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Vatican not to conduct inquiry into Cardinal Keith O’Brien’s ‘inappropriate sexual conduct’

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Reader comments

  1. Garry Cassell 29 Apr 2013, 2:43pm

    Why would anyone be surprised by that news…It’s typical Catholic biggotry…doesn’t matter who’s wearing the head dress…response always the same…..cover up no matter the damage done…all the f****** same…

    1. Deud caritas est 30 Apr 2013, 5:52am

      Your views are defamatory and false. You will note there is nothing to cover up. HH Cardinal Keith Patrick Cardinal O’Brien admitted these actions. Actions the civil authorities have not deemed worthy of investigating.

      And before you begin quoting past events I shall remind you of the deep and profound steps Holy Mother Church has undertaken to ensure transparency with civil authorities in sexual related matters.

      Think before you speak.

      1. Deus caritas est 30 Apr 2013, 5:58am

        HH should read HE!

      2. Spanner1960 30 Apr 2013, 9:02am

        If your Holy Mother Church was so keen on transparency, it should have at least gone through the motions to prove there was nothing more to add.
        Doing this just demonstrates the Catholic Churches attitude to what it considers an internal matter, and hides behind it’s po-faced holiness.
        If they continue to avoid and obfuscate these matters, it is no wonder they will continue to lose respect.

      3. “Deep and profound steps”? I must have missed those. Please do ‘remind’ us (since it’s noted that you actually haven’t).

      4. Colin (London) 30 Apr 2013, 12:44pm

        Holy fuckin Mother Church.
        tell me about the 9 priests who were having sex in a flat in Hyndland as I came out years ago. I was expected to join in. I disgusted left the flat.

        My best friend at school telling me at college in Spain two trainee priests having sex.

        obrien forced men to have sex with him. They are too scared to go to the authorities. He should be in prison as a sex pest at minimum in my book.

        I seriously question the Scottish legal and police system…and politicians are so very quiet…What are they scared off? Are they in the pocket of the catholic mob. I am scottish so make no apology for my thinking.

      5. Colin (London) 30 Apr 2013, 1:14pm

        Like WHAT… Please spell out to us. No not the reporting… What are the consequesces…. How about 10million pounds to every person sexually abused by your lot….

        Or 10 years in prison…
        Good start

        1. Deus caritas est 30 Apr 2013, 9:40pm

          Every case is further analysed by Vatican authorities. All cases are complied civily and then further scrutinised. Church commissions to ratify and bolster protection. Independent enquiry which was publicised and implemented!

          That do you? I’d have thought criticising would’ve meant you examined the facts? Clearly not!

          1. Colin (London) 30 Apr 2013, 11:30pm

            The facts are clear for all. Include North and Southers Ireland, USA etc all fully documented. However the countries are not standing up to the church. It’s being treated differently from other abusers. That is my point. I am asking Scotland people to stand up to the church and realise its full of dress wearing bigots.
            How about the nuns who made profit out of pregnant women…..Any you ignore that as well.

            People are better educated today and religion is over. Science, medicine and laws will see to it. You have money and failing power.

      6. Ball$ to HOLY MOTHER CHURCH, Deud Caritas est…and while we are at it, it is ‘Deus Caritas Est’ not ‘Deud’ or ‘Dude’ although it might very well be ‘Dickhead’- certainly in your case.
        And while we are still on the subject of typergraffickul herrers…in O’Brien’s case, it would be HE and not HH.

        So put an egg in yer shoe, Dude, and beat it.

        Have I been ‘gratuitously offensive’?
        I sincerely hope so.

        I detest religion and detest, in particular, that which once was my own.

        A lapsed Catholic having walked out of the whole panto 52 years ago.

  2. no shit!

  3. Christopher Coleman 29 Apr 2013, 3:19pm

    O’Brien has confessed and resigned. He has no position he can be deprived of. An inquiry would reveal nothing we do not know, nor would it be able to cover up and hide the scandal. The Church cannot punish him in the way that the state can punish someone who confesses to a crime. If any of his victims was underage at the time of the offence, it is up to the state to prosecute.

    1. ChrisMorley 29 Apr 2013, 3:57pm

      “He has no position he can be deprived of.”
      – He is still a Cardinal: he is a “prince of the church” and he has kept this title. That title could be stripped from him.
      – He is still an ordained priest and he could be defrocked and made a layman again.
      – His income and housing is still provided by the church until he dies. The church could take that away and leave him to claim benefits from the state and leave him to find his own accommodation.
      At least one of the men he sexually assaulted has launched a civil claim for compensation against him and the church. The church could decide not to pay O’Brien’s own legal expenses and leave him to pay any compensation awarded against him.
      Any of the men he sexually assaulted could still make a formal complaint to the police. Any unwanted sexual touching (whether of an adult, or someone under the age of consent) is a crime of sexual assault.

      1. Deus caritas est 30 Apr 2013, 5:57am

        Which individual has raised such a case?

        All HE Keith Patrick Cardinal O’Brien has done is sin and in the opinion of some acted as a hypocrite. HE was ordained and these acts are not worthy of being laicised.

    2. Spanner1960 30 Apr 2013, 9:04am

      ” An inquiry would reveal nothing we do not know,”
      How do you know this? Do you have divine knowledge?

      May I remind you the Vatican was fully aware of many paedophile priests, yet chose not to alert the authorities about any of them.
      These people think they are a law unto themselves.

  4. What kind of institution IS the Catholic Church?

    Its chief honchos have decided “that an inquiry is not necessary as “O’Brien has already admitted his wrongdoing, and apologised”!

    But O’Brien’s wrong-doing involved the ABUSE of young men IN HIS CARE! He physically and psychologically forced himself upon them!

    And the Catholic cult is dealing with this abuse in exactly the same way as it has dealt with thousands of other cases of sexual abuse by its clerics: it’s sweeping them under the carpet.

    And at the very same time, its honchos continue to state that we LGBTs are “intrinsically disordered”!

    Outrageous. Shameful. The head honchos of the Catholics cult exhibit an appalling lack of responsibility.

    1. Deus caritas est 30 Apr 2013, 6:02am

      Wrong! The events of the day the Cardinal was are scurrilous. HE has not admitted to those.

      I’ll repeat! The civil authorities didn’t take this up yet Holy Mother Church investigated it and rightly there is at the stage no criminality to be found.

      It’s rather simple!

      1. Spanner1960 30 Apr 2013, 9:09am

        That’s rather like having the BBC investigate Jimmy Savile: They are bound to skim over pertinent facts in order to keep their image untarnished.

      2. Colin (London) 30 Apr 2013, 1:17pm

        Please see my comment further below which i think covers your point Deus caritas est …

  5. I wish one of the victims would go to the police.

    As ever the Church are a corrupt disgrace.

  6. Robert in S. Kensington 29 Apr 2013, 3:54pm

    Swept under the carpet, business as usual. O’Brien gets away scot-free.

  7. Keith O’Brien is still a cardinal, of voting age. Besides the enormous respect accorded to cardinals by Catholics (and many non-Catholics), the office bestows the right to vote in papal elections.

    He is also a priest, with the ritual status that carries. Retirement hasn’t protected other priests from defrocking. Cardinal O’Brien retains his titles because the Vatican considers his failures to be minor.

    I have no opinion on whether or not Cardinal O’Brien should be stripped of the cardinalship, or indeed defrocked. I can’t get too excited about the Vatican’s enforcement of its nonsensical and harmful rules when, as in this case, no criminality has taken place.

    But what the rest of us see as hypocrisy, the Vatican sees as good preaching. If Cardinal O’Brien were now pro-gay, he’d certainly be defrocked. Message: we accept gays, but only self-hating homophobes.

    The failure to address the sexual harassment is unsurprising; the Vatican doesn’t grasp the idea of free consent.

  8. That There Other David 29 Apr 2013, 4:45pm

    Vatican behaves true to form shock.

    *checks BBC website for non-existence of story*

  9. The RC church in America has not come out in favor of laws that protect gay people from being fired just because of their sexual orientation despite the RC catechism about unjust discrimination of homosexuals.

    Yet when a Cardinal forces himself on others, and violates Church law he can
    keep his job.

  10. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, but the brazen impunity with which the RCC operates is really something else.

  11. Robert in S. Kensington 29 Apr 2013, 7:58pm

    It’s amazing that O’Brien’s whereabouts are unknown. He must have a lot of support keeping him hidden from the public eye. Surely, someone somewhere knows where he is? I’m surprised the Telegraph and Mail haven’t haven’t paid someone off to reveal his whereabouts. They’d stoop that low.

    1. He’s on Grindr.

  12. What a great surprise.

  13. Contrast this with Carla Hale who was recently fired from teaching in a Catholic School in Ohio just because her (female) partner was named in the obituary for her mother.

  14. one word: Disgusting!

  15. Vatican pretending that sexual abuse by a member of their cergy never happened and smearing the victims? Surely not?

  16. Colin (London) 29 Apr 2013, 11:42pm

    I honestly think this guy should be charged with abuse of power in pressurising others to have sex with him.

    Scottish people – are you happy for this in your society. Is this acceptable to you. It’s not just a catholic thing. These are residents and the people of scotland

    I’m shocked he gets off so easily.

    1. Deus caritas est 30 Apr 2013, 6:06am

      Who did he pressure into having sex?

      Where sexual activity took place it was between consenting adults. If not the police would be investigating rape, assault or some such!

      You do that which you detest, making wild unfounded assumptions!

      1. Terry Eastham 30 Apr 2013, 7:36am

        It was between consenting adults who took a vow of celibacy and, certainly in the Cardinal’s case, have taken every opportunity to vilify gay people, even spending half a million pounds of the Church’s money opposing equal marriage.

        The Cardinal may not have to answer to an inquiry within the church but I’m sure God is going to have something to say come Judgement Day

      2. Terry Eastham 30 Apr 2013, 7:36am

        It was between consenting adults who took a vow before God of celibacy and, certainly in the Cardinal’s case, have taken every opportunity to vilify gay people, even spending half a million pounds of the Church’s money opposing equal marriage.

        The Cardinal may not have to answer to an inquiry within the church but I’m sure God is going to have something to say come Judgement Day

      3. Colin (London) 30 Apr 2013, 12:49pm

        Eh … 4 men have come forward to report the pressure of this sex pest. they also state that obrien has more power over them than CEO of companies. Tell any person with a brain that they were not forced to have sex. Ask a woman who has been raped… Get it. Are you Kearney by any chance. Scum of Scotland you so are.

        1. Colin (London) 30 Apr 2013, 12:56pm

          Catholic Church in Scotland has covered up culture of sexual bullying among priests, claims serving Father
          24 Mar 2013 08:27

          FATHER Matthew Despard says sexual misconduct is rife throughout the church and a “powerful gay mafia” bully and intimidate other priests.
          A SERVING priest has accused the Catholic Church in Scotland of covering up a culture of sexual bullying by a powerful gay mafia.

          Father Matthew Despard, 48, says sexual misconduct has been rife in junior seminaries, where priests are trained, for decades.

          And he claims that when he alerted Church authorities to inappropriate sexual conduct, nothing was done.

          Fr Despard, the parish priest of St John Ogilvie church in High Blantyre, Lanarkshire, says he fears for the future of his Church if no action is taken to end the scandal.

          He has taken the difficult decision to publish a book on his experiences, Priesthood in Crisis.

          Yesterday, he admitted he had struggled with his conscience before going ahead with publication.

          1. Colin (London) 30 Apr 2013, 12:57pm

            The book was first written in 2010 but he self-published it on Amazon’s Kindle store last week in the wake of the resignation of Cardinal Keith O’Brien.

            In the bombshell book, Fr Despard writes: “My concern is that if we don’t face up to what is happening in reality, the Church will suffer enormous damage.

            “The accusations I have been making may appear intolerable to some and truly I have trouble making them.

            “Over and over, I have to continue to convince myself to keep writing despite the prejudicial nature of what I have to say.

            “But so much of the problematic state of the priesthood stems from the junior seminaries, where training took place cut off from the world, that were laws unto themselves, where abuse became so rife that many had to be closed.

            “The Catholic Church here in Scotland, and I am ashamed to admit this, has justified itself to Catholic papers by telling lie after lie, denying charges that are true, and claiming they have been defamed when the facts reported in

          2. Colin (London) 30 Apr 2013, 12:59pm

            the press are quite simply true.”

            The priest’s shocking revelations will be another blow to the Church hierarchy, already reeling from the claims that Cardinal O’Brien tried to seduce a number of trainee priests.

            The 74-year-old quit as Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh after the accusations by former and serving priests emerged.

            Fr Despard says in his book that he was the victim of inappropriate approaches during his time as a seminarian.

            And he claims that trainee priests who rebuffed the advances of others were frozen out and subjected to bullying.

            He reveals that his his first brush with inappropriate behaviour came when he was a student at Chesters College – later renamed Scotus College – in Bearsden in the late 1980s.

          3. Colin (London) 30 Apr 2013, 1:01pm

            He wrote: “One or two students tried to kiss me when I was there. I did not know what to make of that, whether they were just playing with me or perhaps testing me.

            “As it was, the only response I could make was that I was not of the inclination that would engage in that kind of behaviour.”

            But he claims that after expressing his distaste, he became a victim of verbal abuse as well as bullying.

            He said: “I became much more aware of the types of individuals that were prodding me and I began to observe many explicit indicators of homosexual behaviours that shocked me. I could not help but notice there were cliques of students with homosexual leanings who had ways of manipulating heterosexual students, turning some against others.”

            Fr Despard says he alerted authorities to his claims that he had been victimised because he did not accept the sexual approaches made towards him.

            Need I go on????????
            Get rid of this vile church please

          4. Colin (London) 30 Apr 2013, 1:08pm

            By the way I’m a Scot who lives in London but wants the best for the Scottish people. Not abuse, Not fairy tales, Not selling them an afterlife betterb than today. not stealing their money etc but people who face difficulties and fight for a better inclusive life today….Today.

          5. Deus caritas est 30 Apr 2013, 9:46pm

            Despard is a desperate, attention seeking fraud.

            As a gay man, I can tell you exactly the number and time when women have come on to me. Desperate Despard can’t….hmmm…wonder why???!!!

            Read something worthy before spouting your venom.

          6. Colin (London) 30 Apr 2013, 11:35pm

            You mean like a fairy story book…..The bible. Prefer the Hobbit actually…more relevant to my life.

  17. I see the catholic church still has to stuff that dirty old laundry in the closet.

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