first Saturday in June, although there are events all through the week.

    Everyone whether gay or straight has a really great time having fun in the sun. You just notice all the red T-shirts at first, but even the most bigoted wouldn’t be able to find anything objectionable.

    You just wish that the incredible atmosphere didn’t stop at the end of the day when you return to the real world…

    One day, everyday will be like Gay Day at WDW with everyone getting along together. :-)

  15. Peter Dybing 9 May 2013, 8:45pm

    Really? I thought “MoM’ denoted, compassion, understanding and unconditional love. These people however feature hate, bigotry and religious extreemism.

  16. keith francis farrell 9 May 2013, 10:43pm

    This is another branch of that hate group AFA. there are no where near one million moms, un fact I dont think there is even 10% of that number. they are a joke. The real problem is they hide behind tax loop holes which means the american people are paying them to fight against them all having equal rights. they are not a charity, they are a hate group.

  17. One Million Moms ? Really, that was the best name they chose for themselves ? Immediately comes to my mind a crowd of angry women running and screaming like crazy in what looks more like a joke from Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life.

  18. The M …. Errr few thousand at most, bigots are at it again. They obviously have nothing else to occupy their minds (such as raising their children to be fair, open-minded and honest).

    It intrigues me that there are still so many individuals who scrape something off the sole of their shoe and call it their ‘opinion’ – based on what ???? I am not gay, but the fact is, homosexuality for most is hard wired, not a lifestyle and most importantly, it is not contagious. Those who fear that their children will ‘catch’ homosexuality miss the point that the way they raise their offspring is likely to infect them with homophobia instead.

  19. Look up BRyan Fischer on

    He’s beyond rational. Sieg heil would be closer.

    ten thousand moms or less more likei t the religious nutters spawn new groups lke flies are attracted tot horse droppings

  20. For many years, Disney has mentioned to families that their vacation falls during gay days, if indeed it does line up. Disney has taken a very neutral stance on all LGBT affairs, this one included. I am sickened by the word transvestite being used, as it demeans the transgender community greatly. That word cuts me deep.

  21. One Million Moms makes it sound like it will be this overbearingly traumatic experience at Gay Days, which couldn’t be farther from the truth.

    I feel like their goal is to general as much negative press as they can, which doesn’t help their cause.

    It’ll be a fun day. I wish I could actually be there, but on day I will. : )

  22. “There will also be transvestites dressed in drag showing their support for the event.”

    How many of the Minnie Mouse figures at Disney have male actors inside? Do they even bother to check? That is transvestism, and transbeastism. The world may end.

    I made up that word by the way transbeastism, it could catch on. For all those anti-cartoonists.

    1. Pretty funny! Honestly, it’ll likely be a female dressed as Mickey Mouse than vice versa, since they tend to be slimmer and less sweaty.

  23. Joshua Shaffer 10 May 2013, 9:31am

    I have met many a friends on Gay Days. It just so happened Gay Days for Disneyland fell on my wedding anniversary. So one of our bi-yearly trips fell on that weekend. I didn’t see any harm in it. It wasn’t any different than any other day. The only difference is they all wore red shirts. When I was in Disney World I saw hundreds of kids all wearing the exact same neon colored shirt and I didn’t care. Do you think Disney should ban Goth Day and Harry Potter day too? What about Down Syndrome day? Or Breast Cancer Awareness Day? No? Why not? They are all days when people who have the same thing in common show up at the same time. Parents can’t shield the children from the world forever. They will start to learn when they start going to school, or even turn on a television. Some parents are just ignorant to things they don’t understand. Ignorance is just a placebo people feed themselves to protect themselves from the truth of reality. I myself am straight, but I support.

  24. I wonder if any of these parents have actually shown a Disney movie to their children?

    I wonder if the same parents, when watching said Disney movie, have noticed the subtle gay references?

  25. Christopher in Canada 10 May 2013, 12:24pm

    One Million Moms is neither!

  26. douglas in canada 10 May 2013, 1:49pm

    One Dozen Moms has too much time on its hands, although I find Disneyland to be the perfect place for both them and the LGBT community.

    That combination of faeires (LGBT) and fairy tales (christians) – just too bad the christians don’t know how to have fun without beating up on others.

  27. Wendy Lovegrove 10 May 2013, 3:01pm

    I think Disney ought to designate Gay Day in an “official” manner as that way hate mongers can stay away & we’d prefer that they do stay away given that it puts a damper on our day & we have had to endure far too much of that as it is! We have same problem at Canada’s Wonderland on Gay Day. Atleast if the Christians that are of the Homophobic category, still, ( as we can pray that the Good Lord above free them from their hatred ) they have the option of giving that special day a miss. And we’d prefer that they do that during this phase of their life. Then they are welcome to attend when they have learn that Jesus wants them to love rather than hate.

  28. Has anyone see the 24 Dozen Moms (aka Two Gross Moms) do anything positive?

  29. God forbid those children get to see a glimpse of the real world. God forbid those children get to see an example of unity and people who are non-judgemental.

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