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South Africa: Married lesbian couple told to split up or face their son being expelled from school

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Reader comments

  1. How awful for them. I do have to question why they put him in a Christian school in the first place?

    If they can, they should move him to a school where their lives are not being judged in such an awful manner. I realise that would seem like pandering to the homophobes but it might also be safer for all concerned!

    1. I agree. Presumably though, they are also going to expel all the kids whose straight parents have split up?

      They wouldn’t want to be seen as being inconsistent with their “faith”.

  2. religions should have no role in any education system

  3. It sounds like they’re a couple who know their rights and won’t stand for any nonsense which bodes well since the law ought to be on their side.

    This bit is ridiculous:

    “He said I could either walk away from my lifestyle and have [my son] stay at the school, or I should take the child out of the school, because he was worried that other children would make fun of him or isolate him,” Kally said.

    If the teacher’s worried about other kids making fun of the kid… how about an anti-bullying policy? How about showing your students that you won’t stand for homophobia?

    Nah too much hard work, blame the victims instead.

    Good luck to these two.

    1. Jock S. Trap 2 May 2013, 4:25pm

      Indeed… how about educating the children in schools too.

  4. Jock S. Trap 2 May 2013, 4:23pm

    Yet again the proof that when it comes to schools it’s not the children that are the problem but ignorant, homophobic adults.

    What disgusts me is that these vile people are such cowards they have to hide behind children and blame them for their own sick minds.

  5. Funny. Whenever the issue of marriage comes up, bigots always cry about the children.
    How tragic that the first people to get thrown under the bus are not the parents, but the child.

  6. roderious 2 May 2013, 4:42pm

    Why did this couple knowingly put their child in a Christian School, they can’t seriously believe the guff about teaching love and acceptence?

    The bit about nt understanding African names is also interesting, is it in fact a western (American) missionary school?

    1. Missionary school?

      You’re assuming that South Africa’s population is homogenously black and that the only “non-Africans” can only be from be originally from a Western country. There are lots of white people in S.A who are culturally (and thus linguistically) distinct from the black population, which explains the African names thing.

      1. I was not assuming that South Africa is homogenously black, but had assumed that the different communities would know enough of each other’s languages to recognise male and female names, especially the headteacher of a school who presumably encounters large numbers of people on a daily basis (ok maybe black people are a minrity in the school, I hadn’t thought of that.)

  7. Michael Heynz 2 May 2013, 4:45pm

    Homosexuality is a 100% God Give gift.
    It’s Christianity and its pseudo-adherents that is a lifestyle that damages families, societies and dooms nations. The form of “Christianity” being practiced in the world today was created by Satan to confuse and misguide humans.

  8. “and that because they couldn’t differentiate between black names”?

  9. Wouldn’t want my kids in that Nazi school. Hopefully here will be a prosecution.

  10. If South Africa is anything like the South Bronx, they probably sent their son to a Christian school because that education is exponentially better than public schools in the area. They shouldn’t have to hide. The school’s job is to educate not judge. Shame on them.

  11. I’m so conflicted by this story – on the one hand I want to encourage the moms to fight this school tooth and nail for blatant and unconstitutional discrimination. On the other hand, I think they should get their kid out of there before he is harassed by the ignorance around him.

  12. I think they also need to be concerned about the school being racist as well as homophobic, black names seriously

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