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US: Fired lesbian teacher tells LGBT youth to have hope

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  1. Discriminatory but clear.
    Why does she want to go to work in this school?

    1. Maybe because she, like most people who work in education, wants the best for the young people she educates and thinks that the pupils at this school are as deserving as those at all other schools?

      If you are implying that LGBT teachers should simply teach at schools which welcome them, then I must disagree with you. The pupils at this catholic school have no choice where they study but still need good role models. If you meant to imply no such thing, then my apologies. :-)

  2. They respect her dignity but take away her livelihood. How do these people sleep at night. Don’t they know that hypocrits won’t do well on judgment day?

  3. I fear that she has a long road a head of her and wish her luck with her legal challenge.

    I do wonder why she wants to return there though, I know I wouldn’t!

    1. I understand what you and MOA are saying, but isn’t the point that she should have the choice if that what she wants? I personally wouldn’t allow an employer to comment on my sex life and I certainly am not interested in theirs :/ She should have the choice that’s all!

    2. She’s worked there for 19 years there is obviously something she likes about the place

      1. I agree, but I would think that she would best at a school where they respect her for who she is and her teaching ability. The school that dismissed her clearly do not.

  4. The diocese said in a statement yesterday: “The Catholic church respects the fundamental dignity of all persons but also must insist that those in its employ respect the tenets of the church. Personnel who choose to publicly espouse relationships or principles that are contrary to the teachings of the Catholic church cannot, ultimately, remain in the employ of the church.”

    How about as a society we turn their double speak back on them:

    We respect the fundamental dignity of all persons but when persons or organisations refuse to obey the law, ultimately they are not welcome to operate with in society.

    Or something like that

  5. On line interview link. This was with Carla Hale when she was first terminated.

  6. A school is a school, not a Church. Its sole purpose is education, it should never be a means to indoctrinate youth into the bigoted side religion, and this is where faith schools fall down in respectability.

    If I had children I would want them to be educated by someone employed for their ability to teach alone, something which while as an atheist I cannot assert 100% but I am pretty sure even were I catholic, that would be my priority. 19 years of service shows Carla was indeed a good and probably excellent teacher.

    It is the childrens loss, and the LGBT communities gain, for once more the Catholic Church shows it will do anything to discriminate against LGBT on purely selfish and bigoted grounds. And public outcry shows how out of touch with reality they have become.

    The fact that Carlas relationship only came to light after an obituary, only adds the insulting and insensitive behaviour of the schools governing body, ergo Catholicism.

  7. “Personnel who choose to publicly espouse relationships or principles that are contrary to the teachings of the Catholic church cannot, ultimately, remain in the employ of the church.”

    So why are there so many kiddie-fiddling priests still employed within parishes and still spreading their evil?

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