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Rupert Everett swears on ITV’s Loose Women as he mentions HIV scare story

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Reader comments

  1. Oh that attention seeking queen

  2. What a non news story. Come on folks

  3. Marcwebbo3 2 May 2013, 8:51pm

    It was actually Wednesday not Thursday….dont think it was accidental at all….any publicity for his current play is good for him

    1. What play is that? The Judas Kiss finished its West End run a month ago.

  4. Brett Gibson 2 May 2013, 9:48pm

    His coffee advert is funny. Good that he can laugh at himself.

  5. Not sure which deserves more of an apology… the F word or the other apology for the “fruity” language! lol

  6. Rupert Everett, the dreariest sad, bitter , rancid souled old queen that keeps living off his past. His dried up snarky smile gives gays a bad rap.

  7. Christopher in Canada 3 May 2013, 12:14pm

    Why does Brit TV not run with a 3 second delay as in North America? If you swear, it gets bleeped by a sound technician before it reaches Mrs. McGillicutty’s ears.

  8. why does everyone always get on his case – He is as entitled to his ‘albeit’ jaded opinion – and as a genuine out gay man it is easy for lazy so called journalists to get his point of view as representative of what they consider all of us to be – Blame the reporters!

  9. One moment I thought I had landed on an American website. For a swear word it’s very mild! Are you all turning into nuns?

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