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US radio host: It was right for school to discriminate against gay teacher, like they would against a shoplifter

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Reader comments

  1. Elaine Cruickshank 25 Apr 2013, 4:15pm

    Shame on him.

  2. Dave North 25 Apr 2013, 4:33pm

    Oh just drop dead and do the world a favour you vile old coot.

    1. A totally indefensible statement. Another hysterical queen? No wonder our lot gets a bad rap as pissy little bitches. It’s easy to say such foul things over the internet, but it’s a man’s life. He’s not a drug dealer or a murderer. Just some old closet-case who’s pissed-off that lots of young queer people are more comfortable than he was. Shame on you for wishing a (granted, thoroughly unpleasant) man dead. He has hurt no-one and broken no laws.

      1. Dennis, he hurts all of us by shouting about the “evils of the homosexuals”. Even if he does nothing to anyone himself, his words make others think that it is okay to hurt those who are different, inspires those of poor education and low intelligence to do the damage FOR him, so that he can then claim it was not his fault and that the people who did the actual deed “misunderstood what he was trying to say”. He hides behind these words and actions while at the same time reveling in the hurt his words cause. He is the worst kind of creature…a manipulator, a snake in the grass, if you’d like a biblical comparison, how about a fine example of what the Anit-Christ would be like?!?! He is a sick, sick man! If he were a dog, he’d be shot for such rabid behavior!! As a human being, he should be locked up for trying to instigate harm on others!

        1. Dennis sounds like a bit of a ‘self-hater’ to me. Just coz you’ve been brainwashed by religion to believe you are a second-class citizen because you are gay doesn’t mean you have to live your life as if you are. Stand-up for your rights, Dennis and don’t allow this revolting, vile bigoted buffoon to make you feel inadequate as a human being. It’s only his opinion and his opinion (as presumably as has yours) is founded on what is printed in some old novel (the bible). Stop defending the indefensible, Dennis just because of your self-hatred.

  3. Pleaseee…someone give this pathetic closeted self-hating homosexual Fischer a dildo! He is ‘screaming’ for help and attention!

    1. Don’t worry, I believe he already has one.

  4. An anonymous letter sent by a so called parent results in the dismissal of a good teacher. Just how gutless can the school authorities get?

  5. Should we discriminate against dangerous lunatics? If so, then this nutter should not be free to spread his poison, let alone be the host of a radio program.

  6. bryan you old and haggard shit pile….hope you rot in hell…or at least I hope your colon goes before you do

  7. Spanner1960 25 Apr 2013, 6:14pm

    I just hope the woman sues them for unfair dismissal and takes them to the cleaners.

  8. Given that most straight men enjoy watching girl on girl porn or fantisise about having a threesome with two women…I wonder if Mr Fischer would support discrimination of this type of aberrant behaviour and the dismissal of these men (unemployment would skyrocket).

    PS. I believe it is called a fantasy because most straight men can’t satisfy one woman let alone two.

  9. Alright, so let’s start discriminating against you, you most-certainly-self-hating-closet-case.

  10. Dear Pink News team, please stop giving this old bag of air the attention he craves so desperately. Not a week goes by without another rant from the crazy loon.

  11. Quote: “We have go to reclaim the ‘discrimination’ word. The language has gotten to the place where everybody thinks if it is discrimination it’s bad. ‘Discrimination’ itself has become a bad word.” Hmmm. And wasn’t it only a couple of weeks ago this nut-job was complaining about the ‘discrimination’ religion faces these days? Yet another shining exapmple of America’s obsession with upholding ‘free speech’ even when that right is DEEPLY offensive? Can you imagine the outcry if Ms Fischer was ranting about black people in this way?


    That cartoon ran today in The Columbus Dispatch, the normally very conservative daily newspaper in the city where Bishop Watterson HS is. I was frankly shocked when I saw the news about her firing, Watterson is in Clintonville, a *very* progressive and gay-friendly neighborhood. I guess what I’m trying to say is, please don’t judge Columbus based on the actions of a few people. We’re really a very nice city.

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