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US: Trans prom king hopeful put on ballot as queen

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Reader comments

  1. Christopher Kay 25 Apr 2013, 1:56pm

    I had a tear in my eye as I finished reading this article.
    Is being born with a penis the only thing that makes you an honourable man?
    The school’s principle is just a bully and he knew it would cause a great deal of upset to Wolfe.

    1. I think it’s quite generous of you to say “he knew it would cause a great deal of upset”, since it implies the man is capable of empathy.

      Every other detail of this story I’ve read suggests he is incapable of such depth of feeling.

  2. Dude, you’re in high school. And you know who you are. Most high school kids (myself included when I was there) have trouble with far more mundane things. Now you’re making (beautiful) waves and standing up for your rightful place in the world. In my book, you are already king, prom and otherwise! And that’s a good thing!

    1. nice one Mitch

  3. This idiot should not be allowed around teenagers. People like him are the reason kids kill themselves.

    Thankfully Isaak seems well supported by his friends and family

  4. hey shue hmmmm hows it feel knowing that all the kids and their parents and the people in your community think your a giant douche bag ,do the only decent thing , resign but you wont cos your a narrow minded douche bag who probably thinks hes er important and special …..

  5. Beth Brawley 26 Apr 2013, 5:54pm

    This is horrible. My son was allowed to run for home coming queen and we are in South Carolina. He is a straight ally and his best friend is a lesbian and wore slacks, a vest and tie as his escort. They did it to help pave the way for students who might be afraid.

  6. They asked the press to respect their privacy in the matter for the wellbeing of students? Where was the respect for their student in the first place? Where was the respect in placing his name on the wrong ballot? How does that look out for the wellbeing of their students? Or are they singling out this specific student? I think these are questions they need to be demanded to answer since they all point to DISCRIMINATION and that should NOT be tolerated in any school by any school official, nonetheless a PRINCIPAL.

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