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Admiral Duncan pub nail bomb memorial ‘missing’

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Reader comments

  1. That There Other David 29 Apr 2013, 2:01pm

    These thieves have no respect for anything. Never mind that victims of the bombing and people who knew the victims who died are still very much alive and living in central London, all these wankers see is the scrap value of a metal plate. Scum.

  2. Half of this article reads as though it’s been stolen, while the other half seems to be unsure of what is going on.

    Has anyone asked the landlord if (A:) he took it down or (B:) intends to report it as stolen?

    1. Mark Healey 29 Apr 2013, 3:04pm

      Yes – we have been in touch with both St Anne’s Church and Westminster Council to check this – unfortunately noone knows what happened to the orginal plaque. I’d noticed that the wooden stand the plaque was attached to was beginning to rot, it’s possible it eventually gave way and the plaque became loose – we don’t know what happened next – but at least it has been replaced in time for tomorrows service.

  3. Mark Healey 29 Apr 2013, 3:00pm

    If anyone would like to donate and support the work that I and others are doing at 17-24-30 here is a link to our sponserme page:'s-no-joke.aspx
    We really appreciate all the support we received as it helps fund the work we are doing and make sure that these acts of remembrance continue to be organised and facilitated for those who need them

  4. The original plaque “has disappeared”?

    Plaques can’t and don’t “disappear”.

    They are REMOVED.

    The question then is: why did someone, or some persons, remove it?

    Was the motive malicious?

    Was it perverted acquisition of a “souvenir”?

    Was it taken to be traded as scrap metal?

    And are there CCTV cameras that may help police discover who took it?

    1. Let’s not squabble over proper English. The British couldn’t care less about it. Especially the media, who butcher this beautiful savoury language at an alarming rate. Signed : a foreigner baffled by the very casual way in which you let your language get poorer by the day :-)
      And considering that the official motto of this land is now “In greed we trust”, the scrap metal explanation seems a logical one…

    2. Mark Healey 30 Apr 2013, 12:55pm

      There are cameras in the area – unfortunately we don’t know when the plaque was removed so it would take a lot of hours to go through all the footage, and as cctv is usually only kept for one month – it is unlikely that the incident has been caught on tape.

  5. Spanner1960 29 Apr 2013, 8:40pm

    A nice bit of scrap for some East Europeans no doubt.

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