Reader comments · Duncan James: I’ve had Twitter trolls say ‘I hope you get AIDS and die, you f*ggot’ · PinkNews

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Duncan James: I’ve had Twitter trolls say ‘I hope you get AIDS and die, you f*ggot’

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Reader comments

  1. Bash YOU? With a body like that? You can take care of yourself.

    1. I could take care of it for him :-)

    2. Bullies (cowards) come in gangs when confronting someone with physical strength.

  2. ‘Duncan ADMITTED he liked boys….’

    Have you hired Daily Mail hacks, Pink News? The word is DECLARED.

  3. I’m quite amazed there are still morons out there who would use Twitter to air such disgusting opinions unless they were cowards using a false account. Pretty sad gesture either way.

    1. I am actually amazed that people use Twitter period.

  4. Hardly news , vile homophobia is rampant online from youtube ,twitter etc .

    1. Vileness of every sort can be found wherever people can post anonymously.

  5. Not very nice. Unsurprising. But I still think he’s an overbearing publicity seeking exaggerator and I suspect he’s generally not into guys.

  6. Colin (London) 9 May 2013, 1:02pm

    please name and shame… We want to encourage all people to live full responsible, fun packed, and inclusive lives. Name and shame.

  7. Of all the public domain pics there must be of the man, why that Grindr-ish ‘selfie’ every time?

    1. Because he’s got his…tats out!

  8. Ah, biphobia alive and well at Pink News I see: no mention of Mr. James’ bisexuality anywhere in the article, just of him ‘admitting’ (?! I second the comment about Daily Mail hacks) his attraction to men.

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