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US: ‘Ex-gay’ 1990s ambassador says he’s always been gay and apologises for campaign

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Reader comments

  1. I was going to say that I feel sorry for h is wife after he has lied to her for so long but then I read that she remains in favour of attempting to “cure” homosexuality.

    I think if anything, she is further proof that there is nothing to cure and that it doesn’t work anyway!

    1. The wife is a Bible-basher that would not recognise the truth even if it hit her in the face (which somehow has done). Deeply brainwashed.
      And he was forced to “come out” after photographed coming out of a gay sauna.

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Apr 2013, 4:44pm

    Tell that to Christian Concern and Christian Legal Centre in the UK.

  3. Brett Gibson 26 Apr 2013, 4:44pm

    No sh*t!! Much like how you can’t turn an African person white, you can’t turn a gay person straight. Simples.

    1. Yeah skin colour analogies are always cool!

      1. Dave North 26 Apr 2013, 5:07pm

        They are both inherent traits.

        Grow up.

        1. Dave practice your own advice

    2. Quite a number of people in South Africa will be surprised to hear they’re not African.

  4. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Apr 2013, 4:45pm

    Not to sound crude, but I’d be interested to know who often he had sex with his ex-wife.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Apr 2013, 6:16pm

      …how often…

  5. This was a courageous “coming out” and for that I thank him. He has recognised the pain he’s caused to the gay community and I hope he can direct his energy to fighting against conversion therapy for the rest of his life.

    1. Have to disagree with some of that, Paul. ‘Courageous’? What has he lost other than a sham marriage? Call me a cold-hearted cynic but I see yet more self-interest – hard for him to get the partner/ shag he really wants as America’s most famous ex-gay, huh?! Paulk seems like a pathological attention-seeker and let’s not forget that his response many years ago after being caught on camera in, and subsequently fleeing a gay bar was to tell a pack of inconsistent lies and return to empowering the life-ruinous ex-gay movement. That should have been the time to tell the truth… and time will tell if we really owe him any thanks.

      1. Just so you understand this Stuart, those who are in denial over they’re own sexuality, tend to sway to the other side. At times, most feel comfortable but, there’s that little cloud of self doubt that lingers. Some have families, thinking that this is the right thing to do but that little cloud remains. You can’t change who you are, although he did try but soon learned, he is who he is and there’s no changing that. I know who I am. I know I am a happy gay male in his 40’s and I will never change who I am. I tried. What a catastrophe that was. A phase, yeah, that’s it. It was a phase and my true self, won out. So Stuart, long of the short is, don’t judge others. Most have a story that’s a part of who they are. As long as John Paulk is happy, that’s all that matters.

        1. Personally, I find it nigh-on impossible not to ‘judge others’ when they made a career out of propagating and profiting from the message that my sexuality and yours should and can be ‘repaired’ by surrendering to religious cultists. I don’t wish John Paulk any harm, but he still has a lot to prove.

    2. I of course meant ‘Phill’ in the first line!

  6. Spanner1960 26 Apr 2013, 5:24pm

    A bit of a daft thing to do, but it is just further proof one cannot “pray away the gay”, and it’s good to see he has found honesty within himself, even if he has hurt a lot of people around him.
    Better late than never, I suppose.

  7. Guglielmo Marinaro 26 Apr 2013, 5:43pm

    The latest in a long line of people who have promoted the “ex-gay” myth and have held themselves up, or have been held up by others, as living proof that a change of sexual orientation can be engineered, but who have finally had to admit to the world that the whole thing is at best self-deception and at worst cruel fraud.

  8. He might as well have blown up a building then appologize for the damage he caused when he wasn’t thinking straight.

  9. Very courageous. I hope things go well for him now. And I look forward to seeing his real book written and published: “Love won out: The Remarkable Story of How One Man Overcame the Gay Conversion Movement”.

    1. Yes, I do too – the trouble is that the books he and his ex-wife wrote will be around for a while, and no doubt his ‘reversion’ will be kept very quiet unless he himself speaks up – loudly – about it.

  10. Please allow me to be clear,” Paulk said. “I do not believe that reparative therapy changes sexual orientation; in fact, it does great harm to many people.”

    and in other news…

    Bear seen going into wood with toilet paper…

  11. I’m glad he’s done this but he needs to go public much more widely. Churches rolling in money and with huge media profiles continue promulgating this gay cure guff all the time. And he needs to challenge the really oppressive assumption, which is not that we can change, but that we should.

  12. johnny33308 26 Apr 2013, 7:25pm

    He has damaged thousands of innocent LGBT people, and we can be certain many killed themselves as well…..and now he wishes for forgiveness for this unforgivable horror that was inflicted upon so many. And even though his wife knows he did not change she still supports the “gay cure” this person promoted….scumbag! Both of these religious nutters deserve execution!

    1. He needs to include the words “suicide” and “beatings” in his apology. He must specifically acknowledge those results of his behavior, out of respect to those who were affected. I want to hear those words from him.

      1. I agree with Johnny33308. He’s a opportunist. I don’t want him on my side. I would like to think there’s a special place in Hell for people like him and his ex-wife.

        1. Chris Cheung 27 Apr 2013, 10:39am

          Yes how wonderful life is to be able to do massive damage to people’s lives and just move on. He should spend the rest of his life to atone for his wrongdoing.

    2. wow, i couldn’t agree with you more. this lying bastard deserves disdain, surely having profited from his deceit. courage?—he had courage?—-please—what this man did and does is all for himself! and now he trying to get on the next gravy train. despicable. let’s get real. this chap is no hero.

      1. I see a man who desperately needs to be patted on the head and told he is special. He got that from fundamentalist loons for years but now, having seen celebrities coming out as gay left right and centre over the years only to positive reactions, he wants some of that instead.

  13. Why is everyone congratulating him. Apparently he came out because he was caught out. No courage there. He’s evil fro what he did. Making money out of the misery of others. He’s a pathetic specimen.

  14. This is how they all retire.

  15. There is one common thread between a 100% gay and 100% straight person and that is neither could ever chose to become the other.

    1. floridahank 30 Apr 2013, 12:08am

      Charles, can you show me any long-term, scientificially conducted studies that prove your point. Or are you simply making an assumption?

    2. They could CHOOSE to become the other, but it would not work.

  16. Ironically the only word I can think of to describe this man comes from the bad book… Judas

  17. sbstarlite 27 Apr 2013, 2:38pm

    It’s not nice to try to fool mother nature

  18. Will he be refunding anybody who bought copies of his lying books? Seriously, I think it is only a matter of time before a professional ‘ex-gay’ who later admits that they are nothing of the kind, deservedly gets sued for fraud.

  19. …I am completely bamboozled! Why on Earth would anyone apologize for being Gay? It appears that this horrendous society has been able to turn even Gay people against themselves!!!

  20. Jock S. Trap 30 Apr 2013, 12:36pm

    His apology will come too late for some, who may have used this vile therapy and suffered as a consequence.

    I think he needs to do more than apologise for the damage he has done to many.

    What happens to his books now they are proved to make such false statements and still damage further. They should be removed, completely and be burnt, never to be published again.

    On the flip side this shows the evidence of what such therapies does to people who are told/made to feel bad about who they are. Sounds to me his wife, Ann is as much to blame by seeing and promoting negativity about the fact that we are born Gay.

    For that reason I don’t feel in the slightest sorry for his ex-wife as she and her bigotry is why so many believe their hatred in the first place.

    This man now needs to dedicate his life to justifying his actions, not only to the many he has caused suffering to and to the families who have lost through suicide directly because of such therapies.

    1. floridahank 30 Apr 2013, 3:49pm

      Hey Jock: I haven’t read any of his books, but my main question is — what qualifications does he or his wife have for conducting any treatments in this area? When someone begins doing research and treatment in an area so complex as sexual behavior — both homo and hetero — they must have many years of qualified experience — which I doubt is the case here. So whatever findings he promoted, pro or con, I doubt the value of any of it.

  21. If he can help undo the damage he’s caused to innumerable gays, over that decade, perhaps it’ll be the start of his atonement. HOWEVER, and this is my opinion, and mine alone, he will always be slightly suspect. When one is bitten by a snake, even if its fangs are removed and one is assured of its safeness, it still is what it is, a snake, and the memory of its lethal venom will be a constant reminder of its nature.

  22. Such a flippant apology for such major damage.

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