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Peter Tatchell: ‘Pride ban on Bradley Manning is anti-democratic’

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Reader comments

  1. What Bradley Manning did was illegal in terms of US laws. Therfore, he should be punished.

    However, what the US government was doing was illegal in terms of US laws, therefore he should be lauded for upholding the Constitution of the United States.And some other people should be punished.

    Manning is in a ‘Bible’ situation. He’s a scumbag for some people who want to chery pick aspects of the US Constitution, he’s a hero for other people who read the Constitution differently.

    Although I agree that Manning’s sexuality probably had a very strong influence on how he behaved, it’s a side issue. Instead of concentrating on the morality of the entire war situation, it’s easier to make a point about who he might or might not have wanted to sleep with.

    To be honest, him being a grand marshall of a gay parade is neither here nor there. The real question is whether he was a good American.

  2. Absolutely right, Peter.
    Dazzer, your comments are ill-informed.

    1. why do you say his comments are “ill informed”?
      what he says is about as neutral and accurate as can be.
      while I believe that the US government are maliciously prosecuting Manning, he really DID technically break US and military law by leaking those documents.
      I also think he’s a hero. I’m just realistic that sometimes heroes have to break laws to make their points. And sometimes, they will end up stuck in the gears of the (in)justice system.

  3. Is there any subject in the entire world on which Tatchell doesn’t have an opinion which he is desperate to share with anyone who’ll listen?

    I want to know his view about the Bayern-Barca match tonight. Get to it, PN!

    1. you realize that the same could be said about you for posting here, right?

  4. Peter Tatchell, as always, is 100% on the mark. Why can’t this man run the Country?

    1. M Anthony 1 May 2013, 3:09pm

      He’s hardly “on the mark”.
      Manning broke the law and must answer for that. You cannot cherry pick which laws to follow or not follow. If you don’t believe in a law, then you work to change it.
      That said, I don’t support his treatment and have joined others in trying to fight for his rights to be applied immediately.
      I firmly believe Manning was just a patsy for Assange. Manning sits in jail, while the coward Assange sits holed up in London afraid to answer to charges against him. Perhaps Tatchell should work to make sure Assange is taken to court and forced to answer questions about Manning. After all, he is about the only one who could perhaps clear Manning.
      in the end, Tatchell needs to keep his nose out of San Francisco.

  5. The subject of the SF Pride Parade isn’t so much about Manning as it is about how we got from the Black Cat to Gay, Inc in a single lifetime. For a truly interesting read on the subject from a SF POV see the following:

  6. SilenceIsGolden 1 May 2013, 5:04pm

    1. Why would you want to have just a symbolic Grand Marshal? Manning is in prison and could not be there in person. Doesn’t make sense.
    2. Manning knew that what he was doing would be considered treason. I don’t think anybody “outside of all the insides” can just make the blank and audacious statement that no harm has come from his revelations. I’m not saying it did, but I’m also in no position to say it didn’t — as probably the majority of people, especially outside any US government agency. (There have been more than rumours of killed informants based on the whole Leaks thing.)
    3. It might be that he was bullied as a kid for being gay — but then, who wasn’t? If he hadn’t leaked the confidential docs, nobody would know about him and wouldn’t feel the need to appoint him as a personal hero.
    4. His trial is as speedy as many others. It’s not like on TV, where the trial comes about 1 day after the arrest.

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