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US State Department bars Raul Castro’s daughter from visiting Philadelphia to pick up LGBT rights award

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Reader comments

  1. I presume Saudi Arabia’s aristocracy, with their wonderfully tolerant, pro-Western, views are subject to the same restrictions.

  2. That There Other David 26 Apr 2013, 11:56am

    It’s about time the USA updated its policy towards Cuba and ended this ridiculous embargo. The 1960s were a very long time ago. Cuba is no threat to the USA.

    1. Tell that to proud member of “Middle America” and they would say that you’re a Commie sympathiser. If the Tea Party are anything to go buy then McCarthyism isn’t dead in the United States. Victoria Jackson’s song about Obama “There’s a communist living in the White House” would be pathetic if it wasn’t so indicative of what many Republicans think. To most people with a base level of rationality Obama isn’t left wing at all.

      1. That There Other David 26 Apr 2013, 5:07pm

        LOL. No worries there. I get called a commie and pinko all the time on the Internet. The Tea Party people simply don’t understand how ridiculous they are :-)

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Apr 2013, 12:11pm

    The sheer hypocrisy of any successive American government is astonishing. It trades with China and other human rights violators. China is among the worst offenders, a communist country that owns the American debt. It refuses to deal with Cuba because of all those Cuban anti-Castro, anti equal marriage haters who fled to the state of Florida in droves. Disgusting!

    1. Don’t forget the right-wing South American military juntas that the American government supported in the past. Then of course as somebody else has mentioned there is Saudi Arabia which is a tyrannical absolute monarchy. The United States doesn’t give a shit about democracy in the rest of the world, it’s all an illusion.

  4. “State Department spokesman Noel Clay said he could not comment on the case because visa records are confidential” ….we all know what to think of anyone or any organisation that argues against something by stating they “refuse to comment”…usually followed by ridiculous/spurious grounds for that matter. it beggars belief why so Americans do not understand why so many nations and individuals are systematically distrustful of their intentions. Stop bullying the world, stop your religious home-grown mafia from dictating your people and others’ how to behave and you will gain respect.

  5. Screw Cuba until they get some equal rights there and admit that Fidel Castro and Che Guevara were murdering homophobic tyrants.

    1. Yeah, the USA not giving a platform to their country’s most prominent LGBT activist is really gonna help there…

      1. “their” country being a reference to Cuba, obviously…

    2. Yes…but unlike any American President he actually takes responsibility.
      From Wikipedia: In his autobiography My Life, Fidel Castro criticized the “machismo” culture of Cuba and urged for the acceptance of homosexuality. Furthermore, he has made several long speeches to the public regarding discrimination of homosexuals.
      In a 2010 interview with Mexican newspaper La Jornada, Castro called the persecution of homosexuals while he was in power “a great injustice, great injustice!” Taking responsibility for the persecution, he said, “If anyone is responsible, it’s me…. We had so many and such terrible problems, problems of life or death. In those moments, I was not able to deal with that matter [of homosexuals]. I found myself immersed, principally, in the Crisis of October, in the war, in policy questions.” Castro personally believed that the negative treatment of gays in Cuba arose out of the country’s pre-revolutionary attitudes toward homosexuality.

      1. Despite these comments, very little has changed for LGBT rights in Cuba. They might not have torture camps anymore but the persecution is ongoing, whereas America is actually changing laws to accept homosexuals. Castro’s comments were all bluff. Action speaks louder than words!

  6. The US has double standards. They had contacts with the dictator Batista in Cuba and that was no problem. Once the dictatorship was overthrown they put an embargo on Cuba. Talk about hypocrisy. They trade with countries who are oppressive regimes 10 times worse than Cuba all the time. Namely Saudi Arabia. They have kept ties with despotic regimes. Time to end the embargo on Cuba. Let Ms. Castro speak.

  7. Janet Lameck 27 Apr 2013, 6:21pm

    It is time to rethink all their outdated lawws

  8. The continued preoccupation with “commie-sympathizers” gives further credence to the idiocy of right wing political emotion (note that I did not say | political “thought”). That now longer exists in US conservative politics. So why is the State Department continuing to be so dumb-headed?

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