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Canada: Property agent fired for distributing homophobic leaflets

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Reader comments

  1. Sacking seems a fair and measured response. :-)

  2. Christopher Coleman 5 May 2013, 6:21pm

    Glad to see that our dear, much respected Inspector General continues trapped in illogic. He does not appear to understand that traditional anti-gay sentiment is of a piece with traditional anti-semitism. The real equivalent of the action against the Canadian homophobe would have been action against the Nazi anti-semite. Had the Jews fought back against the Nazis, the Inspector General would, I suspect, have castigated their “political fascism”.

    Keep up the good work, Inspector General! We need continual reminding that education, however superior, can never supply two of the most useful weapons in the arsenal of human thought and reasoning: imagination and common sense.

  3. Christopher Coleman 5 May 2013, 6:49pm

    Love and treasure our Inspector General’s logic. He does not see that traditional anti-semitism is equivalent to traditional anti-gay, and that the action against the Canadian homophobe is like the Jews having succeeded in taking action against the Nazis, which they could not, because they had no legal protections and gays have only now achieved legal protection. Of course, according to his logic, a Jewish action against the Nazis in those days would have been “political fascism”.

    Keep the comments pouring in, dear Inspector General! We need constant proof that education, however superior, cannot provide two of the most potent weapons in the arsenal of human thinking and reasoning: imagination and common sense.

  4. Good. Serves him right. REMAX has no obligation to keep this guy.

  5. Christopher Coleman 6 May 2013, 12:51am

    Inspector General, I think you’ve missed my point entirely. It was you who linked gays and Jews and I simply pointed out that your logic was faulty. Your response confirms my opinion. Also, with gays at about 4 percent of the population, your belief in the social power and dominance of gays is a little off the mark.

    In my working life of almost 50 years I did not experience discrimination or hatred of gays and my career was not adversely affected. I do not find hatred of gays now where I live, shop, eat and spend my life. The only anti-gay sentiments I come across are those expressed by by radio hosts (irrelevant), politicians (generally despised), and religious leaders With followers who ignore them). It never occurs to these critics to consider minding their own business for a change.

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