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NFL player: I respect Jason Collins but ‘why does everybody have to announce their sexuality?’

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Reader comments

  1. Chester66 2 May 2013, 6:30pm

    Can’t he see that heteros announce it everyday? Or that gays acknowledge the truth rather then lying that they are hetero?

    1. I assume everyone I meet is gay unless they flaunt their heterosexuality. Most of them do it within 5 minutes of starting a conversation.

      It goes like this………..

      Me and my wife……………………..

      I hate that flaunting all the time.

      1. mark Surval 1 Jun 2013, 9:08pm

        SO TRUE……Why do straight athletes have to proclaim that they have a wife or girlfriend or be seen on photo ops with the opposite sex???? Heteros ALWAYS flaunt their sexual orientation. Why can’t a Gay athlete mention that he is gay and it becomes an “ANNOUNCEMENT”?? The ignorance of many men still ceases to amaze me!!!

  2. As if you don’t flaunt it with your girl, playing tonsil tennis in some restaurant or in your car!

    Come on! There are two sides to this, its not just the gay guys that do it.

  3. Straight athletes don’t flaun their sexual orientation? No one mentions the wives or girlfriends of male athletes? The only flaunting going on here is this guy flaunting his ignorance and homophobia.

  4. Straight athletes don’t flaunt their sexual orientation? No one mentions the wives or girlfriends of male athletes? The only flaunting going on here is this guy flaunting his ignorance and homophobia.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 2 May 2013, 7:32pm

      As well as the snogging in cinemas, hand holding and exchanging a kissin public for which we’re ridiculed and denigrated for.

  5. Those black people sure flaunt their skin colour. What a nob end

    1. Why do people on this site always have to bring race into everything?

      And people actually support your claim!

      I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, comments like this say more about your own feelings towards people of colour than anything else.

      Closet racists – and then you bemoan all the homophobia in the world.

      1. Staircase2 4 May 2013, 3:04am

        Well said, Bob!

    2. Those gay people sure flaunt their race obsession.

  6. Michael Heynz 2 May 2013, 7:11pm

    Because we are fighting the demonization of the LGBT by showing we are all normal people everywhere in life. Flaunting one’s sexuality is something done by Cheerleaders.. and if the NFL is so unconcerned with sexuality, why is it such a big deal that he let’s people know he’s gay?

  7. Dave North 2 May 2013, 7:12pm

    ‘why does everybody have to announce their sexuality?’

    Because how else can you fight for the rights denied to you because of your sexuality if you keep quite about said sexuality.

    Dimwitted idiot.

    1. Dave deal with your anger issues

      1. Dave North 2 May 2013, 7:34pm

        I made a comment. How is that anger.?

      2. Dave North 2 May 2013, 9:20pm

        And on revisiting your illogical comment, please explain my anger issue.

        I agree, I am angry being stuck in a SECOND CLASS civil partnership with my partner of 25 years.
        I’m sick of Christians and Muslims telling me of my fucking unworthiness.

        Ive had 36 years of it.

        See some reasons behind anger issues. Dickwad.

        I am angry because all I am is ME. Being me. Nothing more.

        I am NOT preventing anyone from being who they are.

        So stop being SMUG.

        1. You go for it. If you can’t be angry on here then where can you be?

  8. Not the brightest knife in the drawer is he. Work colleagues are always discussing their families wives kids holidays etc. etc. Does he not realise that if we do that we are then accused of shoving it down peoples throats or flaunting it.

    I could accuse him of flaunting the fact that he is black by not covering his skin, but that would be stupid and ignorant. Wouldn’t it?

  9. Robert in S. Kensington 2 May 2013, 7:30pm

    Mr. Samuel, stop dating women assuming you’re not married and then you won’t have to flaunt your sexuality down our throats, ignorant twat.

  10. Oh, dear, Heterosexist Diddums is jealous.

  11. When heterosexuals take off their wedding rings and stop talking about their spouses they can then criticize me for mentioning that I’m gay. Until heterosexuals stop “flaunting” their heterosexuality, they’re in no position to lecture me on the subject of flaunting sexuality.

    1. RoughRugger 2 May 2013, 8:49pm

      Until gays can get married, yes, yes it is idiot.

    2. That There Other David 2 May 2013, 8:55pm

      Caps lock eh? Someone’s losing it.

      1. someone has to have had it first, to lose it.

  12. Inspector General 2 May 2013, 8:15pm

    Greetings chaps. The Inspector General is back. He’s right you know, a fellow should keep his sexuality quiet…

    1. Dave North 2 May 2013, 8:48pm

      And you should piss off back to the Telegraph. Your bile is spewed all over it.

      Or perhaps Archbishop Cranmer. The other source of the Christian Taliban.

      I know your sexuality. Catholic. Child rape involved. You clearly support it.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 2 May 2013, 9:23pm

      Including his own, assuming he’s straight which I doubt. No well adjusted hetero would feel the need to troll gay websites for starters.

    3. Dave North 2 May 2013, 9:30pm

      What. You have never in the rugby club pronounced your big hard knob penetrating your bird.

      Telling all your pals of your prowess.

      Or perhaps you need to keep that quiet as it was the usual Vatican way?

    4. Oh Lord, what is it about this thread that brings out the loons? As if old Keith wasn’t bad enough …!

    5. Inspector General 3 May 2013, 10:03am

      Hardly a way to re-ignite an old friendship, men !

      Do try harder to communicate….

      1. Says the person who communicates in unsupported one-liners. Not exactly cricket, old fruit.

        Still, revealing that you’re looking for ignition with men I suppose…


      2. I like your picture, a public school toff with a mans hand up his a*se. How apt.

        And very Freudian.

        (For those who don’t know the pic is Lord Charles a ventriloquist dummy popular about a century ago. He wasn’t a very good ventriloquist either)

  13. It gets so tiring having to point out the OBVIOUS to these oblivious idiots that STRAIGHT people are the ONLY people who “flaunt” their sexuality and they do it universally, often and without so much as a second thought.

    1. That There Other David 2 May 2013, 8:45pm

      See my comment directly below.

    2. Whenever anyone insinuates they might be gay !

    3. Dave North 2 May 2013, 9:06pm

      Constantly. NOM , FRC C4M Which fucking planet do you live on you piece of dirt.

  14. You know guys, I think Keith has a point. Now I see what a right fool I’ve been all these years. I don’t know about anyone else but I, for one, am now deciding to call it a day with this whole queer thing.

    Thanks Keith.

  15. Peter Robertson 2 May 2013, 8:33pm

    Did you know that being a Roman Catholic priest has no benefit to the wider society or human race and that universal priesthood would result in the extinction of humans…

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 2 May 2013, 9:26pm

      And let’s not forget the unnatural act of celibacy which few are able to maintain while committing sexual acts against boys and girls.

  16. RoughRugger 2 May 2013, 8:40pm

    Footballers “come out as hetero” every time they mention their girlfriends. They “come out as hetero” every time they’re photographed with the ring their wives put on their fingers. They “come out as hetero” every time they’re photographed with their families. They “come out as hetero” every time they kiss some chick after scoring the winning goal.

    Oh, and homosexual couples are QUITE good at taking care of the kids that you breeders irresponsibly create and subsequently abandon.

    Now, any more questions you ignorant twat?

    1. there is no correct answer, you buffoon! you are not dealing with absolutes! and do you think using the term ‘homodeviant’ is antagonistic to us? words fail me!

    2. Straight people have anal sex all of the time. And not all of us gays are guys, for the record. Your assumption is annoying.

    3. Wow, Keith, you’ve set up yet another account just to come back onto PN? Your determination speaks volumes – as does your inevitable focus on the rectum. Seek help, dear one – there are many professions that you could turn to for assistance in your misery.

    4. Daniel Howard 3 May 2013, 1:49pm

      Why don’t you worry about your own sex life, or lack of one, and quit being so preoccupied with ours. “Self-loathing” springs to mind. ;)

  17. That There Other David 2 May 2013, 8:44pm

    Heterosexuality is automatically assumed by our heteronormative society. That’s why nobody ever has to “come out” as straight, because they subconsciously announce their sexuality every day by just acting the way society expects them to.

    Once again, it’s equivalent to being left-handed. Everyone by default assumes you’ll be right-handed. They lay the cutlery and drinking glasses out for right-handed people, for example. Saying that you’re actually left-handed isn’t “announcing” it, you’re just correcting somebody’s incorrect assumption about you based on their experience of everyone else.

    Asante Samuel should keep running around with the pigskin and let everyone else get on with their lives. He clearly doesn’t get it, so saying such in public just shows him up.

    1. Dave North 2 May 2013, 8:52pm

      And the brain dead fail to tell anyone of their brain deadness.

    2. That There Other David 2 May 2013, 8:53pm

      I’m left-handed and I’m proud!! There, that’s you proved wrong.

      Christ, that was easy.

      1. Dave North 2 May 2013, 9:23pm

        My left calf ventricular artery operates better than the one on my right leg

        Lets stone it…………………………………..

      2. I’m right-handed, but I’m an ally of the left-handed community!

    3. Inspector General 3 May 2013, 10:22am

      The Inspector is left handed too, but he does eat right handed. Never really felt he ought to announce it to the world, you know. A private matter really, rather like sexuality…

      1. The “Inspector” (for I assume you are he) just did. And if your left-handedness had prevented you, purely on the basis of prejudice, from following your career of choice, you may well have felt it necessary to take a public stance on the matter.

        1. Inspector General 3 May 2013, 8:39pm

          Ah, it’s that elderly chap Rehan. You always did have a lot to say in an underhand way. Anyway, the Inspector General only wandered over here when ‘Cranmer’ shut down for a few days. Well, he’s back up now, so this man will take his leave of you all. Unless of course, you WANT him to say…

          1. ‘Bye. Stay safe, old pippin.

  18. People who come out as openly gay are very brave people. They open themselves to the dangers of bullying and hate crimes. They run the risk of having their property defaced by intolerant assholes and face wrongful persecution and harassment every day.

    ON THE OTHER HAND, coming out forces the world to realize that homosexuality isn’t this malignant, mysterious evil bent on bringing pedophilia and bestiality into common practice. It shows the world that homosexuals really are your neighbors, your teachers, your favorite sports player or your best friend. And everyone who comes out of the closet has the potential to inspire a frightened closet homosexual into standing up for themselves. “Flaunting it” as you say, good sir, shows that they are a part of a community that will support one another. They stand in the open and invite others to do the same. They reach out in those quiet whispers and triumphant announcements that show an extended hand to people who feel frightened and isolated

    1. (ran out of space to complete my statement, here’s the other part)
      ,who don’t have loving and supporting communities and families. When you feel isolated and alone, how do you feel when suddenly your favorite celebrity says ‘Hey I’m homosexual too, and that’s okay!”

      1. That There Other David 2 May 2013, 9:02pm

        There you go with that faecal obsession you have again. Wouldn’t you be happier hanging out at a German porn site?

      2. Your obsession with fecal matter leads me to believe that you live in the “basement” of a 3-hole outhouse aka privy.

        1. It leads me to believe he’s a Ugandan Pastor.

      3. AHA! I wondered how long it’d take you to bring up incest. Good to see you stick to the straight and narrow (in terms of your “arguments” of course, what else could I mean?) as always.

  19. That There Other David 2 May 2013, 9:03pm

    I think you need to post that again, just in case anybody’s enjoying the repeat.

    I think you need to post that again, just in case anybody’s enjoying the repeat.

    I think you need to post that again, just in case anybody’s enjoying the repeat.

  20. boringly, when the ‘societal norm’ is presumed to be heterosexual, to say ‘i am gay’ is neither shouting nor flaunting it, it is merely a statement of fact. i care not about the speculative media interest, how it is reported or the reaction (esp. negative ones). keef, all sexuality is defined by sex, but homosexuality is not deviant behaviour – only an orientation. it is possibly linked to maternal hormones on embryo development (biological), and/or genetic and/or both. it is most certainly not a deviation. it is boring that unintelligent humans would prefer this idea to the truth. a further statement of fact, given the factors involved, it is an impossibility for the whole world to be gay. then again, how could that ever happen we have strutting heterosexualists like yourself around, keef, even if you are a tedious, self-aggrandizing narcissist and troll, ie. repellant on all counts!

  21. with all the intense and, quite frankly, boring media speculation surrounding the notion that the ‘macho’ world of sport would harbour a homosexual somewhere, it was only to be expected that a sportsman would come out (woo-hoo) and that shallow individuals would try to steal their limelight. when people’s sexuality is a nothing-topic, it will be a good day for us all. perhaps when we finally rid ourselves of christian/catholic/ fictional religion!

  22. Robert in S. Kensington 2 May 2013, 9:21pm

    And heterosexual rape, sexual abuse of minors, heterosexual sex trafficking, serial hetero adulterers aren’t deviant behaviour, moron?

  23. Robert in S. Kensington 2 May 2013, 9:24pm

    And you have first hand personal experience I suppose. You’ve taken deviancy to a new level, your own and your obsession therewith. Why can’t you just be honest and own it?

  24. Will you GTFO already, loser?

  25. keef, your reasoning is woeful; your reaction, delicious yet so transparent, it brings me joy. a sin is a benchmark – benchmarks change, religion cannot change because it is an anachronistic fable (at best), its practitioners cherry-pick sentences from scriptures to suit their own agendas that their mentally-vulnerable adherents accept without reasoning. perhaps when you have completed your tertiary/secondary/primary education, you will take stock of your obvious inadequacies and that of your chosen fable-book, and back away from the computer for a time. all you have flaunted for our entertainment (mine, truly)(!) is your basic lack of knowledge of what humanity is.

  26. I would say that heterosexuals don’t announce their sexuality cuz everyone is assumed to be hetero. So, by stating he is gay, hey is correcting that error

  27. Don’t think you’ve quite grasped the point here Mr S but keep trying

  28. Brian Gibbons 2 May 2013, 10:39pm

    When you find your brain we will give you the answer

  29. Robert in S. Kensington 2 May 2013, 10:39pm

    Meanwhile, across the pond in the heavily catholic state of Rhode Island, U.S., equal marriage was just passed by a huge majority 58-16, the 10th American state. Take that, C4M and all the religious loons who troll this site.

    1. That There Other David 2 May 2013, 10:58pm

      Cool Wonderful news :-)

    2. MerlynHerne 2 May 2013, 11:04pm

      Good news indeed and all my best to the happy couples who will be able to marry starting Aug. 1st in Rhode Island!

  30. Maybe because straight people don’t need to announce their sexuality, because we live in a society where everyone is presumed to be straight unless it’s otherwise stated? …Except if you do mention that you’re not straight then apparently you’re “flaunting” it?

    What is that “we have kids” out here comment? As if someone announcing that they’re gay is going to traumatise them or something? I’ll bet that Asante Samuel has never spoken out about the homophobia which is rampant in sport, but he feels the need to speak out about a man mentioning his sexuality.

  31. johnny33308 2 May 2013, 11:10pm

    Because if LGBT people were EQUAL under the law, we would not need to ever declare our sexuality. By ‘coming out’ we show that we have always been here but now refuse to be invisible any longer. When we are invisible anyone can and people do commit the most evil sort of bigotry upon us….we WILL NOT continue to be invisible…we demand what all heterosexuals have always had, a life lived authentically not a secret life….we will NOT settle for less any longer! PERIOD!

  32. And the prize for he most ignorant comment in history goes to….. Asante Samuel

    1. Oh come now, be fair – it’s a stupid comment and underpinned by thoughtless and offensive prejudice (“we have kids out here too”), but in the broader scheme of things it isn’t that bad. He doesn’t denigrate Collins or question his abilities in any way.

      Of course, you could argue that prejudice is worse when expressed in the context of tolerance and acceptance, and you might have a point there, But ‘in history’? Not really.

  33. friday jones 2 May 2013, 11:12pm

    Hey guys, look, it’s Asante Samuel announcing his sexuality to the Press:

  34. Colin (London) 2 May 2013, 11:47pm

    keith, moral instructor to immorals

    The above named person is just a wind up menchant, a fool, or a thick prat. The best way to deal with him (my opinion) is to completely ignore him. Never reply to his post. Woosh over the head.

    If it is really annoying you report him continually so Pinknews will look at his posts.

    Best Wishes

  35. We flaunt it?

    Wow, someone is living in denial. Heterosexuals flaunt their sexuality, every day , all the time, constantly, always…it’s in your face everywhere you go, all the time. Every heterosxual who talks about their wives, girlfriends, or husbands or boyfriends, is flaunting…

    Gays simply correct the assumption that they are hetero, and then what, we are flaunting?


    So tiresome.

  36. The concept to hetero’s, that the mainly hetero-world is a constant “flaunt”, just never penetrates their thick melon-rinds.

    *The other thing is that pesky word, “sexual”…makes all of the repressed (you know who you are) folks a bit jittery, being as they mightn’t be all that positive in their head about which side they want to “flaunt” for?

    Maybe we ought to change the speaking term to, “gender-attracted” or “attraction to”, you know- so’s we don’t damage their delicate sensibilities? :P

    *please note sarcasm & see a therapist if this sounds like you.

  37. If our “announcing” is annoying why do you spend your time on here at all? Have you ever asked yourself that? Do you just like being annoyed?

    Unless you are gay yourself, none of this has any bearing on your life at all. It would be like me spending my life on train spotting forums, telling them all what a bunch of sad losers they are. It would just be my opinion, completely worthless. Just like yours.

    (Apologies to train spotters)

    But then keith, you probably are gay, that would explain your extreme reaction.

  38. Michael 2912 3 May 2013, 9:11am

    We have to flaunt it because dickheads like him tell us that we shouldn’t.

    You hide your sexuality mate and I’ll hide mine!

  39. Inspector General 3 May 2013, 9:22am

    I say chaps, any of you technical minded fellows know how one would bring his avatar to the scene ?

    1. Yes, clearly several of us do.

    2. Oh well done, Expectorator General old fruit – the most appropriate possible avatar, a wooden mannequin caricaturing fogeyishness and operated by a hand up its backside. I didn’t realise you were capable of such self-insight.

  40. Daniel Howard 3 May 2013, 1:51pm

    You’re obsessed with gay sex more than I am and I’m gay! Says a lot more about you than us here. I bet you love it up the hole Keith! :D

  41. If you respected him, you would have kept your mouth shut.

  42. Some people are infertile, universal infertility would result in the extinction of the human race. Should we ban infertile couples from marrying Oh great instructor?

  43. Frank Boulton 3 May 2013, 6:09pm

    Others have argued eloquently that we all declare our sexuality, when we openly form a relationship with someone and that LGBT people have had to come out to show people that we are not the morally depraved people that some have painted us to be.

    I would like to make this point, which no one else seems to have mentioned. Asante Samuel said, “We have kids here, too.” That’s a very good point, because just as straight kids need good heterosexual role models, so gay and lesbian kids need good gay and lesbian role models.

  44. Inspector General 3 May 2013, 7:24pm

    I say, that elderly fellow Rehan. You do the Inspector General a great honour to compare him to your morality fitness instructor Keith, but we are two separate individuals. This fellow wandered over here as Cranmer shut down for a few days, but he’s back up and running now. So the Inspector might just pop out of your lives again, unless you want him to stay, that is…

  45. Inspector General 3 May 2013, 8:31pm

    Ah, it’s that elderly chap Rehan. You always did have a lot to say in an underhand way. Anyway, the Inspector General only wandered over here when ‘Cranmer’ shut down for a few days. Well, he’s back up now, so this man will take his leave of you all. Unless of course, you WANT him to say…

  46. How ridiculous. Heterosexuality is everywhere. In every movie, in every advertisement, in every magazine, on the street, at the beach etc etc etc.
    They dont have to announce it because they have never been oppressed.
    If you were told every day of your life that an important part of who you are is wrong, evil, perverted, sick and you knew that it was not then you too would want to announce it. This kind of ignorant attitude pisses me off. Its like saying “on Im not homophobic but just dont rub it in my face” Get over it. If we are to live in a world where we are all equal you need to get used to gay people expressing themselves freely just like heterosexuals do.
    Would it be ok to say to black people – I dont care if you’re black but can you please hide it?

  47. What an idiot!!

  48. Dear Asante: I’m a Black man, like you. Unlike Blackness, Gayness is invisible, and to change attitudes, people have to see positive examples. Think, “Jacky Robinson”.

    When a minority has the scales tipped so much against them, they’ve got to do a lot more than usual just get an equal balance.

    Jacky Robinson never needed to say, “I’m a Black man”. He was just an excellent athelete, and those who observed him –fans, critics, everyone– did the rest of the work: they noticed. Job done. Now Jason Collins has to do
    is to remain a top athelete!

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