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Video: Bryan Fischer blames the ‘pro-sodomy gestapo’ for the financial crisis

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Reader comments

  1. The gays – more powerful than you realised.

    1. At least it makes a change from being blamed for deadly weather, which some fundamentalist foghorns have decided we directly influence.

  2. Christopher in Canada 7 May 2013, 6:39pm

    Who do we blame for Fischer’s lack of intelligence?

    Can you imagine being stuck in a marriage with this idiot????

    1. Well, he certainly disproves so-called Inteligent Design.

      1. Christopher Coleman 7 May 2013, 9:06pm

        Was he designed? I don’t think he came into being by design, either.

        1. He is a Friday afternoon model. Some of the vital parts were left out.

    2. “So he is saying this Keynes guy,”

      Sounds like he has only just heard of him but already knows all about him being “effete”?

      He is a fast learner.

  3. The list of disasters, natural and man made that LGBT is responsible for is now getting ridiculously long Brian. Before long we will be beating the Jewish community into second place in the culpability stakes.

    1. Seems like we are rapidly becoming more powerful than god. If they are right about this they cannot be right about their god being all powerful.

      They really need to work out their dogma a bit better than this.

      1. Always a sad and troubling day for homos when our darkest and most powerful secrets are revealed like this – curse you Fischer!! Perhaps tomorrow’s meeting re cyclone in Helsinki lined up for next month will cheer me up.

  4. Fischer is one sad excuse for a human being. There is no “bisexuality” as far as he’s concerned. It doesn’t matter if you have sex with women AND men, because once you touch somebody else’s penis, you are, pardon the expression, “straight up” gay!
    Fidcher doesn’t want to consider that the time for listening to people like him and his buddy’s like Perkins, Barbera, Brown and the rest is rapidly coming to an end. They are afraid of not being able to milk the gullible for their money, anymore, and they are afraid that their cash cow is going to dry up without an opportunity to keep reaping the benefits of the gullible. These bastards should be arrested for long-term fraud and ripping people off with their bible based BS! Let them rot in jail where they belong! A fitting end for people like this!!!

    1. Yes, having a group to focus hate and vent spleen on is good for the bank balance. And they know it.

  5. Godric Godricson 7 May 2013, 7:38pm

    Bryan Fischer and his sort have such dirty minds!

  6. “This Keynes guy” suggests that Fischer has just heard of him and has no true knowledge of who he was.

    But he moves right on to “describe” him and his philosophy anyway. Typical.

    1. I accidentally reported this comment! My apologies, I meant to press the ‘thumbs up’ button. It’s not the first time I’ve made such a mistake; I wish they were separated more.

  7. It must be a living hell having an obsessively distorted and twisted mind like Bryan Fischer, the poor sap-head deserves our pity.

    1. Negatively fixated might be another valid description of Bryan Fischer’s mentation.

  8. I think they are now going to stop using computers because Alan Turing, the British mathematician who helped create computers was gay.

    1. Christopher Coleman 7 May 2013, 8:59pm

      It’s the gay aspect that allows viruses into computer programs, one must presume.

      1. I can even imagine Fischer comparing computer viruses with AIDS and claiming computers viruses were invented by “gay hackers”. :-D It would be the icing on the cake.

    2. Well, Turing only did it so that he could download gay porn.

      1. Good. Then hidden in his house Bryan Fischer is also using his computer for the right purpose.

  9. Condemning John Maynard Keynes’ philosophy and economical theory just because he thinks Keynes was gay, despite not even knowing who Keynes was, what was his contribution to the world and that he was actually bisexual and married to a woman. Oh god, I hope they keep sending lunatics like these !! They are hilarious !! SNL couldn’t make a sketch funnier than this.

  10. Christopher Coleman 7 May 2013, 9:04pm

    You must always remember that fellows like this become hosts on Christian radio stations, because they are not intelligent enough to earn a living doing something worthwhile. They broadcast to listeners who are equally dim and, if questioned about real Christianity, would demonstrate that they don’t know their faiths from their elbows.

  11. That There Other David 7 May 2013, 9:30pm

    LOL. Even if you manage to link Keynes to the current crisis it’s only by pointing out that politicians, even those with children, only follow half the plan Keynes proscribed.

    Tenuous as per usual. Silly Bryan Fischer.

  12. We will take down all religion down with truth and reality.

    What poor insane people they are- truly mentally ill. Religion is a mass hallucination.

  13. Tom (Winnipeg) 7 May 2013, 11:27pm

    How long are these silly freaks, such as Bryan Fischer, going to hang on? They have less credibility every day, so why don’t they just give up?

  14. Gaystapo – fantastic name, where can I apply to join? I hope it comes with a T-shirt. Fischer is pathetic indeed. So as a straight married without children woman will I be held responsible for the collapse of Western Economy? Oh the power I didn’t know I had ;0

  15. douglas in canada 8 May 2013, 1:15am

    When I look at the parking lots of “Christians” and see what they drive and how much they pollute – they can’t be caring about the future generations, either.

    When I look at ‘christians’ (especially the fundamentalist kind) and see how obese they and their children are – they can’t be caring about the future health and well-being of those children.

    When I see that with each generation they seem to become stupider and stupider – well, maybe evolution IS a myth. LOL In their case, we need to call it “devolution”

  16. Keynes would have had a child if his wife hadn’t miscarried. Every infertile heterosexual must be a narcissistic hedonist with no regard for future generations. Most homosexuals can procreate. Finally, gays killed the dinosaurs.

    I love at the end how they put the outro music on and the camera begins to zoom out, with the ending graphic eventually appearing and all the while Fischer just keeps ranting on and on. Is this satire?

  17. Jacqueline Griffith 8 May 2013, 4:40am

    meg·a·lo·ma·ni·a [meg-uh-loh-mey-nee-uh] Show IPA
    Psychiatry. a symptom of mental illness marked by delusions of greatness, wealth, etc.
    an obsession with doing extravagant or grand things.

  18. Yawn, smoking too much pot perhaps…?

    what a total nutcase!

    1. Something has fried and scrambled his brains, that’s for sure.

  19. Can someone please lock this lunatic up?

  20. Bryan Fischer: viciously self-loathing homophobic closet-queen.

  21. This Fischer person has lost it and should be sent home to protect the public from his unrecognisable ramblings and mutterings.
    He is really not worth commenting on anymore. A total waste of time and energy

  22. Once the fundamentalists reach a tipping point against us, don’t be surprised if Fischer becomes their leader in the civil war these and those like them have threatened to wage against us. A religious moron with power is dangerous. Don’t under estimate these. The old motto is, “Onward Christian Soldiers”.

  23. I would pay a lot of money just to kick this guy in the nuts…repeatedly

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