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UK: National AIDS Trust welcomes Danish HIV cure study

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  1. I hope this news is true. Dr. Søgaard’s line “I am almost certain that we will be successful in releasing the reservoirs of HIV” is a remarkable statement, given that the big problem so far has been that treatments have not been able to get at HIV hiding in the body’s “reservoirs”.

    But this is the first I’ve read of this work in Denmark and the UK, so I’ll be wary till authoritative sources comment on it.

    A few links would have been nice, PinkNews.

  2. Spanner1960 30 Apr 2013, 5:28pm

    Well the indicators look very promising, but it is still early days. It would be amazing news if this nut has finally been cracked.

  3. The most extraordinary news regarding a worldwide tragedy that Victoria Coren last week described as “the AIDS holocaust” . . . and only two PinkNews readers comment on it all day?

    I don’t understand.

    1. I could propose a reason for very few comments – there is no mention of prevention initiatives or the opportunity to lambast HIV Charities such as THT or GMFA etc………………good news about HIV is no news, in my experience of HIV related comments on PN.

  4. Viral latency is a very important research target & it does seem that we are getting closer to being able to flush out viral DNA that has been incorporated into the resting CD4 cells or “reservoirs”.

    This would be a major breakthrough, but we are in early stages but it is very good news that proof of concept has now been shown for this group of compounds.

    There are several research projects looking at this, earlier in March 2013 an Australian team headed up by Sharon Lewin were able to demonstrate that the cancer drug Vorinostat was able to wake up resting CD4 cells & thus flush put latent viral DNA.

    We still have many hurdles to get over, but there has in the past few years been renewed efforts to find that all elusive functional cure & hopefully a development of a vaccine that will prevent infection.

    I think going forward we will require a combination of approaches to finally conquer HIV.

    1. “we are getting closer . . . we are in the early stages . . . we still have many hurdles . . . we will require a combination of approaches”

      Are you one of the scientists?

      1. No, he just deludes himself he is the high and mighty voice of authority on all things to do with hiv………

        1. If I was a betting man I would put money on PN being able to link the IP address / Email address of “Ritchie” to another well known HIV commentator who seems to show little interest in “good news” regarding HIV………but that would be totally paranoid; right?

          I would also wager that just like the “Caped Crusader” (who was eventually found out & banned) PN has another individual who uses multiple aliases to subvert good debate!

          What the heck, deluded or paranoid, as the great orator himself oft says “the truth will out”

          What young Ritchie should heed is that other PN readers are totally pi$$ed off by this tedious bitching & playground tactics employed are as obvious as the nose on his face………

          1. Samuel B. 1 May 2013, 9:17am

            He’s off again everyone.

            Please, on this occasion, refrain from feeding this ‘orrible little troll even one little morsel or rise to his bait.

            At least in his near incomprehensible ramblings he admits to being paranoid, but as another commentator said on a related thread it’s time to stop the bitching and return to the issues.

  5. Samuel B. 1 May 2013, 8:58am

    There have been many false raised hopes over the years with regards to medical breakthroughs in thwarting HIV in the body.

    I am wary of getting my hopes up too high, but fingers crossed.

    Certainly puts safe sex messages on cup cakes into some perspective.

    Oh, and reassuring that Yusaf Azad at NAT reaffirms that “condoms are still the most efficient and cost-effective way to prevent HIV.”

    Try telling THAT to the THT!!

    1. One has to ask why anyone would want to bring THT into this discussion, or the snide references to a recent story about awareness & fundraising, This is exactly what other commentators are quite rightly pi$$ed off about!

      We see 3 themes, actually 4 these days, ever present in your postings Samuel:

      1. HIV charity sector
      2. Pharma Co’s
      3. Conspiracy theory
      4. Personal vendetta’s

      None of the above apply to this story – by all means place a comment if you believe I have deliberately used false information in the postings here, or dare I suggest you provide an alternative point of view. You are the troll here Samuel, mark my words just like the “caped crusader” your time will come to have your access denied to these comment pages.

      That is the great thing about Twitter it networks me with many other individuals – you are very well known amongst the HIV Twitter Community, for all the wrong reasons!

      “What goes around comes around”

      1. Seems like your cage has been rattled, W6.

      2. Is that an implied threat, W6?

        I’ll certainly make a note of that, and good to know these boards ARE ruffling feathers amongst the HIV Twitterati.

        I use these boards as a community member to comment on the news topics of the day:- I don’t come here as a self-appointed and opinionated “expert” with a self-interested agenda to subvert and stymie debate and shout down, abuse and intimidate those who question my imagined authority.

        If such behaviour wins you admiration and support from your “followers” then that only confirms they work to their own agendas and have no interest in listening to, nor serving the best interests of, those they are funded to serve.

        How wonderful therefore that these free and open boards DO exist to hold the HIV sector to account for their failures and, as you’ve now confirmed, collusions.

        Pay attention, W6, it’s not only me making these grand statements about THT et al:- everyone is.

        You’re the isolated one here, so thrash out all you like!

      3. Spanner1960 1 May 2013, 3:19pm

        Well your first comment mentioned THT immediately.
        Sorry W6, obviously you have good reasons, and I am sure you gen up on the subject, but you write mountains of stuff about HIV and seem obsessed about it as much as many on here do about gay politics being the be-all and end-all of subjects.

        I think the idiom “get a life” was never more appropriate.

        1. Samuel B. 1 May 2013, 3:48pm

          Ouch, shot yourself in the foot there, W6, much!

          As Spanner points out:- you castigate yourself by being the perpetrator of the very “cyber sins” you accuse others of.

          You accuse others of using aliases when you denied only last week posting here under your very own name as revealed on your Twitter account:- CWilliams.

          As for manipulating the scoring sysyem, you are the only person with time to spend lurking on these boards 24/7 waiting to bait and scam all comers and render a red hands down or two within ten seconds of any posting that does not concur with your mind-made-up/this-lady’s-not-for-turning consensus.

          Might I suggest you get out a little and mix with real (ie flesh and blood) people as opposed to making fake Twiterrati friends and alienating practically the entire PN readership base from the safe confines of wherever you are holed up in W6?

          Your might just learn some social skills, discover how to properly articulate and improve your bedside manner no end. :)

        2. By all means Spanner do feed the troll – there is enough crap spouted about HIV without a a group of individuals who deliberately have an agenda regarding the HIV Charities, Pharma Co’s & conspiracy theory. Why do PN readers have to endure the consistent onslaught about THT, GMFA, NAT? Why does Samuel use these comments pages to constantly whinge about said charities? He should either take it up with the individual charities concerned or actually get involved to try & change things.

          Yes I do post detail…… that a crime? I would post less if the likes of Samuel did not deliberately post utter garbage about all things HIV. This is the guy who does not trust the HIV testing service in the UK & has previously posted HIV denialist radio interviews on PN & link to denialist websites – truly shameful that he is able to peddle such crap!

          HIV is a really important subject area for gay men in particular, yet the real issues never get discussed in a way that is meaningful & useful.

  6. @Samuel

    Apart from having a pop at me, do you have anything to add to the discussion on HIV viral latency or any other cure research?

    What are your views on vaccine development, given you are generally very anti any pharmacological intervention in preventing disease?

    We see the results of scaremongering with the recent measles outbreaks, which are putting many children at risk of illness & possible complications.

    In this context do you see cure & vaccine efforts as something important?

    1. Samuel B. 1 May 2013, 3:52pm

      “…do you have anything to add to the discussion on HIV viral latency or any other cure research?”


      1. Thank you for your answer (I think it is the only direct answer you have given in a very long time) – your comments here are obviously to continue your personal vendetta & troll – I am very glad we have cleared that up.

        As the commentator you have previously mentioned has said, how about discussing the real issues here rather than bitching & point scoring.

  7. In most cases, universities are much determined to find cure than making money. It sounds good to here this new. However, I don’t think these efforts will get anywhere. Some countries and companies which have interest in the ARVs’ market are likely to do anything possible to make sure cure oriented researches fail.

    1. @Eddo –

      Horror of horrors!

      You do realise that by engaging some critical thought and pointing out that the HIV industry will resist a cure, that W6 will attempt to discredit you as a conspiracy theorist?

      After all, he is now resorting to swimming in the sewage by smearing me as an Aids denialist when I have never denied HIV causes Aids, because every other attack and bullying technique he has employed against me has failed.

      May I direct you to today’s Guardian web site, and an article by the respected journalist Zoe Williams headed “When prisoners mean profit, the numbers don’t go down” which begins:-

      “Cracking down on Sky TV for inmates is easy. Solving the paradox of a privatised prison service is going to be a lot harder”

      There it is, in a nutshell, why corporate greed will always trump common sense.

      Are you listening, W6?

      1. Spanner1960 2 May 2013, 12:37am

        “the HIV industry will resist a cure”
        Hang on a minute. There is no such thing as an “industry” here.
        Sure, I could imagine a conspiracy of big pharma out there trying to quash a cure because they make more money on suppressants, however, there is considerably more research going on out there besides the dorporates, particularly in academic establishments, and there is a wide network of research information, so please do not tar all scientific research with the same brush. There are a lot of scientists out there doing good work not for money or fame, but simply to do a good job and find a cure.
        Equally, do you think the big companies want to be pipped to the post? Whoever finds the cure is going to be VERY rich, so they cannot afford to sit on their hands waiting for somebody else to shout “Bingo!”

        1. Spanner, you are absolutely correct that there are some good scientists out there who are toiling away to find a cure/vaccine for HIV.

          And yes, if they ever find said cure/vaccine then the path to financial riches is potentially lined with pure platinum.

          But consider all of the other interests who yield billions in profits from HIV being an incurable disease?

          With their bottomless pockets and power do you seriously believe they would let a cure ever reach a production line?

          Sadly, as The Guardian’s excellent George Monbiot wrote in yesterday’s edition, scientists are as easily corruptible as the next man, no matter how virtuous and genuniely sincere they may be when starting off in their careers, and money does talk.

          Oh, and power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely…

          1. @ Spanner
            Are you not aware of the business model that apparently, the HIV service providers in the UK work to (according to Samuel Bass)? “It is well known” each year they have to “recruit” new service providers to get their statutory funding. This is achieved by encouraging new HIV infections via their prevention work – an ever virtuous circle

            In addition they are paid handsomely by the various Pharma Co’s to ensure a steady new supply of individuals who will require ARV’s. Of course the NHS commissioners are also part of this arrangement (after all they purchase the drugs) it is a win win situation for everyone except the tax payer.

            HIV service providers get £millions each year from Pharma Co’s, which never appear in the Audited Accounts, one can only deduce that the Statutory Funding Auditors must also be in on the arrangement.

            The byzantine genius of Samuel Bass has solved the reason why HIV continues to be a problem – I thought it was unprotected sex, shows how much I know?

          2. I must request, W6, how to you know my name considering I have only ever posted here as Samuel B.?

            I consider that however you acquired my personal data is a serious breach of data protection.

            Are there no levels to which you won’t stoop?

          3. Having personal information placed in the public domain is not pleasant; neither is having wildly inaccurate assumptions being made by a stranger & then placed on these comments pages! It seems to me Samuel you can dish out the $hit but not take it – grow up!

            This personal vendetta needs to stop, as it is clearly getting completely out of hand; it is all of your own making, Samuel Bass! You need to look close to home to discover who has disclosed your full name.

            By all means continue to spout your views about HIV charities, but I suggest you start challenging the point rather than the individual. I am not the only person you have tried to bully. You choose to employ antagonising rhetoric to make your views known & when challenged resort to playground tactics.

            Clean up your act & stop your childish claims & counterclaims, they do not belong here. As for the person who provided me with information about your full name……
            It was you – there is no conspiracy here sunshine!

          4. Samuel B. 2 May 2013, 7:44pm

            I apologise for name-dropping your bitch Crumble’s name on this forum, W6, but if I may point out it is already public domain via your Twitter feed which itself is easily located by a simple Google search under “W6_bloke”.

            And you’re clearly not bashful about posting your real name and, if I may be so bold, your rather dashing self-portrait, are you?

            Now, the only possible way you could’ve discovered my identity is by using what info i have disclosed about myself on these here boards over the years:- namely that I manage a clothing boutique concession in a high end West End department store.

            I find it absolutely disturbing – not to mention extremely sinister – that you have used whatever methods are at your disposal to obtain staff directories of the dozen or so stores I could be referring to, and then sifted through all the thousands of names to whittle them down to me.

            You may attract followers on your Twitter feed, but I’ve clearly attracted my very own stalker!!

          5. I find it very sad that you see conspiracy everywhere – it seems to me you are suspicious of your own shadow – I have nothing to hide in my life, I am happy that my basic info is in the public domain via Twitter; I have no concerns about being open about my HIV status. You may mock those of us that use social media but it is very useful for networking.

            What you forget Samuel is that I have a great eye for detail & I remember small nuggets of information. One thing I am not is a liar – if you care to look back on your postings you will clearly see that it is you that has put your full name in the public domain, not I.

            I think the line goes “I Samuel Bass, or Sammy to my friends……………” from the aspect of your posting that time it seemed to me that maybe you had been at the pink gin!.

            Enough of this personal stuff, you are doing yourself no favours & quite frankly I have allowed you for far too long to make a fool of me!

            Challenge the point not the individual!

      2. This recent quote sums your posting up so well Samuel;

        “The byzantine circumlocutions of your denialism are extraordinary and sad” – a perfect quote to illustrate the lengths you go to………………. the truth has most certainly shown itself today!

        Not my own work you understand – far too highbrow for my poor educational attainment, but courtesy of Eddy, (or is it Eddo)? Hard to tell who is who when the email address cannot be verified by a distinctive avatar.

        Simple mistakes happen when one has to re-enter the user name & email address on mobile devices, particularly if one has both a tablet & a smart phone courtesy of Apple. I much prefer my desktop as windows remembers such details, & of course I can be identified by my avatar.

        The advantage of having 2 mobile devices means they can connect to any hotspot IP address, which has to be a bonus when one is looking for ratings.

        What a jolly wheeze!

        “The truth will out” – who has been known to use that phrase?

        1. Whatever IS the poor dear jabbering on about NOW?!

          Someone, please, put her out if her misery!

        2. PS:-

          “The byzantine circumlocutions of your denialism are extraordinary and sad” – a perfect quote to illustrate the lengths you go to……………….

          Yes indeed, sweetie, but do you know what it actually MEANS?!

          1. I think the “lady” doth protest too much! Awww don’t go Sammy, things were just getting interesting.

            The poor lamb has somewhat let the cat out of the bag on this comment page methinks……………….what a hoot!

        3. PPS:-

          “The advantage of having 2 mobile devices means they can connect to any hotspot IP address, which has to be a bonus when one is looking for ratings…”

          Thanks for offering some tips on bypassing the system, W6, but I would keep them to yourself if I were you (even if your ability to award two thumbs down votes instantaneously has been noted for some time now)…

          The scariest thing of all is that W6-no-real-friends-beyond-the-Twittersphere is in his 40s and STILL acting like that irritatating spotty brat in the school yard.


          So hands up, i take part responsibility for indulging the troll like this.

          Which is why I say:- enough with this thread already!! :)

          1. Best go and fold some jumpers, that will have a calming effect………………….see you on the ice next time!

          2. “Best go and fold some jumpers, that will have a calming effect………………….see you on the ice next time!”

            Do you think if I ask nicely your bitch Crumble would lend me her coat? :)

          3. Glad you know the correct terminology for a female dog, somehow I don’t think her winter coat would suit you in those tartan colours!

            Oh and thanks for confirming your surname as Bass, very helpful of you………….

  8. Gus Cairns - 2 May 2013, 6:00pm

    This is a damagingly inaccurate story, one of the worst misunderstandings of HIV cure research I’ve seen, and has raised false hopes in a lot of people. Here is the start of a letter I sent to the Sunday Telegraph:
    Dear Sir,
    Re: “Scientists on Brink of HIV Cure”

    As an editor on the UK’s largest HIV information website, and a long-time writer on HIV cure issues, I’m used to articles forecasting the imminent arrival of a vaccine or cure for HIV. But “Scientists on Brink of HIV Cure” was unusually naïve and irresponsible.

    Firstly, the headline and sub-headline. A cure “within months” is not what the piece describes. Even if HIV infection was capable of being cured by a single drug, this is a phase 1 trial, which means nothing would be in the clinic for at least 3-4 years. In any case, only 5% of drugs make it from phase 1 trials to the clinic.

    Secondly, HIV is not a simple target. It will take at least two new approaches to be used… [if you want to see more, email me].

    1. Samuel B. 2 May 2013, 7:05pm

      Good to have a real authority on HIV to shed some light on this story.

      Thanks Gus!

      1. It is pleasing that you recognise those who are extremely well accomplished in their understanding of HIV, however I am mystified by the previous comments you have posted regarding NAM – they were of your usual dismissive, inflammatory tone.

        Perhaps you will agree with this statement Gus has also made on the NAT thread:

        “Gus 2 hours ago Report
        Thumb upThumb down +1

        “Having lived with HIVfor 28 years, all I can say is that if it’s fatal, it’s taking an awfully long time to kill me. And the drugs (which, true, I do have to take every day) have proved pretty non-toxic…”

        That was in response to a comment made by Eddy…………………..I think Gus & I are clearly on the same hymn sheet & if you bother to read the reference links I posted here you will also see that they provide a balanced approach to the recent research.

        Now, as I have said earlier in this comments page, challenge the point not the person – enough of this personal vendetta!

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