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UK: Stonewall anti-gay bullying posters translated into Hebrew for use in Jewish faith schools

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Reader comments

  1. Jewish (and Muslim) faith schools shouldn’t be allowed. They’re wholly foreign to this country. The flimsy, flabby Anglicans (who don’t really believe their own cr@p anyway) are cool, but the Jews and Muslims, hmmm, a creepy bunch of zealots who are very keen on their respective faiths. We’re just beginning to get over a nasty bout of Xtianity in the UK and now we have ickle Jews and Muslims (whose scriptures calls for them to breed in large numbers) to fill in the space vacated by Xtians. No thanks!

    1. When it comes to LGBT rights, the Anglican and other Christian chuarches are mostly far from ‘cool’.

      It would be interesting to see whether Christian Muslim schols would allow anti-homophobia posters to be displayed. Somehow I doubt it.

      I agree with you that all schools, or at least all those which recieve public financial support including charitable status, should be secular.

    2. thanks dennis-was it ukip or the bnp you vote for?. Jews have never sought converts-unlike christianity and islam and with bigots like u, pehaps we should.Not that any chritian or atheist evr has more than 1 childof corse ano christiaan family ever has more than 1 child.

  2. The conflict between the interests of the society at large and religious groups is an
    interesting problem.

    Should Muslim schools have to teach that Israeli Jews should be treated with human and political rights, like self-determination?

    Should traditional and conservative religions that believe gay sex is a sin have to say that being homosexual is ok.?

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