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Jason Collins becomes NBA’s first gay player to come out and continue playing

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Reader comments

  1. “… black,gay…” and an absolute hunk
    All the luck in the world dude.

    1. He’s handsome and at 2.13m 116Kg he is built like a brick shit house! Yum!

  2. Thank you. Next please.

  3. Congrats Jason. Hopefully this will encourage a few more.

  4. That There Other David 29 Apr 2013, 5:02pm

    Well done to him. It still takes courage to come out when you’re a sportsman.

    He’s a bit….erm….seriously good looking too isn’t he? :o

  5. A couple of other thoughts – what with this coupled with our Britney the other week, maybe basketball is going to continue taking the lead on this. Although I suppose there have always been more out women in sports seen as more traditionally macho pastimes ie. football, basketball, cycling etc. and more out men in those perceived as more traditionally effeminate (ice-skating, ball-room dancing etc.) so she wasn’t a surprise, but it’s all momentum.

    The other thing is that he used a similar phraseology to that Arizona senator the other week (“I’m black and I’m gay”). We were constantly being told during the prop 8 aftermath that it was the blacks what lost it for us. Black versus gay. And yet it feels with a lot of pronouncements in the US at the moment that critical mass is gathering speed with regard to black attitudes to gay rights.

  6. Wel played and welcome handsome x

  7. What fantastic news. I hope this inspires others and reaches out to all those isolated gay teens across the U.S and the world for that matter – you’re not alone. What a role model.

    He’s seriously hot too.

    1. And not that it should matter- but not the least bit stereotypical in how he presents himself. He’s a superbly developed and very masculine specimen of a man.

  8. Well done mate you should be proud of yourself…lets hope this helps ot break down barriers for others

  9. Brett Gibson 29 Apr 2013, 6:04pm

    He’s so fit, and so so brave! All the luck in the world to you mate, you’re a true hero for gay people everywhere and a fantastic role model for gay sports players!

  10. Suddenly Last Bummer 29 Apr 2013, 6:20pm

    Phwoar, if his knob is as substantial as his arms he’s welcome round here anytime.

    1. Idiot!

    2. This comment made me wet myself. Get a sense of humour people!

    3. Michael 2912 30 Apr 2013, 2:46pm

      The bad news for him, being 7′ tall, is that tall guys don’t do it for me. Sorry Jase ;-)

  11. Well done to him, fingers crossed for positive reactions from his fellow players and team mates

  12. Congratulation to Mr. Colin. We need more of those spectacular men to help against homophobia. And yes he is absolutely sexy.

  13. What a DISH!!!! Well done. I hope you get some great sponsorship.

  14. Seriously, this needs to be put into a little perspective: he’s NOT represented, he’s an independent, he’s played for many teams in 11 years and he is 34 and thus towards the end-phase of his active career.

    Has he lost anything by coming out? No. Will he lose anything? Not likely – his retirement plans would already be set.

    Could he have made an impact by coming out any time in the last 11 years? Definitely. Is his Pride envy story trite and just right for PR? Yes and Yes.

    Would he have done so before reaching the terminal stage of his sports career and angling as a new ‘first’ gay icon while people are debating who would be the first to come out?


    1. He still came out so what does it matter? The more people that do come out the better overall. Look at the big picture. Even if there were personal motives and safety nets set in place for himself so he wouldn’t lose everything then fine. The simple fact is…he came out to the world. So bravo to him and it is even better to witness all the support he is receiving as well. That should be insipiring so putting a negative spin on it is merely counter productive.

    2. Michael 2912 30 Apr 2013, 12:57pm

      So: should he not have bothered then? Should Harvey Milk not have bothered? Should Edward Carpentrr not have bothered? Should Peter Tatchell not have bothered? Should the Stonewall rioters not have bothered? They were all flawed people. They all had mixed motives. They could all have done what they did earlier and done it better.

      What we should remember is that without these imperfect folks fighting to make the world better we’d all be a lot worse off than we are.

      You might do well to revisit your thinking here.

  15. Helge Vladimir Tiller 30 Apr 2013, 10:18am

    I was open 53 years ago. This shows how neglected LGBT-Rights have been all around The World. In all parts of society–from politics to religion. Everywhere ! Instead of getting positive attention – I got violence, hatred and suppression. Also from my own family.It was HELL ! We!—in many countries–cleared the path for you, Collins. Of course I do wish you a bright future. You are a wonderful and great inspiration to younger generations ! Greetings from Norway !

  16. Michael 2912 30 Apr 2013, 12:50pm

    This is an unqualifiedly good thing. Why? Because of how it plays out in the western world. It helps the mood to change to our advantage. It helps kids who think they’re gay to read beyond the negativity that’s all around them. It helps their parents to think more creatively about what being gay is. It makes the homophobic press seem as sour and out of step as it really is and its naive readership worry less and feel less threatened and less under seige. It will help people simply to question their attitudes and, hopefully, revise them. The loud approval of others servers to reinforce the simple good here. Ok people do thinks for a variety of reasons and some might be self-serving; and the guy might well be protected and have little to lose. So what! This is not a time to be cynical. It’s a time to celebrate and to pick up the baton and run with it.

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