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Rhode Island Bishop warns Catholics against attending gay weddings because it may ‘harm their relationship with God’

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Reader comments

  1. Wow, god is a spiteful little prick, isn’t he. At least, he would be if he was any more real than any of the other god fictions made up by humans across the years to control the weak and extort the gullible…

    1. misterfixit 3 May 2013, 7:09pm

      Easy on little pricks!

    2. God is all-loving, so there cannot be a favoured mode of conduct (or thought) in the eyes of God.
      Bishop Thomas Tobin has got it totally wrong.

      1. Well he must see god as a heartless vicious b*stard?

        First time I have agreed with a catholic bishop.

        1. According to the promotional material God is all-loving so Bishop Thomas Tobin has clearly made a grave mistake and needs to rethink his stance.
          You can’t have it both ways Thomas.

  2. Dave North 3 May 2013, 6:57pm

    “…..marriage rights for gay couples are a sin because it is “contrary to God’s plan for the human family.”

    Just like condoms CAUSES AIDS is gods plan.

    Piss off you old fool.

    1. Inspector General 3 May 2013, 10:18pm

      Now, listen up types. The inspector General has something to say, and he’s damn well going to say it.

      Since his last visit here, he has noticed an appalling decline in the quality of language used. It’s just not on, you know.

      Think of the gay and confused young who will be drawn to this site. How is this going to impress them. Big Angry Gays having a go at anything that moves. If you have a point to make, you don’t need to swear with it.

      Understood ?

      1. Is that you Mayor of Sunnydale Richard Wilkins III ?

    2. The Roman Catholic Church disgusts me, to the point it makes me feel nauseated. As Goethe said of that evil cult, a “hotchpotch of fallacy and violence”.

  3. Why should anyone believe a word Bishop Tobin says. What is believable is that he is very likely to be a closeted self-hating gay man. Cardinal Keith O’Brien said far hateful things about LGBT issues and was gay.

    Are you gay too, Tobin? I think you are!

    1. He is a douchbag.

  4. fr. Neil, c.s.e.f., Th.D. 3 May 2013, 7:12pm

    Silly savage; just like the human ruling in the 1930s’ that only permitted my parents to be married in the rectory, not in the Church, because my dad was a Lutheran, and mixed marriages were contrary to Gods’ design!

  5. Not attending said wedding would DEFINITELLY harm their relationship with the friends who’re getting married…

    1. Who needs friends when you a part of the biggest and most united crime family in the world, the Roman Catholic Church ?

  6. Let us remember that the Roman Catholic Church is the working of evil in the world, and that the Bishop is one of the minions of evil forces.

  7. Kimiko Kotani 3 May 2013, 7:51pm

    I’m still trying to figure out just which Bible passage supposedly said that we should hate on our neighbours. Wait- it said LOVE thy neighbours, that’s right!

  8. Robert in S. Kensington 3 May 2013, 7:56pm

    F_ck off you loony bigot! It really confounds me that in 2013 idiots like this seem to know what their fictitious god thinks and feels? Causing significant scandals indeed. He should know, his cult is notorious for scandal of the sexual variety and a clergy living in an extremely unnatural, disordered state of celibacy. Abnormal, all of them and morally bankrupt too.

  9. The catholic leadership is getting further and further out of touch with it’s followers.
    It wouldn’t surprise me if sooner or later a new schism happens, which would leave the bishops and cardinals quite literally preaching to the choir, for all the empty pews.

  10. That There Other David 3 May 2013, 8:51pm

    I suppose he thinks what God wants is for Catholics to have lots of little children for His representatives to play with. Because lies, paedophilia and subsequent cover-ups are all God cares about, right?

    Oh, and money of course. Best give them lots of money. That’s very important to God’s plan…

  11. Are you gay yourself, Bishop Toibin?

    1. He is an anti-gay Roman Catholic priest. I think that speaks for itself.

  12. Sir You are a prat a lonely abdomen misguided prat to think God is so small mineded like us muggles is so sadof someone like you

  13. Another dumb-f**k catholic prelate who doesn’t know when to STFU. Bishop Toibin, who’s listening to you?? The church has been firmly and permanently kicked out of the bedroom, and the loss of control is very, very distressing.

  14. It’s hard to say anything beyond: FU buddy!!!

  15. friday jones 3 May 2013, 11:30pm

    Don’t they mean “Rhode Island & Providence Plantations?” Gotta get the full name in there for the sale of informing the public.

  16. Christopher Coleman 4 May 2013, 12:28am

    Almost anything could ruin one’s relationship with God, as the good bishop must surely know. He must also know that it is impossible to tell with God, as He is a Mystery. Talking rubbish on God’s behalf may well annoy the mysterious One. Said bishop should go into hiding right away. Too bad the All Knowing One will know where to find him.

  17. Inpsector General 4 May 2013, 12:54am

    It’s a difficult one this. The Roman Catholic church never had issue with gays until recently. Thanks to the western Gay Uprising, the church has been obliged to spell out it’s position in no uncertain terms. In other words, if you are gay, go about your business without trying to change society. You must understand the Christian church places great store on the heterosexual family. That is how the faith is handed down the generations…

    1. “western Gay Uprising”?!?

      Are you skipping your schizophrenia meds today?

    2. Jock S. Trap 4 May 2013, 10:11am

      “The Roman Catholic church never had issue with gays until recently. Thanks to the western Gay Uprising”

      Er… I think you’ll find it’s only been attacking so obsessively since it came to light that too many Catholic priests have been abusing children and rather than deal with it, whilst try to hide it, they find some in society to attack instead.

      It’s supposed to obstruct that, in fact, they are the ones in the wrong and prefer to cover it up.

      It’s a typical religious response to try and make other look away while they abuse the many.

      But here this whilst they are trying to hide their own perverted lives by attacking the LGBT community, they are still opening abusing society. Physically and mentally.

    3. bobbleobble 4 May 2013, 10:35am

      I think you’ll find that the RCC has always had ‘an issue’ with gays the difference is that in the past society agreed with them. It’s society that has changed and accepted that gay people are just as deserving of respectful and dignified treatment including the right to marry as our heterosexual counterparts. The RCC and other religions cannot stomach the idea that the general populace no longer kowtow to their every dictat and are lashing out like bullies, threatening their congregations. Hardly the actions of a loving religious body now are they?

  18. Hah! it used to be a mortal sin just to go to a protestant church, we weren’t even supposed to go to protestant weddings. The church is all wimpy now….

  19. What right do they think they have to criticize the government when their odious cult caused so much evil and cruelty in every nation they controlled through its whole history ? It’s a secular state, they have no saying on politics and know nothing about the civil society, only about their collective delusions.

  20. Why do these nut-jobs all come out ( of the closet? ) with these off the wall remarks whenever something GOOD happens in the LGBT community just because THEY don’t like it!????

  21. Jean-Jacques Burlamaqui 4 May 2013, 5:19am

    Homosexuality is not deserving of the approbation of man. We can not overlook condemning those, who, through their own bad use of their faculties, are vicious to the good and perfection of the human system.

    All members of society are interested in the due observance of the Laws of Nature, hence they have all a right to praise or condemn another man’s actions according as they are conformable or contrary to these laws. They have even a kind of obligation in this respect, lest men be wanting in their duty to society and to individuals, were they not to testify, at least by their approbation or censure, the esteem they have for probity and virtue, and their aversion, on the contrary, to iniquity and vice.

    1. Dave North 4 May 2013, 6:10am

      Whats does that mean in an earth based language?

    2. Google translate at work there? Idiot translated into English?

      1. Har Davids 4 May 2013, 9:13am

        If you use Google Translate often enough, recycling the text from one language to another, you get this gobbledygook.

    3. Jock S. Trap 4 May 2013, 10:05am

      “All members of society are interested in the due observance of the Laws of Nature,”

      Well expect people like you, that is!

    4. bobbleobble 4 May 2013, 10:40am

      You talk of the laws of nature without any understanding of what that means. The RCC has warped the meaning of that phrase and when they use what they actually mean is the laws of the RCC as if they are one and the same thing. It is in my nature to be attracted to embers of the same gender, it is you and others like you who are expecting me to go against that nature that are breaking the same laws you purport to uphold. Think about the harm you are doing to people before you start condemning anyone. Isn’t judging others a big no no in your book of fairy tales anyway?

    5. you vile excuse for a human being – drop dead

    6. That There Other David 4 May 2013, 11:06am

      Exactly the sort of talk we used to hear against being left-handed too.

      Just like some people are naturally left-handed, and therefore obeying the Laws of Nature that have created them that way, some people are physically attracted to their own sex. It happens all over the animal kingdom too, which reinforces the Nature side of things.

      But you keep your blinkers on and ignore both evidence and reasoning if you want. I’ll consider you a cretin for doing so, but it’s your life to waste how you wish.

  22. Barry William Teske 4 May 2013, 6:15am

    And the “Top 100 ‘God’s Terrorists’ of the last 100 Years” are…
    Submit your candidates and hope God cleans up its ‘flock’ soon.
    My 2nd choice is anyone who owns a gun in the name of ‘self defence’.
    My 1st choice is the US of A’s NRA.
    Crime stats are up.
    Hate and intolerance are crimes.

  23. Har Davids 4 May 2013, 9:11am

    We can only hope most people would rather harm their relationship with god, than that with their fellow men. And weren’t some churches officially against so-called mixed-race marriages, not too long ago?

    On a bright note, I happened to know a quite religious lady who thoroughly enjoyed her son’s same-sex marriage and loved her son-in-law.

  24. Jock S. Trap 4 May 2013, 10:03am

    Oh for pity sake… what a bore!

    Your religion, your choice to follow over-inflated ego’d men and their ever so dodgy writing.

    I prefer a decent, fair society.

    Only religion creates threats/violence/war over equality.

    Do get over it!

  25. cough cough – Bull Shit –

  26. I’d like to have this bishop spend a few hours with my 85 year old mother. You’d have to describe her as a life long pillar of her local church. She not only attended but read a bible passage during my wedding ceremony. She has no doubt that supporting me has added to her understanding of catholicism and her relationship with God. She’s also have no problem educating this man on his misguided views.

  27. Liam the God 4 May 2013, 1:15pm

    “If you do something I don’t like my Imaginary Friend will not like you!” “OH NO! NOT THAT!!!”
    What a cvnt!

  28. Not so long ago, Catholics were required to get their priest’s permission to attend weddings in Anglican and Protestant churches, and some priests used to say ‘no’ (partic in N.Ireland). This bishop is heading back in the same direction.

  29. Inspector General 4 May 2013, 4:56pm

    If you people can’t get on with religion, ignore it. Why constantly whine about it, it’s not going away. One wonders if the free reign which is what the Gay Agenda has in mind really sums up gay aspiration – to wit, the pursuit of unrealistic expectations. Society doesn’t exist for gay people, or for bachelors or spinsters for that matter, but to bring forth the coming generations. Did you really think otherwise ?

    Just live your lives and don’t upset anyone. If people don’t like you kissing and cuddling in public, don’t do it. It really is that easy !

    1. dorset bob 4 May 2013, 8:53pm

      Keep taking the stupidity tablets inspector .they seem to be working.

    2. bobbleobble 4 May 2013, 9:13pm

      Society exists for everyone not simply to produce the next generation. But gay people don’t hand in their reproductive organs when we come out you know. We’re not whining, we’re seeking respect and tolerance from people who preach but don’t practice Christian values. Religion may not be going away but neither are we and we’ve been around longer. However we will stand up to injustice whoever meets it out to us.

      I don’t live my life to suit everyone else. If people don’t like me kissing and cuddling my partner in public then that’s their problem not mine and they can get over it. I don’t intend to upset anyone but I also don’t walk on eggshells to protect the sensitivities of bigots. Also why can’t Christians like the archbishop stop upsetting people and get on with their lives and let us get on with ours without sticking their oars in to matters which don’t concern them.

    3. Dave North 4 May 2013, 9:22pm

      Your “RELIGION” is the cause of most of this planets human suffering.

      But never mind. YOU will go to heaven, cause your gawd loves you.

      F everyone else who is not a believer.

      That stupid comic you put so much store in was written 200 years after the so called death of your so called savior..

      What does that tell me.

      A psychotic inability to deal with reality and a comfort need of anything that distracts from reality whatsoever.

      Hug that comfort blanket. Oh yes……..

  30. I know just what he means. I decided not to pull up the toadstools in my garden because it would harm my relationship with the pixies who live underneath them.

  31. A common brainwashing technique used by religious cults. Tell the group members that all other Churches are evil so they are effectively never exposed to any ideas that are contrary to what they are programmed to believe.

  32. “may effect their relationship with God” This bishop is a real pant load. And, I don’t mean that in a good way. Who listens to these ass flaps directions on anything.
    Keep saying stupid stuff like this, it’s good for driving more Catholics away from the clutches of the Vatican,Inc.

  33. Kay Arnold 4 May 2013, 11:48pm

    The Catholic church is on the loosing side on this issue and they are using the old tried and true scare tactics. What may happen is that the people who pay money to the church stop going and or cut back on the their donations and then where are they ? Hmmmm?

  34. Terry Eastham 5 May 2013, 7:32am

    “you could affect your relationship with God” Is there no level that the Catholic church won’t sink to in its war against equality?

    Although I can’t speak for God, I would have thought he would be very happy to see friends and family of the betrothed couple celebrating their love.

  35. LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS I HAVE LOVED YOU….isn’t that what Jesus said…..these hypocrites do my head in….

  36. johnny33308 6 May 2013, 6:51am

    Wow…threatening the flock! Threats are always a sign of love, aren’t they? I miss the good old days when those who ran around shouting about speaking for, or with God, were locked away somewhere where they couldn’t bother the rest of us…*sigh*….

  37. This guy really is a poor excuse for a human being, be it lesser for a priest. Lordy, Lordy, Lordy, what you have done in your name…………….

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