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President Obama: Including gay couples in immigration bill is ‘the right thing to do’

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Reader comments

  1. After UKIP’s odious surge here on Thursday, it’s good to have at least this breath of fresh air from the USA.

    Today’s papers are full of how the Tories are going to HAVE TO adjust their policies to win back the voters who have turned to UKIP.

    All the discussion appears to centred on “the need” now to keep out the Romanians and Bulgarians. And few are openly discussing the other demand of traditional Tories, the ditching of “gay marriage”, but it’s bound to be discussed.

    As someone has said in The Guardian this morning, “A ‘proper Tory’ is a fascist – Anti-imigrant, anti-gay, anti-unions, anti-workers rights, anti-human rights, pro military, pro corporation, pro banker”.

    The question then is how much Cameron is now going to bend to accommodate these “proper Tories”.

    1. The foreign partners of British gays can already reside in the UK through civil partnerships, which is more than what’s currently available in the US.

  2. Colin (London) 4 May 2013, 12:48pm

    He is right. I respect this about him. get on with it world.

  3. As one half of a binational couple forced to live in the UK because of the US law, this change can’t come soon enough. My partner has been forced to choose between living in the country he loves or living with the person he loves – no one should have to make that decision.

  4. Gender should not even be a talking point. All US citizens should have the same rights. If Joe can sponsors his female spouse then sue should be able to sponsor her female spouse end of story.

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