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Cardinal Keith O’Brien says he couldn’t follow Church’s teachings on homosexuality as he prepares for exile

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Reader comments

  1. Garry Cassell 4 May 2013, 1:57pm

    Why in the hell were you acting like you were God…?…May you punish long….Amen.

    1. He was a total hypocrite, asking other to live by “the word of God” while he didn’t. The worst thing is that his “punishment” won’t change anything or won’t make things better for all those guy teenagers that are trapped by religion.

  2. Chris Ward 4 May 2013, 2:00pm

    “If Christianity is about anything at all, it’s about forgiveness. That’s what I have to do as a cardinal priest – just forgive the wrongdoer and help them go back on to the right path again.”

    Only a Catholic priest would make unwanted sexual advances towards others before suggesting it’s they who should be doing the forgiving.

  3. Chester66 4 May 2013, 2:04pm

    Is the wrongdoing the abuse, homophobia or just getting caught? He says nothing about his homophobia though

  4. Jock S. Trap 4 May 2013, 2:10pm

    Oh dear… Cardinal Keith O’Bigot the Victim…. I don’t think.

    1. Sorry didnt mean to report you, was hitting thumbs up on a tiny screen. Bad design to have thumbs up between two negative links. Sorry mate

      1. Jock S. Trap 5 May 2013, 10:44am

        lol… no worries fella!! :)

  5. And where’s he gonna go?


    Some place with easy access to gay saunas, gay beaches, and so forth might be a wise choice, Keith. In for a penny in for pound, eh?

    On the other hand, maybe in some corrupt South American nation you might just possibly find some young Catholic man who may be delighted to have a real live cardinal as a sugar-daddy. How’s your Spanish, Keith?

    Or are you planning relentless self-flagellation and complete abstention for the rest of your days, down on your knees in front of the Blessed Virgin in a state of continual supplication and remorse? (I don’t think so. Wink.)

    1. Apparently, they banished the former Bishop of Galway, Eamon Casey, to Ecuador for thirteen years before returning Ireland for the “crime” of fathering a child. These catholic priests are deeply dysfunctional people.

      1. On the subject of Bishop Casey…

        I grew up in Catholic Ireland knew Bishop Casey. At the time he was not only a bishop, but he was always head of the Catholic Church’s policy unit in relation to unmarried mothers.

        All the while he was lecturing single parents and mothers, he had actually fathered his own child with Annie Murphy, an American divorcee. He was also accused of stealing parish funds to pay for both their upkeep. When he stopped the payments, she went public.

        It is’ believed that he took a substantial amount of money from the Parish of Galway, money which would have otherwise be given to the poor and needy.

        I think his ‘crime’ goes beyond simply fathering a child.

        Today, Bishop Casey is a nursing home in the West of Ireland and the Catholic Church has forbidden him from engaging in any of the church’s sacraments.

        He cuts a lonely, sad figure. It’s a shame how the Catholic church now treats him – so much for forgiveness.

        1. Paul AP, thanks very much for the story of Mr. Casey.

          Do YOU know the story of Mr. Magee? (“Reverned Father John Magee, Irish priest and Private Secretary to three popes, accused at one point of killing the middle one, who lasted only the one month? Anyway, while he was in Rome poncing around in the Vatican at its highest levels he was having it off with young seminarians, particularly young seminarians from Ireland who were studying in Rome. Anyway, John-Paul gets shot of him, many said because of the sexual behaviour, and sent him back to Ireland as a Bishop. As Bishop of Cloyne he initiated a sexual relationship with yet another seminarian, exposed in the Cloyne Report, and so he was disgraced, stripped of bishophood, and now lives in ignominy on a church stipend somewhere in the Irish hills. Yet another screwed-up disgraced high-ranking homosexual Catholic cleric. If this is all news to you, do spread the word.)

          1. Hi Eddy,

            I’m afraid I’m very familiar with McGee, the man famous for being known in Ireland as ‘more Roman than the Romans..”.

            I was born in Cork in the diocese of Cloyne. I was leaving Ireland on the immigrant B&I boat destined for London when McGee was appointed as Bishop. Although I’ve been away since then – returning back for visits to family – who later retired in Galway, hence my knowing Bishop O Casey.

            Back to McGee – our paths would never have crossed were it not for the fact that I was born in a Magdelene Laundry and it was McGee who attempted many cover-ups, which eventually became too great to keep under the lid – similar to the Jimmy Saville case.

            I’ve no idea where he is now, but I’d imagine he’s somewhere in similar circumstances to O Casey.

            Regarding the Vatican – there’s a very good book – In God’s Name written by David Yallop. I’d advise anyone whose interested in the Catholic Church hierarchy to read it.

            Murder, corruption and the Mafia all in one book..

    2. Leonardo Ricardo 4 May 2013, 4:00pm

      I don’t know of ANY corrupt nation in Latin America that may be good for a hiding/forgiving place…the price tag would be large and most likely non-stop for any well-knowning Prince Charming… government officials and prospective dates would insist on being paid a hefty price to any renegade, Cardinal or not, tainted soul. Leonardo/Guatemala

      1. I do. Peru. Utterly corrupt. Very Catholic.

        Keith O’Brien could easily sink so low as to associate with the poorest and most desperate lads of Lima, don’t you think? No need for him to hand over vast amounts of dosh. Just a quick absolution and a few Hail Marys would satisfy the average little Catholic adorer he may use for his pleasure, don’t you think?

        A washed-up old hypocrite like O’Brien can’t afford to be fussy, can he!

        1. Leonardo Ricardo 4 May 2013, 6:33pm

          As long as anyone is vulnerable, payouts will no doubt be part of the gastos…the bigger the scandal the harder/higher the extortion…of course, Peru and other locations will allow him to think all is swell — then, boom, a su orden for a price… ex-Presidents are a dime a dozen as are expriests…but, a Cardinal is a real treasure to deplete. He is not stupid just because he sometimes has acted foolishly.

          1. But you seem to think he’ll be bringing loads of dosh with him. Clerics of the Catholic church generally have no funds at all. O’Brien will probably be allowed a little stipend from the Vatican, a little “occupational pension”, but you can be sure it’ll not be much. The church is MEAN.

          2. Eddy, he is retiring a cardinal they get twice as much as a retired pope. A retirement settlement for a cardinal is around €5,000 which is $6,500 or £4,300 per month to us brits. also they pay no living costs (rent etc) so he will hardly live in poverty, now will he?

  6. Well, you have to admire his cheek! He outdoes the slimiest of politicians. Not one single word about his extremely vocal anti-equality stance or the breathtaking hypocrisy that underpinned it.

    He’s truly the product of a deeply corrupt institution.

    1. The epitome of hypocrisy.

  7. Inspector General 4 May 2013, 2:37pm

    Very sad what happened to him. No doubt the spirit was willing, etc.

    It just goes to show there is no room for homosexuals in the episcopal priesthood. We have all seen the devastation that failing to live to their vows has caused. One is tempted to suggest that if a homosexual desires to become a priest, they should only be allowed to do so in the context of a religious order, and not mainstream Roman Catholicism.

    Homosexual inclination is just one of the weaknesses of man. Perhaps you fellows can be understanding of his predicament, and less judgemental…

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 4 May 2013, 2:56pm

      Weaknesses of man? What about heterosexual rapists and serial adulterers, the real threat to marriage and its breakdown, as well as heterosexual sex traffickers for prostitution rings Not a weakness, prat?

      1. Inspector General 4 May 2013, 3:13pm

        Quite agree with you…

    2. “religious order, and not mainstream Roman Catholicism”

      Seems this idiot doesn’t even know much about the Catholic Cult, that religious orders are absolutely a part of “mainstream RC’ism”, the motors of it, in fact, the missionary forces that spread the cult’s idiocy far and wide.

    3. I say, bit of a foolish wee chappie are you not, IG old fruit? Are you suggesting there’s room for heterosexuals in the “episcopal priesthood” (by which I take it you mean the RCC)? Quite apart from not quite understanding what a religious order is, you seem to have overlooked the fact that RC priests are not supposed to have any sexual urges.

    4. Christopher Coleman 4 May 2013, 5:28pm

      Homosexuality is no more “one of the weaknesses of man” than heterosexuality or having blue eyes. Religion has a hard time accepting nature as God created it, preferring to construct an artificial reality that can be kept in place only by a set of rules and regulations, rather like a complicated game. If religion put its energy into helping each person to relate well and honestly to every other person (one of the objectives of spirituality, I would think), it would perform a really helpful function in society. Yet, it has little to say about any of the multitudinous ways in which we cheat, lie, and exploit each other and destroy the natural world. Instead, religion chooses to concentrate all its moral force on human genitals, without telling us why we were created to find pleasure in sex, if doing so is a sin. Why are we created with intelligence, if religion denies the need for logic?

    5. “the context of a religious order” – what, orders like the Benedictines who run quite a few boys schools (Ealing for example) or the Christian Brothers who run so many schools in Ireland where hundreds of boys have been abused?

      Until the Catholic clerical hierarchy (and their sycophantic apologists) clearly address the issue of human sexuality in the light of modern science and understanding this sort of idiotic nonsense will go on and on.

  8. A teacher? A monster more like!

  9. Robert in S. Kensington 4 May 2013, 2:53pm

    And of course, this piece of human detritus will go back to bashing gays. A corrupt cult living in an unnatural state of being making moral pronouncements when the majority of them have been and continue to be complicit in sexual abuse against boys, girls, adult men and women. Disgusting and vile. The roman cult is utterly and morally bankrupt.

    1. Inspector General 4 May 2013, 4:17pm

      Robert “when the majority of them have been and continue to be complicit in sexual abuse against boys, girls, adult men and women.”

      Are you quite sane sir ? The ‘majority’ ! Until now, the Inspector has been considering you as a balanced adult. Will have to review that you know, if that is the kind of lunatic rot you are capable of !

      1. Christopher Coleman 4 May 2013, 5:45pm

        The recent scandals in the Church really do indicate that a very large number of highly placed clerics appear “complicit”. It is likely that many in the laity would have taken a similar line, because they have been raised to accord great respect to men of the cloth. Certainly, Robert cannot prove his case concerning the “majority”; then, again, I doubt if you could prove your case in opposition to his. One might bring “reasonable expectation” into it, but then I, Jesuit schooled, did not reasonably expect the scandals we have seen. Religion is facing the problems of today’s world with almost no moral force, leaving it all to extremists and their verbal or physical violence. Although millions cling to their faiths, it is shocking to find that none of the religions has anything to offer beyond the genuinely charitable acts that are also offered by secular institutions.

    2. Robert, we have a risible deluded self-appointed little creature calling himself “our” Inspector in our midst.

      Sounds like a toad, must look like a toad, so stamp on him!

  10. Xavier Bongibault 4 May 2013, 3:25pm

    Once Oscar Wilde has leaving the island towards France because of his sexuality, and now His Eminence Cardinal O’Brien is exiled on the grounds of his sexuality too. Yes, Britain has change in the past 116 years very much, indeed.

    1. (a) on grounds of his breathtaking hypocrisy

      (b) exiled by Rome, not the UK

      (c) your observation is both trite and ignorant

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 4 May 2013, 5:39pm

      You can’t even read the article correctly. It is ROME asking him to leave the UK to avoid more scandal for his cult. It’s not our government or country asking him to leave. He’s free to do as he pleases. Nobody in our country is forcing him to do anything because of his sexuality. So you’re statement is wrong, we HAVE changed. The catholic cult in your overrated country hasn’t including a lot of your people who resort to violence and threatening politicians because of a piece of legislation they don’t like. Your hate group had the nerve to try and get a demonstration going in London on March 26th but it failed dismally. Less than 2000 people most all French bigots like you.

  11. Inspector General 4 May 2013, 4:32pm

    Look fellows. Let’s make ~Pink News~ are worthy blog site. “Cake” thing. Anymore of that kind of filthy language and the Inspector is going to advise Ben Cohen to have you permanently excluded. Now, you’ve been warned…

    1. What, you again, old [ventriloquist’s] dummy? On another thread you said you were off, because your old friend Cranmer was back. Not good at keeping your promises, old fruit? How disappointing yet predictable.

      (Word in your shell-like, old muffin: keep off the cake, that sugar’s not doing you any good, you know.)

    2. Dear Mr “inspector”
      Just do us a favour and f*** off, self-appointed lunatic.

    3. Dave North 4 May 2013, 8:25pm

      Why don’t you toddle off back to that Archbishop Cranmer site where you and your fellow mentally ill illusionists talk about your loving sky deity.

      The fawning idiocy on that blog is painful to read.

      Its beyond me why you lot have not been sectioned.

    4. Inspector General, the delightful fool and buffoon.

  12. Sorry Keith, but I will never forgive you for the way that you have vilified the LGBT community during your years in office.

    You are nothing but a hypocritical liar who deserves all that is coming your way.

    Karma really is a bitch!

  13. Robert in S. Kensington 4 May 2013, 4:58pm

    No matter where the Vatican sends him, he’ll carry on doing what he’s been doing all along, having sexual liaisons with priests. It’s that roman tradition of shuffling predators from one parish, one country to another to avoid scandal.

  14. ColinJones 4 May 2013, 5:21pm

    His biggest crime is being found out and humiliating the Catholic church, that’s the only reason he’s being exiled.They wouldn’t have these problems if only they didn’t have such a dogmatic attitude to sex.

  15. So you can’t retire in Scotland? We’ll that is a relief. Won’t have to pay for your fricking bills then. Go and live in a cave somewhere!

    1. He should absolutely go and take Donald Trump with him.

  16. Guglielmo Marinaro 4 May 2013, 5:47pm

    I really do think that it’s time now that we stopped tut-tutting about this sad case and instead asked ourselves – pardon the cliché – what lessons there are to be learnt from it. Well, there is one very important lesson for young gay Catholic men, and it’s that they shouldn’t let perverse and abusive religious teaching about their sexuality f__ up their lives. The only healthy way for gay people to deal with their sexuality is to accept it, just as heterosexual people do with theirs. Being homosexual shouldn’t be a problem, but if it is, then joining the priesthood certainly won’t solve it; it will merely complicate it. Fortunately, in this enlightened era, the number of gay Catholic men who would enter the priesthood as a means of copping out of being gay must be inexorably shrinking, but for anyone who is still ill-advised enough to consider it, the kindest and most salutary words that one can whisper in his ear are surely “Cardinal O’Brien”.

    1. Keith in SALFORD 5 May 2013, 6:01pm

      Exactly and the huuuuuge decline in vocations can now be seen for what it is.
      There is no longer, or there should no longer be, any reason for any young man to join a religious order, or become a priest, in order to cover up his homosexuality, as I also did some 50 years ago.
      In the late 50’s as a teenager, I was petrified of – and knew full well – the questions that would become ever louder as I grew older, “Why have you no girlfriend, Keith?” (Yes.. haha.. my name is Keith too..!)
      Anyway, dare I say it, ‘Good luck to him.’..!
      Whether all this has come about because he has been found out is irrelevant now; it probably is but I hope he finds peace.
      He is after all a victim of that stinking cesspit of hypocrisy, the RCC.
      Go and live the rest of your life as YOU wish to live it, Keith O’Brien and forget the pantomime which is the Roman Catholic Church.
      I dumped the falookin’ lot at 18, 53 years ago, Keith O’B; you do the same.
      It’s a bit late in the day, but good luck to you.

  17. Well we’re not going to forgive you, you hypocritical bastard. You are poison, and we will make sure you are remembered accordingly.

  18. Send him to Lesbos!

  19. Christopher in Canada 4 May 2013, 7:09pm

    Instead of endeavouring to “live a good Christian life” now, perhaps he should settle for a good HUMAN life.

  20. David Thomas 4 May 2013, 8:01pm

    I guess if he’s still on the payroll the Church can tell him where to go. I do though feel we should not give him this oxygen of publicity as he is most certainly unrepentant, unbowed even. He went to protect the Church as he was to be outed by the press. He’s maybe a “nice fellow” but he’ll happily push you off the cliff still and into the arms of his God. This article creeped me out.

  21. Apology not accepted not that it was an apology for your hateful incitement of others .

  22. Let’s face it, O Brien hasn’t apologised – at least not in any meaningful way.

    Here’s a man that used every aspect of the media to attack LGBT people. Both personally and attacking any attempt at equal rights.

    He personally declared war on same-sex-marriage – his words, not mine.

    He’s never apologised for this – never once has he said that declaring war wasn’t a suitable terminology for saying he opposed same-sex-marriage.

    Then we had him on Christmas morning declaring that we were all sinners and if our rights were granted it would be the end of civilisation in Europe as we know it.

    This at a time when there was, as there still is, a real war waging in Syria.

    At a time when children were being raped and murdered in Damascus, yet he said nothing about this.

    I hope the man chokes on his hypocrisy.

    If there is a God, I wouldn’t swap my place as a homosexual sinner with his a moralist liar.

    1. ..I needed to add in – homosexual sinner (in his view), but I ran of space. Hope this addition makes more sense.

    2. Dave North 4 May 2013, 8:56pm

      And still the media completely ignores the fact that the most senior catholic in the UK is being exiled by the vatican
      to pastures new despite the fact that there are criminal prosecutions pending.

      This is no different from some child raping priest, yet the vatican can just send him off.

      The most offensive thing about this HYPOCRITE was his verbal vileness to gay people whilst abusing those priests under his tutelage.

      I really hope he does burn in he hell that he believes in.

      He did a good job of making my life sh!te.

      1. Oh he’s a nasty bit of work, alright Dave.

        I’ve heard many complain about how he treated his own clergy. His bullying and bare-faced lies. He hasn’t got that much support amongst his own fellow clergy, who of were the ones who turned against him.

        I must disagree with you on the similarities with a child-raping priest. I’m afraid I witnessed first hand the abuses that you talk about, and, there’s a big difference between lying in a boarding school dorm waiting to be called out for your turn, than being an adult priest, albeit young and vulnerable, and being molested by your superior cleric at a social gathering in the bishop’s palace.

        As a child, you have nothing, no recourse and you cannot leave. You have to live every day dreading what may or may not come that night. Bed-wetting, and self-harming become part of the course, which leads to more day-time punishments from those who should be there to protect you.

        Abuse is never silent, you’ll always hear those footsteps..

  23. PeterinSydney 4 May 2013, 9:57pm

    O”Brien is a total disgrace for all the negativity he imparted against gay people. But now Rome is doing their best to hide it all, and just pretend nothing happened. They are worse than O’Brien, and should be exposed qas frauds and shysters.

    1. That There Other David 4 May 2013, 11:11pm

      Rome’s lipstick on a pig rebranding doesn’t appear to be going well does it? Slow progress, but the shackles are gradually falling off their followers as more of them open their eyes to the con trick they’ve been victim to. The Cardinals have lost Ireland, they’ve lost Spain and now they’re losing Latin America. Can’t happen quickly enough IMO.

  24. That There Other David 4 May 2013, 11:09pm

    I’ll forgive him, the moment he genuinely realises what he did wrong. Until he shows the faintest sign of guilt for his actual misdeeds and admits them in public I have nothing for him. He’s just another power-hungry lying self-centred charlatan caught out. Religion is full of them.

    1. Aye – he always seemed to me, quite the narcissist. In real life too. If he weren’t gay he may have chosen politics. As it happened, he was (probably?) gay and so he needed somewhere to hide, from the hateful society of the 60s, where he wouldn’t be suspected. But we should forgive him with the knowledge that he’s a dodgy guy with mental problems and tendency of being a bad egg – but to understand his life of pain and hurt, and to realise that anyone in his position would do the same, that’s all we need to know. This being the default setting for all of what we call “behaviour”.

      Actually by feeling this for him and forgiving, we are the better person and we are also asserting our power. It doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t go through any legal processes that may crop up!

  25. Staircase2 4 May 2013, 11:16pm

    Why exactly is the Vatican saying he can’t retire in Scotland then…?

    1. That There Other David 4 May 2013, 11:20pm

      I’d be surprised if it’s even legal for Vatican Inc.™ to dictate where a retired employee chooses to live. Another small example of just why the RCC is a force for evil.

      1. That There Other David 4 May 2013, 11:40pm

        Hmmm, although thinking about it….yeah, it’s possibly an attempt to ensure criminal charges can’t be brought against him isn’t it? I wonder if there’s more victims of Mr. O’Brien than currently in the public eye.

    2. casparthe good 5 May 2013, 8:44am

      I’m not sure if “head office” are saying he can’t retire to Scotland but the locals in his chosen town don’t seem too keen on him arriving anyway – google his name + Dunbar for the tale

  26. A pedophile sex abuser Catholic priest who frequently spilled homophobic hateful speech against innocent human beings, was caught red-handed in his crimes when former victims came to public and tried hard to lie, hide and deny everything but later decided just to surrender and still asked for forgiveness despite having not regretted anything he did is “asked” by the Vatican to leave the church, but meanwhile here in Brazil Father Beto, a Catholic priest who just preached love, compassion and tolerance to LGBT people, who never hurt anyone in his life and just disagreed with the outdated hateful and intolerant dogmas of the church is arbitrarily excommunicated without any with no chance of defense. The Catholic Church makes me want to vomit, almost physically ill and I am holding myself here to not punch the screen of my computer. Disgusting, repulsive how such vermin disguised as human being can exist.

    1. I agree with your sentiment in what you say, but the allegations against the Cardinal O’Brien are not of a paedophilic nature, it was against other priests (who were simply below him in the power hierarchy). :)

  27. Hiya, am not of the catholic faith BUT the man is a DISGRACE to any religion. The Vatican has told him that he cannot retire in Scotland. Got 2 suggestions where to send him. Uganda & Jamacia. Both would need his FULL attention and as they HATE gay people he could live the life hes should have done when he became a priest. CELIBATE.

  28. Why is it the Vatican’s business to dictate his exile? He ought to stick any fingers up to that and stay where he wants. However, if they supply him with a villa in Sicily, with the anonymity that he probably craves at the moment, then I wouldn’t say no either…

    Now, just feel sorry for the guy and embarrassed by the way the Catholic church is doing things… They aren’t doing themselves ANY favours.

    Yeah he was an unfortunate case, but you still have to pity such dysfunctionality gone to epic extremes in his story (a very representative one we know) becoming semi-global knowledge. This will lead two directions for every Scottish Catholic… (i) Realise a little bit more the hypocrisy and nonsense of organised religion, (ii) Blame it on an infiltration of gay perverts to cover up feelings resulting from (i). I feel sorry for the old grannies who have nothing else.

  29. I wonder how many genuine love stories (or consensual sex) has occurred within the church over the centuries? So so many, it is obvious.. But what’s bad is the lies surrounding it, not the act itself.

    But we should remember the society these men grew up in – Scotland up until 10-20 years ago was a very hostile place to be gay. Most would say that the towns still are. Sick societies which made life very hard for those who happened to be gay. So then one begins to understand how this dysfunction perpetuates.

    But what we have seen is the lifting of the lid from this type of persecution, which has eventually led to people feeling safer just being honest with the newspapers, the police, but most of all. Themselves. I’d be personally wary of this Cardinal as a bit of a narcissist (he seems to be reminding us to forgive him). We should “forgive” to show what a healthy society we are, not because he has told us… Has the Vatican forgiven? Nope (see exile). Telling?

  30. Colin (London) 5 May 2013, 3:38am

    Sex preditor…Try Jail for a new location. Oh I see get him out of the country before the full story breaks and the police have to arrest him.

  31. JackAlison 5 May 2013, 6:00am

    im sorry i have NO tolerance and patience 4 this codswhallop
    he has hurt and potentially injured harmed and may have contributed to the suicide of vulnerable gay teens
    he’s a grown man
    an he can go to hell
    catholic hell
    he knew xactly wot he was doing
    gay r not
    absolutely disgraceful!!!!

  32. Grenville Smith 5 May 2013, 8:45am

    Well that makes it all OK then!
    A typical theological fudge, instead of admitting to the truth and probably his true feelings.

  33. ryan johnston 5 May 2013, 9:25am

    mealymouthed self serving nonsense but then if you have a talent for something you would be foolish not to use it.
    rank hypocrisy from one of the rankest hypocrites in scotland. just because he used his position in the church to try and take sexual advantage of young men, those nasty gays are making him flee the country, robes aflutter, poor poor man.

  34. Unbelievable…. so because it suits him he wants forgiveness ….he could not tolerate gay life styles….where ever he goes he will live a very good life….not like some of us…..

  35. You want forgiveness, O’Brien? You’re not getting it from me. People like you caused me immeasurable suffering at school, people who call themselves “Catholic” and “Christian” telling me that people like would be tortured for all eternity in your own self-made hell. And yet, all this time, you were fondling men and having sex with them. You sicken me. The Catholic Church is a faded institution that deserves to rot and die. You talk about morality – where was yours when you attempted to force a priest into having sex with you? You talk about decency – where was yours when you were preaching about the “evils” of gay marriage? You talk about love – you have none, you’ve never experienced it because we all know that you were suckled by pigs and raised by snakes. You hate yourself – I hate your kind with the fire of a thousand suns. I barely survived my teenage years thanks to people like you. You deserve the shame, the humiliation and the hatred. Vanish.

  36. George Broadhead 5 May 2013, 11:48am

    What does “exile” mean? St Helena?

  37. Keith in SALFORD
    Exactly and the huuuuuge decline in vocations can now be seen for what it is.
    There is no longer, or there should no longer be, any reason for any young man to join a religious order, or become a priest, in order to cover up his homosexuality, as I also did some 50 years ago.
    In the late 50′s as a teenager, I was petrified of – and knew full well – the questions that would become ever louder as I grew older, “Why have you no girlfriend, Keith?” (Yes.. haha.. my name is Keith too..!)
    Anyway, dare I say it, ‘Good luck to him.’..!
    Whether all this has come about because he has been found out is irrelevant now; it probably is but I hope he finds peace.
    He is after all a victim of that stinking cesspit of hypocrisy, the RCC.
    Go and live the rest of your life as YOU wish to live it, Keith O’Brien and forget the pantomime which is the Roman Catholic Church.
    I dumped the falookin’ lot at 18, 53 years ago, K.O’B; you do the same.

    1. What a load of .hite…he thought he was better than every one
      else…he should have kept all his homo phobic views to himself… I for oneam glad he has fallen from his high pedestal…another bad apple GONE AND SOON TO BE FORGOTTEN…..Amen….

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