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Australia: MP calls for election day referendum on equal marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Dave North 28 Apr 2013, 5:31pm

    Whilst I agree with his sentiment, I still do not like the idea of peoples rights being put up to a populist vote.

    Its time that Welsh aithiest bitch Gillard stopped pandering to the religious right.

    1. It will probably pass so who cares? the legislature failed us last year so we have to resort to plan B

      1. bobbleobble 28 Apr 2013, 9:18pm

        It’s high risk though. If the referendum doesn’t pass then Australia can probably kiss the possibility of marriage equality goodbye for a generation.

    2. I thought she was Australian. If her roots are in Wales why is that a problem? Wales politics is way ahead of Englands as regards gay rights.

      Or is this just the acceptable side of racism? There seem to be a lot of commenters on here who have chips on their shoulders about the French, Welsh etc etc. spouting off casually racist and generalised comments about other groups.

      1. She is an Australian citizen, however, Gillard was born in Barry, Wales and migrated here at the age of 5. Tony Abbott was born in London and migrated here at the age of about 2 or 3.

        Not Australians by birth on either side of politics.

        1. Words from 'Down Under' 29 Apr 2013, 1:02am

          Richard, let’s get the facts right: “Abbott was born in London, England in 1957 to EXPATRIATE AUSTRALIAN PARENTS. 3 years later on 7 September 1960, his family moved back to Australia. HIS MOTHER WAS AN AUSTRALIAN CITIZEN and his father had lived in Australia since 1940 when he arrived as a 16-year-old to get away from the dangers of wartime Britain. His father trained in dentistry and then returned to England. His family first lived in the Sydney suburbs of Bronte and Chatswood. Abbott attended primary school at St Aloysius’ College at Milson’s Point, before completing his secondary school education at St Ignatius’ College, Riverview in Sydney. He graduated with a Bachelor of Economics (BEc) and a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from the University of Sydney. He then travelled via India to Britain to study at The Queen’s College, Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar, where he graduated with a Master of Arts (MA) in Politics and Philosophy.” He would make a fine and honest Prime Minister for Australia

          1. Get real. You’re obviously deluded if you think this man has the intelligence to lead a country.
            Quite frankly, considering that you’re a supporter of the LNP, it would seem that you also lack any type of credible intelligence.

            I don’t support any political party in particular, however, I’m also not naive enough to believe that the crazy Abbott would make a good leader.

            Thankfully though, I don’t believe the bulk of the population of this country are stupid enough to believe the LNP rubbish. Therefore, I’m not concerned in the least about him getting in as PM. I’m almost convinced he will be dumped after the next election.

            Also, what you said doesn’t change the fact that he’s a pom first and a migrant to this country, which is ironic considering he doesn’t like migrants. He’s a racist little homophobe. Now there’s the truth about Abbott.

      2. Marked down by the chip on the shoulder ehhh?

        You need to ask yourself why you hate the Welsh so much a therapist would find it fascinating.

        Maybe you identify yourself with some perceived characteristic of the Welsh? Maybe you can’t sing?

        All interesting questions posed by racism as by homophobia. You easily recognise homophobia but don’t recognise your own flaws.

      3. I’m a Scot living in Wales.

        And the welsh are no more a “race” than the English or Scots.

    3. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Apr 2013, 8:25pm

      I don’t either. It’s what is sometimes referred to as ‘mob rule’, in other words, anarchy which is where it eventually ends up. Manif pour Tous is a mob, a hate group. It’s different if there is reliable evidence and overwhelming support that something would pass using that m.o., but it’s dangerous to put rights to referenda, totally agree.

    4. Agreed! Jim Wallace’s wiener must taste really good, she just cant stop listening to his bigoted beliefs! it his fault for making Gillard repeat the same sentence “marriage is between a man and a woman” it so annoying, especially in her whiny voice…

  2. Xavier Bongibault 28 Apr 2013, 5:48pm

    I see, that at least by some Australian leftist politicians (even Greens) the understanding of democracy is much more clear and strong than in our very “democratic” France, where only tribune for peoples voice on such important matter like redefinition of institution of marriage still is the street.

    1. Why do you even bother? Dont your realize that you have lost and that equality will come wether you like it or not!

    2. So gay, so obvious.. Embrace the cock already…

    3. It’s because Australia voted it down while the people overwhelmingly support it

    4. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Apr 2013, 8:22pm

      Would you also agree that a referendum to ban catholicism and divorce in France should be put to a referendum? If not why not? If you want a referendum on equal marriage, then you should have a referendum on everything and see your country succumb to anarchy.

      Accepteriez-vous aussi qu’un référendum visant à interdire le catholicisme et le divorce en France devrait être soumise à un référendum? Si non, pourquoi pas? Si vous voulez un référendum sur l’égalité du mariage, alors vous devriez avoir un référendum sur tout et voir votre pays succomber à l’anarchie.

    5. bobbleobble 28 Apr 2013, 9:16pm

      Actually it’s people like you who are acting undemocratically. You’re attempting to subvert the will of the majority of the people who elected Hollande and the Socialists to power in full knowledge of the fact that they intended to make marriage and adoption rights equal. Your are at fault not Hollande et al.

      The reason the referendum has been suggested in Australia is due to a democratic deficit. Neither of the main Australian parties seems to be capable of recognising that there is a groundswell of support for this issue in Australia. They are ignoring the wishes of their people for their own petty interests and are thus also acting undemocratically. I don’t want to see the rights of a minority put to a vote and I don’t believe either Gillard or Abbott will have the testicular fortitude to put it to a vote of the people but it’s at least a way out of the stalemate those idiots have created on this matter.

    6. Bugger off frog. Your opinion is not required on our politics in our Australia.

  3. Equality should never be put the public vote. If they insist on this referendum then I suggest that they also hold one for banning divorce. I bet people would soon be in favour of that!

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 29 Apr 2013, 12:27pm

      And another referendum to ban infertile hetero couples and old age pensioners marrying would go down nicely I’m sure, really get the ‘procreation’ crap sorted once and for all.

  4. Its RUBBISH! You can’t put a minoritie’s rights up for a referendum by the majority! It shrieks of fascism!

  5. Unusual for this to actually be a good thing, but I guess that shows up Gilliard for the reactionary she is,

  6. Common sense 29 Apr 2013, 1:25am

    Gillard is not a homophobe, she is a spineless powermonger. She conducted her coup against Rudd with the conditional backing of the powerful and very Catholic SDA union who demanded she personally oppose gay marriage while prime minister. And so you get the absurd spectacle of a left wing atheist woman in a de facto non married relationship voting again and again against gay marriage. who elses rights wold she throw away as a condition for power?

  7. PeterinSydney 29 Apr 2013, 2:56am

    This just a ruse by Windsor. He is no fan of marriage equality, being a true redneck. But what has to happen is the removal of Gillard on her broomstick and Abbott on his bike. After these two nasty stubborn homophobes go we might have a chance of coming into the 21st century, like the 14 other countries who are ahead of Australia.

  8. GingerlyColors 29 Apr 2013, 6:01am

    Did Aboriginal rights ever get put to referendums? In fact Aborigines did not even have the right to vote until 1967 and it is only 20 years since they gained full equality. Aborigines make up about 1% of the Australian population, an even smaller minority than LGBT people but if their rights can be advanced without having to put it to a vote of the majority, then why not gay rights including the right to marry? In a referendum there is a world of difference between 50%+1 in favour and 50%+1 against. It should be up to the Parliament in Canberra to decide.

  9. Surely, elected representatives are supposed to make difficult decisions for the people? If we had a referendum on a return of hanging, I’m sure most people would want a reintroduction of it. It doesn’t mean it’s the ‘right thing’ to do. Why don’t they just get on with introducing equality. If they did, I think people would be AMAZED how quickly any current controversy would vanish. Let’s watch France as an example ……

  10. It is extremely troubling that people seem to think that holding a public vote on equal civil rights can ever be a good idea.

    In places like Australia and Ireland people say ‘Oh but it will win.

    But what if it doesn’t? The LGBT people can kiss goodbye to equality for another generation,.

    And what if places like Poland or Italy or Mississippi decide to hold a vote – there’s no chance of a referendum passing there, and the politicians know this and will use it to ensure we will never get equality.

    No referenda on equal civil rights – ever!

  11. JackAlison 29 Apr 2013, 4:52pm

    Australia is an extremely conservative country. It was only recently that certificates of non-impediment were revoked so as to allow gay couples to marry overseas. Before that Australian foreign missions were instructed not to provide these certificates thereby disqualifying Aussi citizens the right to marry overseas. Apparently in private Gillard refers to gay ppl. as ‘the queers.” This comming from a woman atheist PM who lives ‘in sin;’ with her unmarried hairdresser boyfriend. She also loves doing pre-electoral videos with the head of the Australian Christian Lobby..Jim Wallace…I cant wait to see her fall…She is a disgusting spineless incoherent whining voiced mercenery. who will say and do anything for power. Ppl. like this should NOT hold public office.

  12. Whilst this MP is clearly sympathetic and trying to do the right thing, equal marriage should NEVER be the subject of a referendum – because in a civilised society, the rights of the minority should NEVER be put in a position whereby they could be crushed by the majority…..

    If we’d have allowed a referendum on other minority rights issues down the decades, civilised society would still be in the dark ages…

  13. Time to repeal the Australian Marriage Act 1961!

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