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UK: Woman fined after hurling homophobic abuse at paramedic

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Reader comments

  1. A rather weak fine! Hardly a deterrent at all!

  2. I
    t’s poor reporting (again). The sentence is the 6 month community order which might be anything including unpaid work, compulsory alcohol treatment, anger management…who knows when the reporter doesn’t report the terms of the sentence. The payment to the CPS is a contribution to their costs not a fine. Anyhow, I’m glad this was prosecuted and the woman suitably shamed in court. As a sitting magistate I’m happy to say she would have got little sympathy in any court I was sitting.
    For anyone who does not know the workings of the courts, being drunk is an aggrivating facor to any offence as is any homophobic position. i.e. we treat drunks and homophobes more harshly – and I personally think this is absolutely right.

  3. This country has gone to the dogs…just no respect….

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