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US: Human rights group to take on case of bisexual girl barred from starting gay-straight alliance

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  1. Related stories about Lake County School Board member emails that have come to light. Very misleading and inappropriate comments made by at least 2 board members:
    (1) Lake County School Board Member Questions 14-Year-Old Student’s Sexual Orientation (http://www.youthallies.com/school-board-member-questions-14-year-old-students-sexual-orientation/)

    (2) After School Board Blocks Gay-Straight Alliance, Board Member Tells LGBT Youth Allies, “The Board Has Not Blocked the GSA.”

    (3) The background story that led to these stories is here: http://www.youthallies.com/gay-straight-alliances-in-middle-school-florida/

    1. Thank you for these illuminating links. I hadn’t known about LGBT Youth Allies.

      1. It’s new(ish) and growing. About to undergo a major re-design too. Thanks for checking it out!

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