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Zambia: Police arrest gay couple on sodomy allegations

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Reader comments

  1. and how exactly are they going to proove they had sex?

    1. CommanderThor 7 May 2013, 1:39pm

      Beating them up until they “confess”?

  2. Christopher in Canada 7 May 2013, 2:42pm

    Heavens!! Two men who won’t be adding to the nation’s squalor and overcrowded poverty by having a child!!

    Condoms are “against the laws of nature” too… and who says anything in nature is a “law”??? These idiots are the same people who deny science, so… so much for the laws of physics!!

    Gravity – defyiers, rise up!!!

  3. That could easily have been a headline from Britian in the 1950s. Shame that places like Zambia are stuck so far in their colonial past and are now implementing laws introduced by their former oppressors. Shame also how often the former-persecuted turn on other minorities.

  4. What is often left out in the reporting of such events is the fact that in several cases, such accusations are the result of someone settling ‘old scores’ with neighbours. The hidden detail in some cases is that one of the accused couple is actually intersex. I am the Director of the UK Intersex Association and we have several associated groups in Africa. We have been called in to give advice on several instances of an intersex individual who is cohabiting with an opposite sex partner, but they have been reported to the authorities as a same sex couple and then arrested. In one such case an intersex female & and her male partner were both placed in a male prison. In another case there was a possibility of a verdict which carried the death penalty. Of course, the abuse of the human rights of gay couples is just as evil. Africa is riddled with the legacy of colonial bigotry and it appears to be escalating, due in-part when they are spurred on with the examples of other countries.

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