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Comment: To Australia’s Prime Minister: Follow the lead of your homeland (Wales) & support marriage equality

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Reader comments

  1. She is lesbian !

    1. She’s a loser.

      If as you suspect she is indeed a lesbian then she’s a closeted and homophobic lesbian. I imagine she is asexual and primarily in love with her own career ambitions

      1. She’s clearly in love with her own career ambitions, regardless of sexual orientation. The dynamics of modern, secular Australia make Gillard’s position all the more bizarre, because Marriage equality would seem a safe stance politically than the PM’s opposition.

    2. I’ve just had a response from a lesbian mate of mine- ‘she’s not! Aussie lesbians have higher standards than that!!! Not with a twenty foot barge pole!’

  2. If Gillard publicly supports same-sex marriage after she looses the upcoming elections, she should be told very publicly told to f**k off! We don’t need support from spineless hypocrites like her.

    1. Indeed, the only way Gillard could salvage any degree of credibility or self-respect on this issue would be to announce support for marriage equality BEFORE the election. She will not be remembered kindly for the appalling weakness she has displayed in her hypocritcal defens of ‘traditional marriage.’

  3. “spineless” and “politician” go hand in hand. Enough said. As long as politicians will be for sale in democracies, nothing can possibly change significantly. And she is one of the finest examples of that. Australia, which as a whole has a rather friendly, open and welcoming population, should be ashamed of its head of government.

    1. That is the sad thing about this situation – Australia’s reputation as being a contemporary and open society is effectively being drugged through the mud by 2 visonless leaders who have no concept of what it means to LEAD on social justice issues.

    2. Yes Blue, we 70% are ashamed, while 30% still have their heads up their own anal passages! Can’t wait for the next election in September.

  4. Gillard is such a tiresome rusty-red helmet head, her effing dreary career ambitions are her one and only priority. She won’t be remembered for anything worthwhile, just a useless, idiotic failure destroying people’s lives. There will be such a Karmic rebound coming Gillard’s way unless she achieves a very rapid evolution.

  5. thelostdot 29 Apr 2013, 9:57pm

    A Roman Catholic, I have come to regard them (after being brought up RC myself!) as like poison. The connections to most vile fascists (literally) by the RC church is astonishing.

  6. You say twice that she is pandering to the right wing but she IS the right wing. It is clearly her personal bigotry that is the problem.

    1. In reality, I don’t think she is ‘right-wing’ at all – she is simply playing that card on this issue. And that’s what is so distasteful about her hypocritical opposition to marriage equality – it’s clearly disengenous.

  7. Colin (London) 29 Apr 2013, 11:09pm

    Great article

    I’ve been in Australia many times and love the attitude of the people I’ve met gay and straight. Mardi Gras is the best party on the planet (to me) In cafe’s resturants and hotels the staff go the extra mile. One year myself and 2 friends come down in the lift with pink T’s hats and fairy wings and the receptionist took photographs and celebrated with us. I think they were all straight. I see Australia as a light in the gay world and have felt honoured to be in your conntry.

    However and this is not just in Australia. There is an increasing seperation from politicians / state and the people who voted them into power. If the stats are correct then clearly your major party leaders are refusing to represent the people who voted them in.

    Other influential bodies overshadow the populous. Or power corrupts and the leaders personal views over ride the majority. So please get this discussion underway well ahead of the elections.

    1. Colin (London) 29 Apr 2013, 11:19pm

      It is important that the gay community get involved at grass roots politics to get their views noted and candidate selection ensures gay right are on the table. Minority rights are a reflection of a civilised society.

      I have read every submission to London Parliament and have been reduced to tears by the hate and disgusting arguments religious groups have used. COE and the catholics are the worst. Good people I think not. Also good submissions by teachers, and ordinary people showing a road ahead where society is inclusive.

      Maybe politics needs to change now as we should question it’s fit for purpose. A new way by reviewing it’s success every 30 years. Please good people of Australia one email each to your MP would possibly give them the courage to stand up for gay rights and marriage. One email each from all the friends of gay people and their friends would make a difference. It’s not just a gay issue, it’s life changing for many young who attempt to take their own lives.

      1. Colin (London) 29 Apr 2013, 11:31pm

        They do not identify with straight people and being gay is often spoken with distaste. In catholic and some faith schools teachers do not acknowledge it. Results in bullying, suicide, kids running away from their communities. I see this is London. The need for accomodation for young gay people is shocking.

        One small story and it’s true. One for you to think about Australia. London has many Aussi’s who have their time overseas. i met a lovely guy a few years ago. His was Australian and was kicked out by his farming parents at 15 for being gay. He sold his body in Sydney for a while and managed to get some education and become a office designer. Moved to London. Tried to fit in but was very reclusive. His beauty was magnificent and a little intimidating. His life ended in a drugs fueled night on a pavement. He was lost, alone, no-one to turn to. I wish I’d realised he was struggeling but I did not. He was 34 years of age. Please Australia make that young mans life matter. Give hope.

    2. Colin – indeed the problem right now in Australia is that the main political leaders are IGNORING the views of the majority on this issue. There is a total mismatch between the general opinions of the Australian public in regards to legalizing same-sex marriae and the behavior of those such as Gillard & Abbott. While it’s not a surprise that Abbott opposes equality given his social and political roots, Gillard’s opposition is simply absurd.

  8. Spanner1960 30 Apr 2013, 9:13am

    Just in case anybody missed this, watch this brilliantly articulate and funny response made during the New Zealand same-sex marriage debate.

    I SO wish the Aussies (and the Brits for that matter) could have politicians like this:

  9. Frank Boulton 30 Apr 2013, 9:52am

    A great article, Murray. I wonder, as an ex-patriate Englishman living in New Zealand, if the economic issues surrounding same-sex marriage would persuade Gillard and Abbott to change their stance on the matter. Opponents of same-sex marriage in New Zealand often used the argument that there were more important issues (i.e. economic) issues in New Zealand politics than marriage equality. Same-sex marriage is, however, an economic issues, as there is plenty of money to be made in the wedding industry.

    The irony of the situation at the moment is that New Zealand now stands to benefit economically from Australia’s failure to grant marriage equality. From August onwards our wedding industry will get a huge boost from the thousands of Australian gay and lesbian couples, who plan to cross the Tasman Sea, in order to get married here. Surely, the Australian government would prefer to see all the money they spend going into Australian pockets rather than Kiwi ones.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 30 Apr 2013, 12:35pm

      The same ‘economic’ issues have been used by opponents in the UK and among MPs who voted no on February 5th. It’s a red herring, nothing more. Even if the economy were in healthy condition and unemployment at an all time low, they’d still find something to shelve equal marriage. It’s nothing more than homophobia rooted in religious bigotry, plain and simple. Having so called ‘gay’ friends as many of them purport, is just a canard to deflect the homophobic label away from them. It doesn’t work any more and its about time others in support stood up to them and called it for what it is, homophobia.

    2. Frank – it would seem logical to wish to highlight the economic benefits of marriage equality, because those benefits are real. Unfortunately, in the case of Gillard & Abbott, their opposition to equality has no basis in facts or reality, so they don’t have any interest in hearing about any economic benefits of legalizing same-sex marriage. While Abbott’s opposition is driven by a mix of religious & political motives, Gillard’s opposition is purely political. It seems highly unlikely that either of them will change their views anytime soon. This is why we need 2 new leaders – one for each party!

  10. PeterinSydney 30 Apr 2013, 1:44pm

    Gillard is a nasty old bird who would do us all a great favor if she caught a broomstick back to Wales and take the other pom “Abbott” with her.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 30 Apr 2013, 8:04pm

      No thanks, we have enough of them right here in the UK. Besides, they’ve been in Australia a lot longer than here. I’m sure you have plenty of homegrown right wingers just like them.

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