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Iceland: World’s first openly gay prime minister quits politics

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Reader comments

  1. News alert: Politician does what she said she would. Leaves world better place than she found it. Saves country from bwankers.

    1. Sister Mary Clarence 28 Apr 2013, 12:42pm

      Well she left Iceland a better place thanks to the 4 billion Euros she stole from this country.

      I think the 2 billion Euros stolen from the Netherlands probably made it even better.

      1. Spanner1960 28 Apr 2013, 2:34pm

        At least the icelandics were wise enough to stay the hell out of the EU.
        I shudder to think of the TRILLIONS they have stolen from us.

  2. What a wonderful example of a politician . . . my heart, hand and praise goes out to her . . .


    1. Sister Mary Clarence 28 Apr 2013, 8:50am

      Britain, British people, and British institutions lost billions because of the underhand dealing of the Icelandic government, when they changed their banking laws the day before their banking crash to ensure foreign investors got nothing, should their banks crash, and their own domestic investors got compensated out of money British people had entrusted their banks with.

      This woman played a large part in robbing us of over £2 billion.

      What is there is celebrate?

      “World’s first lesbian prime minister pulls of £2 billion bank heist?”

      Yeah, cheers Johanna, you’ve done us proud!!!

      1. That is more or less true, but to be fair she was looking out for the interests of her people, unlike many other polticians…

        1. Sister Mary Clarence 28 Apr 2013, 12:49pm

          Fair point, but as this country was the main victim of her thievery, it really doesn’t seem appropriate to be lording her in the way that everyone is.

          Her legacy, as the first openly gay Prime Minister, is that she governed her country through a period when it stole massive amounts of money from its neighbours.

          Yes, I understand that there is some token promise to pay back the money when they can afford it, but its a country with a population the size of Wolverhampton, with a GDP deficit of about 300%, that owes billions to a multitude of countries it stitched up.

          I’ll not be waiting at the banks of the Thames for the barge loads of money to be coming.

          1. Let me enlighten you a bit. There is no “token promise”. Only the fact that the assets of the banks that were allowed to fail are enough to cover these debts. They’ve already started paying them out. The rest is going to be settled over the next couple of years as fast the assets can be converted to cash without undue loss in value.

            The only dispute between Iceland and the UK + NL, concerns whether the state should guarantee any shortfall and if Iceland must pay interest to the UK on amounts well in excess of traditional deposit guarantees.

            She’s not one of my favorite politicians, but nevertheless I’d like to point out that she became prime minister many months after the law in question was passed. She pushed for a negotiated settlement but was defeated twice. The dispute was won by Iceland in international court in January.

            As for the alleged 300% GDP deficit – the state of the Icelandic economy is the envy of the EU and there is no multitude of countries “stitched up” by Iceland.

          2. Sister Mary Clarence 29 Apr 2013, 7:19am

            Mmmmm, is that what they are telling you Eiriksson ….. the bank was split into 2. One back too the domestic debit, and the other took the foreign debit. The bank with the domestic debit was taken over by the government and continues to trade, the other for all intense and purpose is insolvent. Its assets are fall far below it liabilities.

            Selling assets to cover debt, when they do not cover the debt doesn’t work. Splitting off the healthy part of the bank and nationalising it is what you do when you plan to write off toxic debt. That ‘toxic’ debt is debt you owe to us.

            The British government had to step in when Iceland abdicated itself of its responsibilities after what anywhere else would have been considered insider trading by the Icelandic government, who clearly knew the bank was doomed when they voted not to allow repayment of debits to foreign investors the day before the bank collapsed.

          3. Sister Mary Clarence 29 Apr 2013, 7:24am

            Let me enlighten you a bit Eiriksson …

            ” the state of the Icelandic economy is the envy of the EU”

            If that’s code for ‘international swindlers’ then yes, you’re absolutely right

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 27 Apr 2013, 3:47pm

    She can put the world’s western leaders to shame. We’ll never see a gay PM in the UK, too much bloody religion in politics and in government.

    1. Spanner1960 27 Apr 2013, 4:20pm

      Actually, we already have, it’s just he never admitted to it.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 27 Apr 2013, 5:25pm

        Not quite the same and there has never been any proof that Heath was gay. It’s tantamount to saying every single politician of whatever party must be gay.

        1. Spanner1960 27 Apr 2013, 9:53pm

          Agreed, not quirte the same and there is no proof, but we all have a bloody good idea.
          I have the feeling when the 50 year secrets ban lifts we might get to know for sure.

    2. Colin (London) 27 Apr 2013, 11:16pm

      Never say never. The world is getting more inclusive slowly and yes we have a long way to go. Keep your eyes and ears open for the right candidate.

      However the gay community need to be seen to care as much about the straight and other sub groups as for our rights as well…Balance for society if you understand my meaning.

      We contribute economically way more than our straight counterparts mainly as we have time to develop expertise etc.

      Never say never. It will be very difficult yes. I have a very intelligent gay niece who talks about it. Will she go there I don’t know.
      Best Wishes

    3. Sister Mary Clarence 28 Apr 2013, 8:51am

      Let’s hope if we do, they don’t turn out to be a shameless thief like this one.

  4. Helge Vladimir Tiller 27 Apr 2013, 4:07pm

    A star goes further in life ! Strong, human and intelligent. Loved by so many. All the best, lovely lady !

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 27 Apr 2013, 5:29pm

      Indeed, Helge, I second that. Iceland, one of the few really civilised countries where religion doesn’t infest politics, parties or governments with bigotry and homophobia. An openly gay candidate for PM in the UK wouldn’t stand a chance.

      1. I’m sure that if Nick Herbert, Alan Duncan, Chris Bryant etc stood for PM they’d get a fair crack of the whip.

        IIRC Nick Herbert was one of the first MPs to be elected after coming out.

  5. Spanner1960 27 Apr 2013, 4:23pm

    It’s rare to see such openness in a politician. She never denied her sexuality, avoided the problems or dodged her critics, but she proved herself a very worthy leader.

    Hats off to the lady!

    1. Wow, a comment of yours that I agree with.

      There is a first for everything.

  6. Leosdottir is a surname. her partner’s name is Jónína Leósdóttir.
    Dumb mistake, PN.

    1. Spanner1960 28 Apr 2013, 2:32pm

      All Icelandic people are named after their fathers, so her father would be Leo, and she been born a boy, she would have been Leosson.

  7. ColinJones 27 Apr 2013, 5:48pm

    I’m not being rude but when I first looked I thought it was Jenny Eclair the comedienne, I’m using a smartphone and they don’t have big screens.

  8. I like her a lot. She is a good person and was fantastic PM. It makes me sad that she is leaving politics, but after having served her country for most of her life she deserves a break.

    All the best for her, her wife and children in their new life.

  9. Congratulations to Iceland; a country that can actually be proud of their Prime Minister!

    1. It is a shame that her party lost the elections and that the same party’s that caused the crisis were voted to form the new coalition government

  10. Bless bless, Jóhanna. I don’t follow Belgium enough to know what sort of job Elio di Rupo’s done there, but Jóhanna did us proud in Iceland, I think.

  11. Good riddance to the communist. May she burn in h*ll with Hugo Chavez. She robbed billions from global investors and gave all Iceland the reputation of being dishonest thieves. You couldn’t pay me to go to that dishonest island of crooks.

    1. Helge Vladimir Tiller 28 Apr 2013, 9:44am


      1. Sister Mary Clarence 28 Apr 2013, 12:39pm

        Kind of right there, but I didn’t see her rushing to do the right thing when she came to power … although I did see her rushing to do the wrong thing.

        She had the power to do the right thing, but instead came up with a public vote on it – and what a surprise, people didn’t want to pay back what their government stole from us.

        The Icelandic people got fat and greedy at our expense.

        The law was changed by parliament to allow them not to compensate overseas investors, the DAY BEFORE the bank collapse.

        What a stroke of luck eh?

        A day after, and Britain would have got its money.

        I totally agree with Gregg, as far as I am concerned she is a thief and we are all poorer for her being elected Prime Minister.

        Its a great shame she had to be gay. I hope one day there will be a gay Prime Minister people can respect.

        1. Karlmundur 28 Apr 2013, 5:05pm

          You’ve got it all wrong.
          The money was lost in the collapse of private banks, that was before Jóhanna was elected prime minister. Later on, her government tried to push through reimbursement legislation, but it was forced into referendum by the president twice and voted down by the electorate.
          And no, the law was not changed the day before the bank collapse, I don’t know where you got that from.

          Jóhanna did not steal any money, and in fact she tried to correct the errors made by the previous administration but was stopped by others.
          So you are accusing her of something she did not do but actally tried to correct. That’s what happens when you don’t check the facts before you go on a rant.

          1. Helge Vladimir Tiller 28 Apr 2013, 6:25pm

            Thank You, Karlmundur! ( Nice name ! )- All the best to Our Neighbour in west, Iceland- ( Greetings from Norway- )

    2. Helge Vladimir Tiller 28 Apr 2013, 11:28am

      —–and the name of this Prime Minister was Geir Hilmar Haarde. ( In charge from June 15. 2006 to February 1. 2009—-Conservative- )

      1. Sister Mary Clarence 28 Apr 2013, 12:40pm

        Yep, and as far as I’m concerned, he’s a thief too.

        You owe us 4 billion Euros

      2. Helge Vladimir Tiller 28 Apr 2013, 2:01pm

        By the way ; Haarde was also indicted and had to appear in Court. (—related to this crisis !– which IS NOT the case with Johanna—-))

  12. “Earlier this month Sigurdardottir and her wife were asked to meet with members of PFLAG China”.

    And did they, Pink News?

  13. GingerlyColors 28 Apr 2013, 1:38pm

    Good luck for the future, Johanna. Iceland is one of the most advanced countries when it comes to womens’ and LGBT rights and it gives a warm welcome to anybody who visits there.

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