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Raul Castro’s daughter granted travel rights to attend LGBT conference

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Reader comments

  1. “Equality Forum Executive Director Malcolm Lazin said on Thursday: “We find it shocking that our State Department would deny freedom of speech, particularly at an international civil rights summit, to anyone, let alone the Cuban president’s daughter.””

    Apparently Malcolm doesn’t “get” this: “The US has maintained a near total trade embargo against the communist country since 1960.”

    Right or wrong, that’s the way it is. He should be amazed her attendance was allowed.

    1. de Villiers 1 May 2013, 7:57am

      And also that she is part of a family who deny the democracy to their own population.

  2. we trade with china but not Cuba.
    Why is Cuba such a big threat? Isnt it time to end the embargo?

    1. And there in lies the hypocrisy. I have nothing but admiration for Cuba and the Cuban people who have had to deal with oppression from the US. Frankly, the USA is just a bully, a collapsing bully.
      I’m in complete support of our (Australian) government opening full trade with Cuba, just as soon as one of our leaders can take their lips off of the big fat American arse they’re busy kissing.

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