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London: Gay former Barnet Mayor Brian Coleman fined for assaulting female cafe owner

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Reader comments

  1. This is an LGBT interest story because… what? Some arrogant twit who – given his political leanings – more than likely bangs on about law and order all the time turns out to be a typical do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do hypocrite who happens to be gay? This is really reaching for news.

    1. It’s still LGBT news…If you don’t report stuff like this then it gives a very imbalanced view of LGBT people. Just because you’re gay doesn’t mean you’re nice!

    2. It’s news because this repellent embarrassment to humanity was once a prominent figure in London politics and is continuing his slide into oblivion. Firstly, that’s a cause for celebration and secondly it’s nice to see the odd good news story in amongst the grim stuff.

  2. Regardless of his sexual orientation, political preferences or previous good character, he’s a disgrace.

    In my view, if he wasn’t a political big wig and came from a troublesome estate, he’d be banged up now and the Magistrates would have been harping on with taking a firm line with anti-social behaviour.

    One sentencing regime for one, and one for the other.

    1. I forgot to add – even the Magistrate gave him a defence:

      “Sentencing Mr Coleman, District Judge Deborah Wright said the “well-known politician” was a man of “previous good character” who had made significant contributions to society.

      “I have no doubt that his motives were to avoid the embarrassment of the publicity,” she said.

      She sounds more like a defence solicitor than a District Judge.

      Makes my blood boil.

    2. de Villiers 3 May 2013, 8:16pm

      I’m not sure that is correct Paul. The sentencing guidelines available on the internet suggest that prison is not the correct outcome for a first time offender with no previous offences.

      This was discussed months ago in another story concerning a different person.

  3. The Halcyon 3 May 2013, 2:08pm

    My how the mighty have fallen.

  4. Jock S. Trap 3 May 2013, 2:21pm

    ““previous good character””

    Really? I’ve only known him to be a vile, over-ego’d creature. Nasty to the core.

    The fine was not enough when he thought he was worth every penny all the ridiculous wages and expenses he claimed.

  5. £250!! Is that all?? I’m sorry I am sure they could have managed to squeeze more than that out of him! The trauma and possible time off work. £250 doesn’t cover it! She’s trying to be a good citizen. He whacks her and he gets away with only paying her £250!!

    “I have no doubt that his motives were to avoid the embarrassment of the publicity,” she said.

    Sorry THAT’S no excuse for harming someone. Should have thought first before parking illegally!

    1. Spanner1960 4 May 2013, 10:54am

      No, the woman was paid £250 damages. He got whacked £1,385 – that has to hurt for a parking fine.

  6. Cross the street when you see crazy coming.

  7. He didn’t act like that because he is gay, so why is that a major part of this story? This guy is just a deuchebag , plain and simple.

    1. No, you’re right he acted like that because he’s a putrid moron. However, we can’t escape from the unhappy fact that he’s a gay man and a well documented politician, so if he breaks the law it’s news.

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