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Caribbean: Anglican bishops warn against equal marriage and ‘redefining’ human sexuality

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Reader comments

  1. “Cultural and religious principles”? At the risk of making a generalisation, most of the West Indian cultures are principally made up of the descendants of slaves and indentured workers who were transported far from their own cultural origins, Christianity being originally imposed on them by their masters or rulers. I’d have thought that, by comparison with that draconian level of ‘compromise’, equal civil marriage today would be a doddle.

    1. Yep just like gay tories

      1. Not sure I follow – are gay Tories taking a public stance against progress in equality legislation?

        1. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Apr 2013, 4:04pm

          The backbenchers are since a slightly larger majority of them voted no on February 5th, 2013.

          1. The gay Tories are?

  2. Dave North 26 Apr 2013, 3:02pm

    “….to resist any attempt to compromise our cultural and religious principles regarding these matters.”

    You already did that when you let Christianity in.


  3. Leonardo Ricardo 26 Apr 2013, 3:05pm

    These old fools in purple dresses rush around defending their Afro-Caribbean ¨manhood¨ which is nothing short of superstiousfilled fear turned to hate…Archbishop Drexel Gomez, retired, of the Anglican Province of West Indies conjured up MORE of this hateful/ignorant crap when he was active in turning on LGBT people with African Bishops — the Global South of Anglican deceifulness is generated by wealthy, white American fundamentalists and the Washington D.C. C Street gang…the whole of this lot is dangerous, vile and unChristian as well as being everyday saps on the run.

  4. These self-appointed ‘moral guardians’ are really beginning to get on my tits. They speak as if from some position of authority and deep insight. What bile they spout is OPINION. The problem is, because they wear fancy frocks and big hats, stupid people fall for it. THEY KNOW NO MORE ABOUT LIFE THAN YOU DO. OK? They are simply busy-bodies and, in many cases, closet-case hypocrites and make a nice living … doing nothing. They are best ignored They are rapidly talking themselves into the mysts of history anyway. And the sooner the better. Then, we can all just get along- in peace and love, unlike the constant state of division and bitterness they create.

    1. Truth you managed to make a point without resorting to racism. Thank you the rest of these commentators could learn a thiing

    2. Unfortunately, “truth”, I understand that unthinking doglike devotion to religion is still strong in the Caribbean islands.

      Unfortunately roughly 59% of the population is CATHOLIC.

      Protestants come in at about 25%, with others, including Hindus, Muslims, Jews, and Rastafarians, compose the remainder.

      1. All carribbean islands including Cuba? Idiot

      2. Yes, but this article is specifically about the Anglican province of the West Indies. It’s depressing, because the evangelical sects (and the Catholics) are usually even more anti-gay.

        1. I was well aware that the article was telling of the behaviour of Anglican leaders in the Caribbean. I mentioned the significant Catholic following as an indicator of how strong religious mumbo-jumbo, particularly all Xian mumbo-jumbo, is on the islands.

          “truth” suggested religious leaders ought simply to be ignored. But unfortunately in the Caribbean religious leaders wield considerable power and the faithful are in thrall to them.

  5. Leonardo Ricardo 26 Apr 2013, 3:19pm

    Just so you know/remember: Archbishop Drexel Gomez chaired the Anglican Covenant Committee (soundly defeated in England and approved in West Indies) which presented a Covenant Document to Anglican Provinces which would have imposed punitive status on ANY Anglican Province which considered LGBT Anglicans full members, at all levels of Churchlife, of the body of Christ…Gomez and the West Indian House of Bishops are common bigots and thugs (on the run and/or on the take/$$$ from schismatic Episcopalians in North America).

  6. Why do the same old scaremongering tactics have to start over afresh in every single place that is considering equality, it’s extremely tedious and such a waste of time and resources, just pathetic to see the same lame arguments trotted out locally again and again as though they have no awareness of anything that happens in the wider world, but of course it’s wilful ignorance used as a delaying tactic so these anti-equality homophobes can torment gay people just that little bit longer.

  7. The bishops have warned against efforts to bring equal marriage to the region but all they’ve really done, and all they CAN do, is simply urge political leaders to resist equal marriage.

    They are unable to warn of any REAL dangers that will result form Equal Marriage because there AREN’T any.

    All these bishops can do is run around saying “Don’t do it! Don’t do it!”

    Although, I suppose behind the scenes they may warn Catholic politicians that if they support Equal Marriage they’ll be sure to burn forever in the fires of hell!

  8. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Apr 2013, 4:03pm

    I would assume they also reject marriage as a human right for heteros too! What can one expect from the Anglicans. Welby in the UK may have softened his stance somewhat, but he would still support his bigoted clergy in the Caribbean and throw us under the bus. About time the Episcopalians severed all ties with the Anglican cult of Canterbury which would leave the CoE comprised mostly of Africans and other backward groups. It would be Canterbury’s worst nightmare because they”d have to find other sources of income to fund their missions, the bulk of it coming currently from the wealthier Episcopalian branch.

    1. racist sumbag

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Apr 2013, 4:22pm

        Racist? Since when is the African continent pedominately white? I’m just stating a fact. Africans for the most part are overwhelmingly black, and the majority of their societies are socially backward as are many overwhelmingly WHITE Eastern European countries. We also have our own backward WHITE trash in the UK. What’s racist about that? Get a grip!

        1. Christopher Coleman 26 Apr 2013, 4:29pm

          I agree with you. Truth trumps political correctness every time. It must, if one is to consider clearly what is being done to the LGBT folk in Uganda, Nigeria, and many other African countries. In that regard, Christians and Muslims are united.

          1. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Apr 2013, 4:39pm

            Exactly right! I’m against anyone who is a bigot, especially using religion to justify discrimination be they any colour or race, including my own.

          2. Yes chris and when you write of a group of people you’re a bigot too.

        2. So saying Africans and other backwards groups is not racist. You’re a dick

          1. James, consider the context of “the CoE comprised mostly of Africans and other backward groups”. Clearly Robert was speaking of members of the CoE, and it is a fact that the Africans who are members of the CoE are backward: they’re deluded, for goodness’ sake.

            I am quite sure that Robert does not consider that ALL Africans are backward. But there are many backward groups, including backward Africans, following the nonsense of the CoE.

  9. They are teaching people to put their fingers in their ears and not listen. Maybe if they listened more they would understand more.

  10. Does anyone else see the humor in the native Caribbean populations being told not to ‘conform’ or ‘compromise’ by the exact same people who forced the same things on them a few centuries ago?

    1. Well, not really – not that many native (indigenous) Caribbean people remain, and the Anglican archbishop and most of the bishops in the West Indies are black or mixed-race.

      However, the fact that they clearly don’t see an irony in trying to restrict the rights of other people does certainly have a bitter sort of amusement.

    2. Yes, Mr. S, I see what you mean. Xians came centuries ago and forced their forms of various forms of Xian conformity and compromise on the islands’ inhabitants, and now, centuries later, they’re at it again, only this time, as Rehan says, the Xians doing it are themselves people of the islands.

  11. Barbados-G.L.A.D 28 Apr 2013, 2:14am

    Gay marriage is not even option in Barbados. We need to be treated as equal human beings first. This is what we are up against.

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