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New Zealand: World’s first trans MP suffering kidney failure

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Reader comments

  1. I wish her all the best and hope she gets a donor kidney x

  2. Yes, all the best to Ms. Beyer.

    There was a very moving profile on Radio 4 yesterday about a significant man in Australia, a journalist I think, who suffered the same, was on dialysis, knew that it was common for people to have to wait for as long as TEN YEARS for a suitable kidney to become available, and then a mature woman in the UK, unknown to him, heard about his plight, and was inspired to donate her kidney to help him. The thing was that she then had to conduct tests to see if her blood-type was compatible with his, as his was comparatively rare. Turned out that luckily they had the same type.

    He’s had the transplant and is now off dialysis and is fine. And the donor is recovering well from her operation.

    I hope something like this happens for Ms. Beyer.

    Life is so fragile.

  3. It is indeed sad to hear that Georgina is suffering from kidney problems. Her political success was a real breakthrough but since she stood down from her Parliamentary role she has been less in the public eye. It is unlikely that she would have gained sufficient support to succeed at a political comeback even if she wasn’t facing serious health challenges.

  4. Jean-Paul 5 May 2013, 2:23pm

    Wishing you all the best, Georgina.

  5. Transphobia is your mental illness, the only cure is a functioning brain and heart. On what grounds are you capable of criticizing anyone who’s done as much for herself and her community as Georgina Beyer? This is the unfounded hated and bigotry that trans* people have to deal with at times.

  6. She is a much-loved figure within New Zealand’s LGBT community and many of us are hoping for the best.

  7. “Unless she receives a kidney transplant, Ms Beyer will have to undergo dialysis four times a day for the rest of her life.”

    I presume Miss Pinfold meant four times a week…

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