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UK: Gay novelist tops bestseller list with haunted debut

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Reader comments

  1. The blurb for this book goes:

    “Welcome to Borley Rectory, the most haunted house in England. The year is 1926 and Sarah Grey has landed herself an unlikely new job – personal assistant to Harry Price, London’s most infamous ghost hunter. Equal parts brilliant and charming, neurotic and manipulative, Harry has devoted his life to exposing the truth behind England’s many ‘false hauntings’, and never has he left a case unsolved, nor a fraud unexposed. So when Harry and Sarah are invited to Borley Rectory – a house so haunted objects frequently fly through the air unbidden, and locals avoid the grounds for fear of facing the spectral nun that walks there – they’re sure that this case will be just like any other. But when night falls and still no artifice can be found, the ghost hunters are forced to confront an uncomfortable truth: the ghost of Borley Rectory may be real and, if so, they’re about to make its most intimate acquaintance.”

  2. Ummm- has this book been “hyped” to No 1 methinks?????

  3. That’s “Borley” not “Borey”, although your story is more like the latter

  4. Good luck to the man!

  5. Well done Neil – cannot wait for my copy to arrive!

  6. What doe his sexual preference have anything to do with his book? Why was this even mentioned in the article? I find this extremely offensive.

    1. I agree it is very offensive, for me it implies that gay people can’t be good at writing (or anything else that is not the stereotype, e.g. hairdresser). To the contrary, there have been gay people amongst the best in every field of human endevour.

  7. I think this “news” got to PinkNews via some resourceful promoter who just thought “Hey, why not?” Any link’ll do when it comes to publicity.

    It’s a pretty tenuous link though, and there doesn’t appear to be anything gay, or even sexual, in the subject matter . . . unless that “spectral nun that walks there” has a dildo in her hand!

  8. It perfectly reasonable and responsible for PNews to bring this story to the attention of the Gay community. There are successful GLBT people in every field but many are in the closet. Someone who is open about their sexuality and achieves success is a role model and worthy of promotion.

  9. Guglielmo Marinaro 26 Apr 2013, 5:53pm

    Having been a Borley Rectory enthusiast since I first read Harry Price’s books on the subject at the age of 15, I look forward to the publication of this new novel, and I hope that “The Ghost Hunters” will be better than the previous attempt to use the alleged haunting of Borley Rectory as the basis for a novel (“The Borley Rectory Incident” by Terrance Dicks, 1998).

    1. Guglielmo, your Engalish is truly impeccable. I wish we had had the pleasure of reading it before this thread on this book appeared. ;-)

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