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TV historian faces fresh accusations of homophobia against bisexual economist

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Reader comments

  1. Robert in S. Kensington 6 May 2013, 3:46pm

    I think Ben Summerskill has it right. It was convenience for Ferguson to back pedal. If he really were that contrite he wouldn’t have opened his mouth in the first place to spew such bile. They all back pedal when they’re exposed to save face as well as their lucrative jobs. Doesn’t alter the fact that he’s a right winger and supports republican party politics and policies in his adopted homeland. One of the worst we’ve exported to the United States. I might add he’s also an adulterer, in his second marriage and an opponent of equal marriage.

  2. Yes, it’s true that if he wasn’t really a right-wing bigot he would have never said such a thing, but i’d give him a break just because his is the closest thing to a sincere apology I’ve seen from a right winger in a very long time… Just think it’d be good if more of these guys apologised like that even if deep down they still hold tight to their bigoted ideas… It is just way better than the usual “if anyone felt offended… blah blah blah…”!

  3. Marcwebbo3 6 May 2013, 5:51pm

    We dont harrass hetrosexuals its the other way around moron….if they didnt do it we would be quite happy….so piss off and troll somewhere else

  4. The problem here this guy is a media whore,broadcaster and a professor of history and economics and so when his normally masked bigotry and prejudiced attitudes peak above the surface it casts a suspect shadow and makes the more aware take a second look at some of his other utterances and even his “professional” work, to see if it has affected other matters which previously we had no reason to view suspiciously.

  5. OIG or bore, he’s doing no such thing, you womble! if you look back to other comments regarding tatchell and the gay community (words, only words), it really is ridiculous to even think that. but for lepton such as you, he’s probably the only gay figure you can think of. for someone who proclaims not to hate, you really do wallow in the hatred of your you and your middle-england bores. go back to the deluded bosom of the zzzzed-some cranmerde, you spiteful lil troll.

  6. boy the dull spews forth. your different point of view seems to be the same prattling odious, bilious tripe espoused by others of your ilk – is frankly predictable, repetitive and dull. further, if you cannot detect the differences of the opinions here, then this website has nothing for you. be gone, tyke, and take your acme-god with you. lastly, the ventriloquist is long-since dead, ergo, so are you.

  7. This article rightly says that Keynes was bi – the worthless ignoramus Ferguson has yet to cotton on to that having only talked about Keynes as being gay.

    It probably reflects the intellectual rigour of the rest of his “academic” work.

  8. Christopher in Canada 6 May 2013, 9:38pm

    Perhaps if the gays were to go after the str8’s with baseball bats and tie them to fences to die, then we’d be even.

  9. So concerned about the future is he that he dumped his wife and kids for his present lady friend.

    A decent academic historian follows the evidence where it leads and doesn’t interpret so that it supports his predetermined political position. Nasty man.

    1. I agree it’s disappointing, to say the least, that Ferguson came out with those stupid remarks, but his marital status isn’t exactly relevant to the issue. In any event, unless you know him or his first wife personally, there’s no way of really knowing who ‘dumped’ whom; and as he has children by both wives, 4 in all, that doesn’t absolve him by being concerned about the future really (according to his trite formula), does it?

  10. I’m not quite sure if you are trying to be funny or provocative or what, but your posts (or at least, the bits that make some kind of sense) are just dull and childish. Maybe you would find 4chan more to your liking?

  11. Christopher Coleman 7 May 2013, 1:05am

    For E.M.Forster timid historians regain self-confidence by snubbing the dead. It is probably also true of the cowardly ones. Excellent historians and biographers enlighten the past with wisdom, wit and, occasionally, wicked humour. Ferguson’s comments and assessments are neither witty nor clever. On the contrary, his quoted conclusions about Keynes are as unprovable as they are facile. It is all of a piece with conservatism: attack people who cannot fight back because they are powerless or, in this case, dead.

    Alas, some academics are guilty of producing rubbish, because they are required to publish original research and in some disciplines the quest for originality leads to nonsense. But, their books and papers will soon end up in library storage, never to be read again. The students only want degrees and the well paid jobs that follow. This is why some academics grow bitter and bile-filled and most students remain innocent of education. No harm done, really.

  12. Michael 2912 7 May 2013, 9:10am

    This thread is really confusing. It might be me but I can’t tell who’s responding to whom!

    1. When an obviously trolling and/or offensive post is deleted, all the responses to it – now decontextualised – go crashing to the bottom of the thread. Which is hopelessly confusing!

  13. I found out this guy was a wing nut after I bought his book and enjoyed watching his documentary of same. Alas….

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