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Northern Ireland: District Council passes motion supporting gay civil marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Fermanagh?! Fermanaghs the most progressive place in NI?! my mind=blown :P

  2. Good on Sinn Fein for their efforts in this area! Although I still can’t think of them without thinking of Steve Coogan on The Day Today, all helium-voiced, proclaiming “Sinn Fein is a legitimate political party!” (search YouTube for “the day today bomb dogs” if you don’t get the reference)

  3. Paul Brownsey 8 May 2013, 4:38pm

    The motion is curiously worded. Norman Tebbitt could agree with it, since the “regardeless…” clause makes no mention of gender. A gay man has always been free to marry a woman.

  4. Robert in S. Kensington 8 May 2013, 4:40pm

    The creationist fair tale in Genesis doesn’t mention marriage at all. There was no ceremony performed or words spoken, no exchange of vows. Their god apparently created Adam out of the dust of the earth (risible), caused him to fall asleep and took a rib from his side and created Eve. Then came the temptation in the fictitious Garden of Eden with the talking snake in the tree encouraging Eve to tempt Adam with an apple.

    Who in their right mind would believe such crap? Even if it were true, the religious nutters have a lot of explaining to do as to how the planet became populated since they claim A&E were the first parents of the human race. Would that not imply that incest must have taken place?

  5. It was Adam first, then out of a rib Eve was formed. So the bible claims.

    Adam was playing with Adam before any Adam was playing with Eve, which quite possibly makes Adam develop a liking for cock before… . See, its fault of the gods.

  6. Well done Fermanagh, who would a thought it!!

  7. Great to see my home county support equality (finally) however, it’s a shame so many unionists are still against same-sex marriage, with the rest of the UK moving towards leaglising it you’d think the unionists would be jumping through hoops in order to keep up with Westminster.

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