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Comment: British LGBT rights under threat from Unionism

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Reader comments

  1. I agree mostly, but i find the sdlp have been rather lax in their support too. espically from their leader, and when the first vote happened, and when the vote happened in the UK he was absent. i also recieve mixed signals with the SDLPs opposition to womens rights :S

  2. Very good article over all but he’s completely missed the point on the blood ban. The ban does not refer to the whole LGBT community but men who have sex with men. Furthermore the ban is still applicable to anybody who has had male to male sex within the past 12 months including myself and my partner who have been in a monogamous relationship for 9 years. It’s just a slightly differentiated discriminated towards gay men.

  3. Indeed. And precisely the sort of frank talk which is heard only rarely on this subject.

    But I agree with Gunn that there is blame to go around, and the SDLP leader has been conspicuous by his absence.

    Equal marriage has also provided a particularly objectionable example of the Mid-Lothian Question, with MPs such as William McCrea whose views are far beyond the English mainstream permitted to vote on English and Welsh law.

    In good conscience the NI MPs should abstain from voting on marriage equality in Westminster. If they insist on voting then surely they cannot object to Westminster imposing marriage equality in NI.

    1. West Lothian Question! Sorry about that.

  4. Excellent article, and quite thought provoking. just one correction, the first marriage equality brought before Stormont was a joint Sinn Fein/Green party motion.

  5. Teh only thing I can add to this situattion is that in the USA the protestant extremists are the most horribly vile people against gays

    Peter Spriggs of the hate group FRC called for the Exporting of gays

    this guy is a madman southern baptist minister. the religion that justified slavery as per the bible and made America the second to last western nation to end slavery and the only one to need a war to do so.

    The call by spriggs to export gays is a reference to how the nazis exported gays to the death camps.

    These scum of the earth evangelists are our own wanna be christian Al-Qaida.

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