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George W Bush sidesteps equal marriage discussion in TV interview by saying ‘I’m off the stage’

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Reader comments

  1. How could this imbecile have ever been elected to be the president of the USA?

    1. America being a de-facto theocracy disguised as a democracy ; furthermore he was backed by his mates at Vatican Inc. so it is no surprise people like him get voted into the highest office. And it’s likely to happen again, unfortunately. The Devil have pity on America

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Apr 2013, 6:24pm

      It’s money at the heart of it. In America, money buys elections and votes now that the Corporate Personhood law is in effect allowing major corporations to donate an unendless amount of money to fund campaigns via Political Action Campaigns including lobbyists. Corruption of the worst kind.

      1. Even without the Corporate Personhood Law, they still did a helluva job getting people like “Dubya” into office. He sure was great for oil profits, the jerk!

  2. Imbecilic chicken!!!

  3. ColinJones 25 Apr 2013, 5:43pm

    Bush is a born again Christian and hell would freeze over before he changed his views, his loony Christian friends are slowly making the Republicans unelectable I hope.

  4. Spanner1960 25 Apr 2013, 5:50pm

    Nice one Dubya.
    You were a obnoxious shit when you were in power and it seems nothing has changed.

    Clinton preceded you and still managed to stay ahead of the game.

  5. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Apr 2013, 6:17pm

    Not to mention, the RNC (Republican National Committee) recently upheld it’s support for a ban on equal marriage going forward to the 2016 election. Now that will guarantee them yet another defeat. To think this man was an average C student and yet managed to stay in an Ivy League school thanks to his wealthy father and one who liked to pluck the wings of living insects for kicks as well as being a recovering alcoholic and voted into office twice.

    1. I have a few friends who are recovering alcoholics and my hat goes off to anyone who can overcome such a life destroying addiction…the man should be criticised for his policies and beliefs not the fact that he is a recovering alcoholic..I think it is a bit below the belt.

    1. Should have been his middle name.

  6. A former President who was an outspoken critic of equal marriage during his presidency and now chooses to remain silent on the issue should be considered a small win in the struggle for equality.

  7. To be honest, I would rather not have this warmongering moron fighting in our corner. Let’s be thankful that he is keeping his mouth shut.

  8. He was, of course, off the stage during the whole of his presidency. But if he now can’t comment on anything because he’s realised that he’s off the stage, why was he giving an interview to CBS This Morning?

  9. Sounds like he’s realised that the dog whistle doesn’t work any more and this is his way of admitting it.

    Perhaps he’s evolving. :-)

  10. Sneaky coward. Even cockroaches have more dignity than this low-life creature.

  11. de Villiers 26 Apr 2013, 7:53am

    President Bush was a disaster for the world politics. But do not forget that it was the President Clinton who signed the Defence of Marriage Act.

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