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Michelle Obama to first gay US basketball player: ‘We’ve got your back’

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Reader comments

  1. I love this woman. She is, as the young people say, “fierce”.

  2. Helge Vladimir Tiller 30 Apr 2013, 10:06am

    Agee with You, Michelle ! I came out 53 years ago–and survived thanks to my bravery. I do not want to degrade your words- not at all. You are a wonderful Lady—and so is Your Husband ! I was not important in any field in society. And life was extremely hard for me;violence and suppression etc. etc. But thanks to other brave and bright persons like me–in MANY COUNTRIES : Persons can be open today. THIS shows how neglected LGBT-Rights have been in the international community ! From A to Z-53 years ago !

  3. I’m crying …. (just a little) tonight… with happiness and pride.

  4. “We’ve got your back” – I have to giggle! I think there might be a queue!!! Seriously though, this a great story. Well done Jason Collins and the Obamas for making things better for LGBTs the world over.

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